Joe McMoneagle on Coast to Coast tonight


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"While discussing the phenomenon of bilocating, where a person is seemingly in two places at once and performing actions in each location, McMoneagle recounted a bizarre event in his life in which it may have unknowingly happened to him. He explained that, while playing golf one day with his boss and some friends, military police approached the group looking for him. Upon identifying himself, McMoneagle was promptly arrested for allegedly attacking someone. At the MP station, an Army major recognized him and proclaimed that McMoneagle had assaulted him that very day. When asked how the man knew it was him, he said that McMoneagle was wearing his uniform and an identity tag with his last name. Thankfully, one of the members of the golf party was the head of military police, who vouched for McMoneagle's whereabouts throughout the day and the charges were dropped. "

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This station offers C2C programming for up to two weeks following a broadcast. You will need to put in the date (July 5 in this case) and the time ...I think Joe McMoneagle's interview was broadcast at 3:00 a.m. (Central Time). It will be preceded by a few minutes of local news. (After two weeks, you won't be able to access through this station, so don't wait too long)

This was a really good interview...Joe McMoneagle talks about his thoughts on "God" or "the Source" as related to his NDEs.


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Thanks for that link, Janine! I always hate it when they have a great Coast to Coast show cause, invariably, I miss most of it - gotta get to sleep so I can stay awake through work the next day.

That was a really good interview with Joe. I left the radio playing as I slept and I caught bits and pieces of it.

One part I found especially interesting is when they discussed Bigfoot. Joe mentioned that he believes there is a possibility that the Sasquatch is responsible for some of the many people that go missing in national parks every year. If you have never read "Missing 411" (a set of two books that details all the missing people from national parks over the last 80-100 years) by David Paulides, you should check them out. They are creepy. Strange things have happened - like missing children, as young as two or three, being found 10-15 miles away from where they disappeared, over extremely rugged terrain and not having any cuts or bruises; sometimes even being found dry when it had rained during the time they were missing. When asked where they had been, what happened to them, and how did they get so far from where they disappeared, the formerly missing children had some very strange things to say.

I've seen where others have conjectured that maybe Bigfoot is responsible for the phenomenon detailed in Paulides' "Missing 411" books. But I was somewhat surprised to hear Joe state the same suspicion. Now - of course - I'm wondering if Joe believes this based on remote viewing sessions that he has done (I know he has RVed Bigfoot and that Joe believes, based on his results, that Bigfoot is real). Or if he was just stating a possibility. Does anyone have any info on this?

Another great interview with Joe. Considering the arrogant tone, the boasting, the scores of failed predictions and the deep levels of BS that we always get with the person who usually represents Remote Viewing on Coast to Coast, I really wish Joe was on there more often. IMO, no one represents RV with the kind of integrity, rationality, common sense, and insight that Joe does. Don

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Oops, I must have missed the part about Bigfoot. Someone has posted a YouTube link to the program on another site. It is much easier to listen to (not as choppy) so I will provide that link too.

Joe McMoneagle's part starts around 42:00.


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Thanks for the links...I thought the comments Joe made about the philadelphia experiment were very revealing. How the heck did a botched up microwave experiment end up as a SciFi story involving time travelling war ships? I have to hand it too the US intelligence service they know how to keep secrets and are masters of deception. Seems like they had everyone fooled for decades ::)