John Vivanco: The Time Before the Secret Words: On the path of Remote Viewing...

John Vivanco's book is out - and I can't wait to read it! John was one of my teachers at TransDimensional Systems 16 years ago -and was and is a top-notch viewer. The book is about all the fascinating work TDS engaged in then (about which too little has been written), and his personal story.

His present group Right Hemispheric is active and he does occasional training (e.g. upcoming in San Jose.)

In the course he taught in Santa Cruz last year, he told the class she was alive and well. And that's about all he will say in public.

- Jon
I just finished the Kindle version while waiting for the print version. It's a very lively book, very personal and also covers many projects done by TransDimensional Systems. I learned things about John's background I didn't know, including many details about his experiences with Zen meditation. He gives a good sense of the scope of TDS's client work and the overall arc of TDS as a company. It's a fascinating book and vital reading for anyone interested in knowing about one of the most successful, and least talked about, early civilian remote viewing groups. TDS was outside the orbit of the ex-military viewers and was quite successful, and John asserts his belief that that was why there was such extensive harassment of the group in Carlsbad by some govt agency - while at the same time TDS was working with the FBI.

I was a viewer and Intern in TDS during its last three years and can vouch for many of the projects John discusses. His narrative also accords with the accounts I've heard from others who were in TDS at the time. There is a lot that isn't covered - perhaps in his second and upcoming book.

- Jon


I'm currently reading it. Thanks for the heads up! I'm finding it riveting. It alternates biographical stories from his youth with RV accounts and related experiences. It's like reading a spies novel so far (but real). I love it!