Kinesiologic Remote Viewing Astronomical and Other Photosites with ARV and CLI.

Have put together a linux system for running KRV sessions on anything loaded into the target pool. Have yet to put together a live usb toolkit to download, but it's coming.

Check it out.

Keep on KRVing, James. I like the words better than the emoji

Will do. Words can be a lot more specific, like the periodic table is elements, which make up 4 KRV Utensils.

Emoji have their place, but often have associative meanings only known to the viewer. So, sharing the meaning with a 3rd party requires additional translation, which can have prerequisites to understanding that take time.


Emoji have that in common with ideograms. With the words I'm definitely having an easier time understanding what you're doing and why. It's pretty neat.
I imagine with space targets anyway, the Emoji Utensil will be selected if there are advanced lifeforms, or archaeological remains. Should be much more direct, and less story telling in this application, based on what I've seen so far.


Do you have to use a target picture to overlay on, or could you take a written cue and work with words on a blank page, kind of like S2 CRV?
Reminds me of one blip in an early session with a sky map showing advanced craft, and how far they've traveled. Might have to dig in on the source of that one to see what comes up.