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Does anyone use ZEN koans to get them into a mind set for RV.

I have found that they work well for me when trying to get my head all messed up in just the right way....

Internal dialog has always been how I see so much of what I think I see or understand or visualize...

I do this Koan thing a lot while driving.....

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Hey, BC, how do you "do" koans? Do you mean you create your own? Or you contemplate a koan you just read? Or...?



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Hey Karl, I have played with both.

I tried to find my book that had some koans in it and I can not find it.

I have created some of my own too.

I tend to think with dialog often and I have found that koans can provide me with an initial dialog to start with and then I play with ideas from there.

Many things that people have said to me in the past when they would try and tell me the absolute about something they were religiously preaching, so to speak, I have been able to turn into a type of koan for the purpose of challenging the idea and I was then able to see faults in the presented absolute, as it was presented.

I can not write my dialog very well, but, I can create a large amount of it in my head and it even seems to have a better overall structure to it in my head also.

When I try and render it in writing I loose all of the structure becuase it is harder to keep it straight when it has to come together in the liniar form of writen sentences that are lined up with no side roads to run down as easily. Rabit trials are so much easier to follow and make fit into the thought flow when they are in your head.

I feel like I can be a nonliniar thinker at times, but, to render that is hard. I often play with the idea of learning technical writing and other forms of writing to see if I can determine a way to write that accomidates my thought life better.

I love to put math into sentences and try to make math out of daily life that partially exists in sentences.

I want to structure sentences and thoughts as you would numbers in math. I do not know, just thinking old thoughts of mine out load.

OK, back to koans....I need to find my book....they can be fun....



"Are you threatening me?"
Good Morning energycritter,

By "koans", are you refering to a type mantra? ??? If so, then my answer is, on occation, yes.



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Hey T-Bone....well, not really a mantra, it is more like a puzzle or absurd riddle that appears to have no answer to it.

Pondering the answer or seeking to understand the text is part of the path to enlightenment according to the ZEN dudes. They call the destination, "satori."



"Are you threatening me?"
Ahhh... Something like "If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it realy make a sound?"



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One particularly good one is the Self-Inquiry Method of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The simplest version is to keep asking yourself mentally the question "Who am I?" over and over again. This forms the basis of this Advaita Vedanta meditation technique. It's also used in Ch'an Buddhism, the parent of Zen.

Nisargadatta Maharaj also used this method to become enlightened after months of constant daily practice.

A more detailed description of this technique is at http://www.realization.org/page/topics/self_inquiry.htm


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Thanks shr33m

Yea, that "who am I" thing is a tuff one....talk about beating my head against a wall, it makes my head numb and feels so good when I stop...... ;)