.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
shr33m wrote
I'd always associated a buzzing sound as a prelude to OBEs. I found that kundalini activations were useful for that. After running that high voltage electric current up and down between the bottom of the spine and the head a number of cycles, it was easy to float out. Eventually just awakening it without moving it around was enough.

I also experienced that interesting phenomenon where you don't actually leave the body but your vision seems to somehow get situated outside of you and you can look at yourself from some distance away. This can easily get confused with OBEs.
Shr33m ~ I know from other postings you've made that you have a strong and knowledgeable background in energies. I'm hoping you will be able to teach us all something regarding kundalini. :)

When I first experienced it, no way was I ready for it :eek:
It was strong and powerful and I almost passed out from the sheer energy of it all...while thinking I was also having a heart attack :p

These days, I am not knocked over or out :D by strong currents of energy. Hardly a day goes by that I don't experience strong rushes from head to foot...currents and currents flowing up and down my body. The head to toe is one thing in and of itself, but I also experience these 'rushes' in specific spots ~ such as: cheeks, neck to collar bone, another area would be mid body (torso) and strongly along the side of body in that area, my 3rd most common are 'almost, but not quite, a chill, goosebumps from one shoulder, across the back of the neck to the other shoulder. (sometimes in fact, I will actually shiver, but usually it's just 'almost')

I experience these rushes of energy when meditating or while engaged in actual psi work. For about a year, I did online readings and the more I did them, the more I felt them.

I've had a few OBE's and can't say that I was aware of any 'pre energy feelings', but this was also before I even knew the significance of OBE's and it was long enough ago that I can't recall the finer details.~ but what you say makes sense...that these energies could be/would be precursors to OBE's.

I've also experienced the 'sight' you mentioned..and still do currently. I am very aware of being able to be in a dark room and looking past the darkness, almost past a 'veil of sorts' and 'seeing' what would actually be there if there was enough light. I can do this in areas where I had no previous knowledge of what 'is there'. It's hard to explain...as all these psi things are ~ I am conscious while doing this, but also 'in another place' at the same time.... I always have the feeling as if I've left and am somewhere else.

These days, I haven't been as active in psi workings as I had been for the past 3 years. I feel I'm getting a bit rusty and out of touch with what I considered to be my daily norm in the psi world. I also feel this is a good thing for me at this point as taking a break from it all will allow me to return to it with a freshness that I was losing.

ahhh...also, when having these energy surges or rushes, I also see so many wonderful 'color' things...blending and merging of colors ~ I am always awed by the beauty of what I see.

Have I said anything here that you can expound on?...I'm hoping others will have questions also..and/or comments on their own experiences.

Perhaps if enough is shared, I might get real brave and 'spill the beans' on a few other things that I've kept to myself :D I was going through some notes of mine from the late 1970's into the 80's and kind of gasped at what I experienced then that I hadn't a clue about. :eek: I had forgotten the degree of just how blown away I was by the whole thing. :-/


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When I first activated the kundalini energy, I had not done the preliminary work of clearing out blockages first so it was excruciating. I've also experienced a somewhat different phenomena of being in deep meditation with eyes closed yet seeing my surroundings as if the eyes were open.

It sounds like you're suddenly aware of energy flow through various meridians. Since you've survived the 70s, have you experienced synesthesia using those mind-altering substances?



.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
It sounds like you're suddenly aware of energy flow through various meridians. Since you've survived the 70s, have you experienced synesthesia using those mind-altering substances?
phew....one comment and I had to hit the books to figure out what you were saying lol :p When you say meridians, are you speaking of north /south poles or the energy points in the nervous system that also behave with the universal movements of the sun, moon, earth and planets? Can you expand on this for me?

Also, many, many times, I have visions of grids....they are sometimes marked with dots, sometimes not. I mostly see them in green. Any idea what this is about? Your using the word meridian made me think of the grids...is there a relationship here?

The vision you mentioned while in meditation is the same as I am speaking of...it almost seems as if it could be developed/turned into 'xray' vision. From time to time, I am able to 'see into' things ...not sharply yet, still very hazy, but the impression is that of viewing things almost on a cellular level.

Yup, I survived the 70's :D - I was also drug free during the 70's, 80's, 90's and now. I haven't had synesthesia, but have read much about it. My experiences with color(s) is normal in as much as what is experienced can be related/supported by a lime being green and not the word banana causing me to see blue or hearing a train whistle and seeing aqua kind of thing.

As I mentioned, I have lots of energy things going on, but really don't know much about the study of energy, therefore, don't really understand lots of what I experience or know what/how to use it... or not ;) shr33m, I hope you have the time to help me with all the questions that are likely to arise from this topic. I'm sure that anything you offer will spur more dialog.

Another thing I have experienced many times is that of 'reading' page after page after page of words in a warp speed. Mostly, it occurs like this: I will be in my 'zone' so to say and then it begins...I am only vaguly aware, but know that I am being download 'stuff'. Of course, as soon as I really 'notice' it all stops. I never know what it is that I've read, but always know that I'm being given information...sometimes in a foreign language (like it being in English is easier??? lol ) Often after this happens is when I will also see the grids. I always have the impression that I am being 'taught' and being exposed to knowledge that I wouldn't ordinairly present to myself. Any ideas about this??


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Oh, I was just using the term meridians from traditional chinese medicine to refer to energy channels. In India it would be called nadis. The art of reflexology has its own energy channel system. Donna Eden in her book "Energy Medicine" references another older system which calls them "strange flows" and in jin shin jyutsu, they are just "flows."

In the system called Photoreading, you glance quickly at the pages not actually reading or being conscious of the information on the page. But you have to do an activation process later to get the material out of your subconscious mind.

You have multi-dimensional consciousness no doubt due in no small part to extensive energy work from a previous life. I'd suggest finding a good teacher nearby.


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shr33m Posted on: 11/28/03 at 23:14:37
Oh, I was just using the term meridians from traditional chinese medicine to refer to energy channels. In India it would be called nadis. The art of reflexology has its own energy channel system. Donna Eden in her book "Energy Medicine" references another older system which calls them "strange flows" and in jin shin jyutsu, they are just "flows."

Several years ago I spoke with a man who was on his way to somewhere on the east coast of the USA to study a methodology of healing. He said modern medicine had discovered a third path of meridians. It was similar to the meridians in acupuncture/acupressure and shared most of the major points but it was new. I haven’t heard anything else about it. Do you have any idea what he was speaking about? I often wish I asked him to call or write me about it.


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
You have multi-dimensional consciousness no doubt due in no small part to extensive energy work from a previous life. I'd suggest finding a good teacher nearby.
....and, specifically, what sort of teacher would this be??

Photoreading you say....hmmmm~ a term at least, something to go on. I'll do some research. Can you point me in the right direction for this procedure for getting the info out of the subconscious?


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A hard teacher is good to find, er, I mean, a good teacher is hard to find, around these parts, anyway.  The subject areas can go by many names - psychic development, metaphysics, healing, etc.

Photoreading is taught by Learning Strategies Corporation but you can buy one or more of the books at www.amazon.com.

The Photoreading Whole Mind System
by Paul R. Scheele

Rapid Reading Made E-Z
by Paul R. Scheele

The second title is more recent.

It's said there are hundreds of thousands of nadis in the human energy system. Energy work is complex because there are many different systems with their own theories.

For an example of one theory which talks about axiotonal lines in the body, see http://www.whole-self.net/spirit/manual1.pdf .

And if you haven't read Yogananda's book yet, read it online at http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda/ .


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
Thanks for the leads shr33m. After the holidays, I'll get into this further.

Agreed.... finding qualified help/teachers is a difficult task....so much 'fluff' and 'castles in the sky' around.  I am VERY leary of people claiming to be teachers etc in the psi world and need to check them out thoroughly before getting involved with them.  Lot's and lot's of kooks out there.

When I was looking for a qualified hypnotist I first called the local hospital and asked for the psychiatric department. Once there, I asked for the names of hypnotists that the Doctors on staff used for their education and development.  I know... a bit much, but that's how careful I am when dealing with psi things or allowing others access to my mind.

I wound up with a great man who was just what I was looking for. I wasn't looking to be hypnotized for a reason, but looking to be taught. I had about 10-12 sessions with him and had many really great learning sessions.  I would tell him what I wanted...for instance - I wanted to know how to be in an 'awake eyes open/walking /talking hypnotized state of being' and he was able to teach me this.  While seeing him, I discussed with him the difficulties I had when first presented with all these psi abilities....especially the first OBE I had, how hard it was for me to accept these things as being real etc. He was able to show me, to allow me to prove to myself, that in fact, these things are real....that I wasn't crazy  :eek:  He wrote a book while studing with Milton Erickson, presented me with an autograhped copy and I now own a book that is waaaaay over my head  :p   hightly technical, more than I ever want or wanted to know   :D

He's well known...John Edgette is his name if anyone is interested.

The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newletter  - ... Current Thinking and Research in Brief Therapy: Solutions, Strategies, Narratives, Edited by William J. Matthews, Ph.D. and John Edgette, Ph.D. Learning and ...
[More results from www.erickson-foundation.org]
Winning the Mind Game: Using Hypnosis in Sport Psychology  - ... Home Page - Book Reviews - Winning the Mind Game. Winning the Mind Game: Using Hypnosis in Sport Psychology By John Edgette and Tim Rowan. ...

The Eighth International Congress  - ... Client – Scott Miller, PhD ß IC01-W16ab (2 tapes) Hypnotic Phenomena for Intervention: Expanding the Clinical Practice of Hypnosis John Edgette, PsyD ß IC01 ...
[More results from members.aol.com]
Free Erickson Seminar  - ... 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Villanova University. 800 Lancaster Avenue. Assistance provided by Joe Dowling and John Edgette. [__] Orlando, Florida. Sunday, July 1, 2001. ...
2003 Networker Symposium List of Presenters  - ... Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT — 301. Janet Sasson Edgette, Psy.D. — 313. John Edgette, Psy.D. — 319. Jay Efran, Ph.D. — 609. Celia Falicov, Ph.D. — 423, 523. ...


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
Welcome to the forum PsychicStudent! :)

I'm sure you have already discovered how informative all the information within TKR is. Lots of able people here willing to answer questions and offer thought provoking dialog.

I see this is your first posting :D and I'm really sorry :-[ that I won't be able to provide you with the information you are requesting.

Trying to define what it is, what it involves and how it affects/effects, requires some indepth reading and is beyond my ability to answer easily/quickly :-/ in this thread.

However, in super simplistic terms, Kundalini is energy that involves the entire body.

Put the word Kundalini into your browser and you will find more on this than you have time to absorb   :eek:

Perhaps someone else can do justice to your question, but if I attempted, I would be here all night ::) and will have written 'the story of my life' 8) LOL ....and several hundreds of pages later :eek: , maybe wouldn't have answered it to your satisfaction anyway.   :p


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
PsychicStudent ~ I felt badly about not giving you something to sink your teeth into, so I am posting this as it is not the usual material/knowledge available when searching the meaning of Kundalini.

Kundalini & its dangers

"Nothing ought to appear in print which might give even the slightest assistance in the development of a power which destroys ruthlessly when it is sought to be awakened before its due time.", George Arundale writes in his book "Kundalini - an Occult Experience."

George Arundale (1878-1945) was an English theosophist and was president in the theosophical society 1934 after Annie Besant. He lived in the circle of Krishnamurti, the chosen "Worldteacher" of the theosophists. Together with his Indian wife and other chosen people, he used methods to awake the force of Kundalini, and took one initiation after another. He thinks that all statements about Kundalini is to be taken with the utmost proviso, since it depends on how the person, who experiments, relates to these things, and the force affects different people in different ways. He writes:
"Before anyone seeks to arouse Kundalini let him know much about it, especially of its dangers..... A little knowledge may incline him to foolishness."

And more:
"The path of occultism, it is said, is strewn with wrecks. I venture to think that the path of the arousing of Kundalini, even if only in the first stages, is strewn with even more wrecks."

Kundalini is the fire of life and therefore it flows through everything. With an increasing vitality, Kundalini flows in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom, but - in occasional exceptions - as a mildly fertilizing stream of fire, which in a way refreshes the entire body. But every time there is a definite and definitive progress in spiritual growth, an intensification of the Kundaliniforce occurs. The awakening of this force is, according to Arundale, connected to the utmost danger. It can become a furious river, and raze everything in its way. It will be a big misfortune to the one who has not reached higher levels on the spiritual ladder of development, and that, he says, has the most part of mankind not. Kundalini, who consequently releases the fire of life in the individual, demands royalty, that is, a balanced mentality and a strong health. The individual must be able to bear a "burden of fire", that he normally is not used to, and the stimulation of the fire will be more that he can endure, if he does not own a strong self control. But it is not only fire or heat that is experienced but also cold, often in the heart region. Arundale writes:
" It becomes apparent that Kundalini may well be compared with electricity as to the uses to which it can be put. Continuous consciousness, remembrance of events during the night, and so on, are only certain fruits of the arousing of Kundalini. Even more important is the directly added power it gives for work in the outer world."

There will be a stimulation of all existing senses, and Arundale thinks that we have only begun understanding this force.

"Mercifully, the world is preserved from the discovery by science of the Kundalini Ray, or annihilation would ensue. When we read of so-called "Death Rays" and other highly destructive emanations from great centres of Force, we may think of Kundalini as more powerful than all of them put together, and we shall be glad to leave it alone until it is necessary that we should learn to use it. It turns in boomerang fashion with terrible effect upon those who misuse it, upon those who do not reverence it, upon those who use it to selfish ends. "

The dangers of Kundalini is, according to Arundale, among other things:
Increased sexual activity and expression, which leads to loss of vitality. All sexual desires are states of tension that demand an outlet.
Mental confusion, if one does not have a strong self-restraint, not has a calm and clear thinking, and not is freed from lower thought climates. Even if one gets help to awake the force, it is completely up to the individual what the outcome will be. The ability to see if an individual is mature to awake kundalini, is completely depending on the intuition, and it is undeveloped in mankind of today. (Intuition is immediate knowledge about higher truths without previous analysis.)
Man has also psychic bodies, that have to be developed and be able to bear the force.

The danger in disturbing the natural physical and psychic rhythm and balance, through uncontrolled stimulation of the different centers of the body is big. The risk is that the heart and the nervous system will be damaged and the individual will be chronically disabled, with a general deterioration of the brain, which gets overstrained. The result will be that the system collapses.

It is, then, the brain that must be able to endure an enormous pressure. A person in which Kundalini is starting to move, lives in all respects under high pressure. It is a concentration of power, "which is the drop that makes the beaker flow over", and hurl the unfortunate into a horrible darkness, if he is not an spiritual athlete, Arundale writes. He considers that on our present level of development, there without doubt already are channels between the inner worlds and man, who mainly lives in the outer world.
"But such channels are likely to be deep, and if suddenly a rush of force whirls through one or another of them, or directly into a physical organ, they may well 'burst', and bring about catastrophe."

Kundalini breaks down all barriers according to Arundale, that is, it opens the lock gates wide open, the gates that until now have opened slowly and gradually and still are very small. Little by little, through development, an expansion of consciousness takes place naturally. The physical and psychic bodies become more and more sensitive and susceptible. The brain cells, who have to carry the most part of the enormous voltage, must have been adapted, and be able to mould themselves to the current. Arundale's determined point of view is that the wise let Kundalini be left in peace. Experiments performed in ignorance, does not only constitute a misfortune to the experimenter himself, but also to his surroundings. And nobody has the right to impose that to others. Our weaknesses, imbalances and our incomplete sides, are the great dangers, and we are not even ourselves always aware of them .
"In nine cases out of ten, pride goes before a fall, and pride never recognizes itself as pride. If it did, it would commit suicide as it does in people with common sense." (All quotations are translated from the Danish version)

C. G. Jung also had experiences of eastern methods. He used yoga and altered states of consciousness when he explored the unconscious. He was aware that he endangered both his health and his mind, and he writes as follows in his book "Memories, Dreams, Reflections":
"To be able to grasp the fantasies who so to speak from the underground set me in motion, I had to let myself sink down into them. Not only did this go against the grain, but it also filled me with pure agony. I feared loosing my self control and become a prey for the unconscious, and what this meant I knew, as a psychiatrist, only too well." (All quotes are freely translated from the Swedish book.)

He explored the "spiritual world" and got psychotic. He heard voices, was visited by "the dead", and spoke to them. He behaved completely confused, and was unsure if he would be able to get himself out of this state sane. Only with the greatest effort was he able to find his way out of the maze, and he has described it as "...glad to have escaped death."

Jung has written a psychological comment to "Tibetan Book of the Dead ". He considers the text being a "process of initiation" - if one reads the book in reversed order, from the end to the beginning. When he comes to the "Chönyid-state", which he means is equal to a deliberately triggered psychosis, Jung writes:
"One often hears and reads about the dangers of Yoga, particularly of the ill-reputed Kundalini Yoga. The deliberately induced psychotic state, which in certain unstable individuals might easily lead to a real psychosis, is a danger that needs to be taken very seriously indeed. These things really are dangerous and ought not to be meddled with in our typically Western way. It is a meddling with Fate, which strikes at the very roots of human existence and can let loose a flood of sufferings of which no sane person ever dreamed. These sufferings correspond to the hellish torments of the chönyid state... "

The one who cares about his or her mental health can read about this dreadful state on their own in the book! Now, not only Kundalini yoga can trigger psychoses. There have proven to be risks also in other methods as TM and other forms of meditation, Rebirthing and other breathwork, Qi-gong, Reiki, healing, automatic writing, swing of a pendulum, channeling etc. All methods, that have the raising of consciousness as a purpose, or where one in some way lets go of control, have proven to have risks.

We shall not let go of our control! We shall be "masters in our own house"!
We all have an invisible envelope, our aura, which is a radiation of our thoughts, i.e. our consciousness. It is our protection. Jung continues to describe the real nature of this danger:
"It means a dissolution of the unity of the 'bardo-body', which is a kind of 'subtle' body, building up the visible envelope around the psychic I in the state after death. Psychologically, this mutilation corresponds to psychic dissolution. In its most pernicious form it is equal to schizophrenia (split personality). This the most usual of all mental illnesses consists mainly of a pronounced 'abaissement du niveau mental', which breaks down the normal control mechanisms forced upon us by our conscious thinking, and thereby giving the unconscious 'dominants' total freedom....It means that you sacrifice the stability of the I, and capitulates for the utmost incertitude in something that only can appear as a chaotic mess of fantasmagorias. "

According to Jung, latent psychoses are difficult to discover, he calls them "the black sheep" of the therapists, and it is even worse for laymen. These conversations with "the dead" was preceded by what Jung calls "loss of the soul".

"A short time before this experience, I had written down a fantasy of how the soul had left me. The soul, anima (animus by women) mediates the relation to the unconscious. To a certain extent this also means a relation to the "collective of the dead", because the unconscious corresponds to the mythical kingdom of death, the land of the ancestors. If, then, one has a fantasy where the soul takes off, this means that it has submerged into the unconscious, or 'the land of the dead'... From that day, the dead have become more and more clear to me, like voices from the unanswered, the unsolved and unmanifested; for since the questions and demands that my destiny demanded answers for, did not come from the outer world, they came precisely from the inner world. In this way these conversations with the dead were a kind of prelude to what I would inform the age in which I lived about the unconscious; a kind of pattern of order and interpretation of the general contents of the unconscious...My science was my means and my only possibility to free myself from this chaos. Otherwise the material would stick to me as burdocks and marsh plants... Sometimes the contents of the unconscious almost reduced me to loose my sense and reason."

The few eastern gurus, who themselves have managed, through different sorts of efforts and methods, experience a glimpse of higher spiritual worlds, KNOW that one has to pass the astral level, i.e. "the zone of the dead", on the way. If one then does not have competent guidance, there is a big risk that you get stuck there and attract "energies", from whom it can be very hard to free oneself. They can stick to our aura and the effect of that, every sensible person can figure out for herself. This is the reason why the eastern spiritual exercises have been a secret for thousands of years. The ignorance and the mistakes are already showing. The eastern methods are deepest a question of how to become freed from sufferings and from life on earth. In the West we have heard almost for the last two thousand years: "Take your cross and follow me!" We are, then, to bear our sufferings, for it is a divine education in the law of sowing and harvest. What I do to my neighbour always comes back, sooner or later.

This law is completely just, and has to be seen from the point of view of the reincarnation according to Martinus (1890-1981). He was Dane and got cosmic consciousness through "baptism of fire".
In an article "The Christmas Star" (Cosmos 96/12) he writes the following:
"It is in the hands of the individual to liberate itself from the fight that is going on around it. If you create neutrality within yourselves and by means of your will practice seeing things in an impartial light, your mind will be far more harmonious than is perhaps now the case. I myself experience living daily life in a light that makes it possible for me to understand everyone. This experience of mine will gradually be attained by everyone. This state in which the consciousness is adjusted so as to be in harmony with the law of existence is called cosmic consciousness, a state of consciousness that everyone will reach. Since it is so strongly desired there are people who seek to attain it by artificial means, through various exercises and so on, but this can lead to terrible states, so I cannot recommend this.

On the other hand there is a road to cosmic consciousness that you ought to follow. It goes via a natural appropriation of the knowledge on which this state of consciousness depends. It is true that these analyses can be difficult or hard to grasp, but through this indirect experience of the spiritual states you will gradually be prepared for the direct experience. If one receives these energies directly without having organs that are developed for the purpose, one can easily meet with the terrible anguish of mental illness.

But if one prepares oneself to acquire the ability to forgive, to never be offended and hot-tempered then one will begin to get some of the strength that one needs in order to be able to tolerate the influx of these high energies into one's brain.

But the more of these energKundalini & its dangersies that flow into your consciousness the more dangerous it is for you to be hot-tempered. Many people have become mentally ill by coming into contact with these energies too early. Others have become fanatics with violent desires to assert themselves and a raging intolerance of others. Still others have got into states in which the spiritual energies have completely taken control at the expense of the material energies, and they live in imaginary states that make them quite unfit for life here.

The fact that there are such dangerous pitfalls connected to these high energies is the very reason why I have made it a principle to teach exclusively the only natural way to this high consciousness, the training of oneself to love one's neighbor, which is the foundation of the real human kingdom. The neighborly love is not completed by one patting one another on the cheek, saying beautiful things or filling one's mind with sentimentality. All of this can be very nice and beautiful, but one has to love one another in a sensible way. " (Martinus' quote translated by Mary McGovern)


PDPJ,  thanks for posting this sensible warning.   Kundalini, RV, enlightenment, and other great achievements can occur without effort through some other "quickie" resolution.  But more often than not, huge bursts of energy in an instant in a small space usually just makes a mess.  

Be patient.  Stay on task.  Sometimes the process is the prize.  If we believe that time is an illusion, then you seekers are also already arrived.  The reason we don't realize it is because there are still lots of great things to do.  And if there is no time... what is your hurry?


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Can someone tell me what kundalini is in the post and in an email at StarCraftMaster1@aol.com  ??? it would be much help
I don't kinow how to answer ... other than to say its the ultimate in pleasure

two minds interwine as one ... the light bridge of ultimate
fireworks shoots across dimensional space. and time I remember seeing our minds and etheric bodies interwine
all the chakras zones lighting up just like some drag race was about to be launched before the mind altering explosion of colors

I found myself repeating ... anytime your on my frequency stop by.


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Hi everyone :) ,
Heres a post I wrote for another site on Kundalini some time ago. Ive really been messed up by that as you will see when you read of some of my experiences with it (though Im fine with it nowdays ..other than over sensitivity to the lower frequency energies in my own body).

Im one of those who preach about the dangers of kundalini after my experiences with it. Kundalini nearly killed me (if it wasnt for another who knew how to stop my kundalini I think i would be dead now).
Any kundalini stuff at all can be dangerous to some..depends on what they've done in other lifetimes.. their kundalini may just be ready to flare up and if so may just need a tiny trigger to do it.
Ive suffered from most kundalini symptoms over the years. I'll explain what i can feel is going on with the energetics with some of the problems ive experienced (as i havent seen this stuff written anywhere and my experiences on it may help someone to get rid of the symptom).

* Muscle twitches, cramps or spasms.
Many energetic things can cause this problem. It is commonly a kundalini symptom though as the kundalini increases ones frequency and energy which in turn causes energies within one to surface and these energies cause the twitches or spasms as they try to come throu and release. It could be an entity moving about within you which has been brought to the surface ....or just your own normal bodies energy reacting to other lower frequency surfacing energy which is trying to shift (if it is going throu a severe energetic reaction one may feel like bubbling..like acid has been pored on something.. it's a real weird feel).

* Energy rushes or immense electricity circulating the body
Caused by the increased kundalini energy in the body.. the energy rush is the kundalini moving about. I used to get those rushes up my spine so intensely that they used to drop me (like short out and paralyse my whole body for a second, so i'd just drop to the ground). I also used to experience like electric shocks too from it..going up my back.. it was like I'd touched an electric fence but it would go up from the base of my spine. Energy rushes to the head may cause headaches due to the excess of energy which suddenly hits.

* Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, stinging or crawling sensations
This symptom i would have to say was the one which caused me the most stress (prickling, crawling sensations and biting sensations..the crawling was the worst) in my life (I nearly commited suicide cause of it, it was constant symptom for me for quite a while and it was so intense that it really hurt me at times and made me feel very, very uncomfortable). Itchiness i have found is caused by yuck energies being on the skin or in the skin..so that happens a lot when kundalini is making the body clear out stuff fast. (if you have this problem i suggest you try to blast the itch with divine light..that will either make fix it as it will neutralise the negative energy..or will make it feel worst ...if it brings more yuck energy to the surface).
With the pricking.. that i found was usually caused by sharp things in my energy.. entities with sharp bits. I would also sometimes esp. scraping too..as they moved about and their claws or whatever scaped within me.
Stinging.. the only times ive experienced that is when something in my energy has bitten me or if ive been hit with something like an astral bullet (where it bounced off of me..well that really stung). Kundalini makes us more aware of stuff which others aint aware of.
The crawling was like living in a constant nightmare.. like if 100's of ants or spiders were on me and all through my body. That symptom for me was caused by astral parasites.. which had nests all through me. They like our 3D critters had their own habits and times they were most active. If i got stressed out over them or anything well they would be then stirred up like crazy as they seemed to go into a feeding freezy on my stress energy and that. My problem was so bad that i was housebound for almost a month..and i suffered the problem was over a year. I couldnt go near anyone as i could feel the parasites they were carrying to in their energy fields.and they used to crawl into mine. Occcassionally i would see them too.. eg a person wanting towards me about to walk past me in the street.. I would see a big black spider thing like coming at my face or whatever..was sitting in their energy field. (most of the time though i didnt see them.. thank god for that..feeling them was enough and past my tollerace level, I almost went crazy with the discomfort.)
For anyone with those ( itching, biting, crawling) problems.. well find someone to remove the parasites and their nests etc. that will get rid of that kundalini symptom.

* Intense heat or cold
I have rarely suffered the cold (only on a couple of occassions when it suddenly had my teeth chattering..but it was brought up by the kundalini bringing up past life stuff for me.. like i was going throu a death). The heat, Ive experienced that more. It is a strange kind of heat as it comes from within.. and one can feel it coming from there (not like on a hot day where you can feel the heat coming outside of yourself making yourself warm). As this heat is coming from within there aint much you can do about it. Even a cold bath dont help me if im going throu that as the cold bath only cools a little if at all, only my skin a touch..were as im burning right throu me where the cold water cant touch. I have even had the cold water in the bath heat up due to my body (and that can happen quite quick too). So the cold bath dont bring all that relief. I dont know of anything to help that heat problem, if one is burning up. (it is caused by too much kundalini energy in the body..i guess energy which isnt flowing out and just building?)

* Involuntary bodily movements (occur more often during meditation, rest or sleep): jerking, tremors, shaking; feeling an inner force pushing one into postures or moving one's body in unusual ways.* (May be misdiagnosed as epilepsy, restless legs syndrome, or PLMD

I've found that when one is relaxed our bodies clear energies more.. hence one gets these movements more often when meditation, rest or sleep). Ive found I jerk if something suddenly releases from my field. eg i was sitting on the floor watching tv one day when all of a sudden i had such a huge jerk that i was thrown onto my front. (I noticed when that happened that a large energy come out of me.. from my base.. Ive noticed too on all other occassions when my body jerks..that is is energy clearing from me).
Rocking is common too, I tend to get rocking when meditating or doing a lot of energy raising (I get that when there is a build up of energy with energies which also need to move...to clear or whatever). one spontanously goes into rocking as the body moves to try to get energies to move throu . This is one of the few more pleasant symptoms i get (hey it cant all be bad). Another one i get is spontanous nodding..but i dont get that as much as rocking.
I get tremors and shaking when im overloaded with energy and Ive got energy which is stuck, like an energy block. Once the energy block clears the shaking and tremor will stop.

* Alterations in eating and sleeping patterns

I dont tend to sleep much.. If my kundalini has been very active it will stop me from sleeping (i'll go days without sleeping). I dont feel like i need to sleep much. (im currantly only sleeping about 5 hrs per night). I just need to be active a lot.

* Episodes of extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue
Caused by too much energy in the body.. it can make one hyper or fatigued. The fatigue happens when one has too much energy in the body but it has became blocked..so the energy aint moving though one is overloaded.
I suffered from chronic fatigue (early on when my kundalini first started activating) and was bed ridden for a few mths.. had the chronic fatigue for 9 mths all up and had to drop out of my studies and change my whole life cause of it. At times i was so weak and tired that i couldnt even walk down my hallway to get to the toilet, it was an effort even to lift a leg. Chronic fatigue is a common kundalini symptom ..as the increased energy in the body has caused the whole body to block up..hence then one suffers the constant unusual type of tiredness of chronic fatigue. If you dont change your life and start to think differently (positively etc etc) you may never get over that illness. Kundalini forces one to change their life.

* Intensified or diminished sexual desires
Ive both of those problems.. i go from one extreme to the other.. i either dont think of sex at all for years.. but then once i want to and forced myself to do..well i just want to go overboard. Kundalini has wrecked my sex life and sex at times just makes my kundalini flare up more. (i was going into kundalini spasms so badly everytime i got turned on when i first got with my currant partner that he was really very concerned about it... he ended up not wanting to have sex with me at one stage cause the kundalini was hurting me). Not only that it makes one weird sexually too.. my kundalini makes me want him to sexually excite me in higher places to make my kundalini come up further..eg i feel my sexual excitment in higher places like my navel..rather than lower down where humans are meant to feel it. Ive since found out from yogic sites that that is a natural kundalini develop... one wants not just sexual chakra to link during love making..but as the kundalini moves up it wants to link at the other chakras in order going upwards..so wants stimulation there too (which feels very sexual in those weird places).

* Headaches, pressures within the skull
This is caused by energy blocks and a build up of energy..

* Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest
This can be caused by energy blocks and excess energy buildup cause of them.. or the heart chakra suddenly opening more (which has to me felt like one is having a heart attack at times)

* Digestive system problems
Thank god.. something i havent suffered from due to kundalini!

* Numbness or pain in the limbs (particularly the left foot and leg)
I got a lot of physical swelling with that problem too.. esp in my feet and toes (also in my hand one occassion). It left me unable to walk at times, the energy would suddenly block which was trying to clear throu my feet and then things would just suddenly instantly swell. This problem if it is with the swelling often will pass in a few weeks (the two others who i know had this problem too.. was over it in a couple of weeks like i was). It is caused by energy buildup due to energy blocks in those areas.

* Pains and blockages anywhere; often in the back and neck
This is very, very common and probably something i think that most will go throu if their frequency shifts real fast. Ive had this problem on and off for years now..though now it is much, much better than it was. I got so bad (and ive known others who have got this bad too) who ended up like one whole block of energy blocks over the whole body. These can be extremely painful (as in the spots one feels heaps and heaps of pressure buildup), so painful that moving even a bit can hurt. A friend of mine ended up in a mental hospital for almost a year with it too painful for him to move cause of it after he had his kundalini raise suddenly. (he got depression too cause of the situation..incredible pain in ones body easily leads to depression).
For this kundalini problem ive found that it helps it to send love to those areas.. as it will make the blocks like lighter (and they will start to break down easier..) ..if anyone wants more indepth advice in dealing with energy blocks let me know. Ive had years of experience dealing with my severe problem with that (not severe now ) so know of many things which help.

* Emotional outbursts; rapid mood shifts; seemingly unprovoked or excessive episodes of grief, fear, rage, depression
This is caused by past energies coming up for clearing , this lifetime energies or it could be past life time ones. As they come up one will often reexperience them.. they just hit one out of the blue (or could have a trigger.. something which reminded a part of you of your past life..and then suddenly the energy surfaces for clearing..as it just dont resonate to your frequency no more). I often experience past life fear coming up.. (also have the rage). the best way i've found to deal with it is to do full, deep abdomenal breathing.. in throu nose and out throu the mouth.. this may seem to make your emotions worst but will help the energy come up quicker and help you to clear it (it may only take a few minutes though sometimes longer..but if you try to suppress the emotion which is energy..well it just sits there below the surface..to try to resurface again another time).

* Spontaneous vocalizations (including laughing and weeping) -- are as unintentional and uncontrollable as hiccoughs

This i find very embarrassing lol. ive had both the weeping and laughing at times. This can also be unnerving screaming (ive witnessed that happen to someone due to kundalini bringing up stuff, they were going from weird screaming to hysterical laughing and then back to nerve wrenching screaming. The energy cleared within about 3 minutes)

* Hearing an inner sound or sounds, classically described as a flute, drum, waterfall, birds singing, bees buzzing but which may also sound like roaring, whooshing, or thunderous noises or like ringing in the ears.
Kundalini can have one hearing many things.. not just those noises.. it opens up ones ability to hear things and into other places. A kundalini symptom i get which i havent seen mentioned anywhere is an advancement of the ears I call zoom ear. It is like my ears start tuning in and out and can then like be able to hear someone turn a page of a book on another floor of a library. Physical sounds far far away that one usually wouldnt be able to physically hear..well one can hear them like as if the sound was right next to them or something. I also have gotten this thing happening with my eyes too on rare occassions.

* Mental confusion; difficulty concentrating
Well if one is suffering all the kundalini symptoms above.. one can expect to also be suffering mental confusion and having difficulty concentrating LOL. well actually it aint that kind of mental confusion.. ive found it to be more of the type of confusion which leaves one like unable to think or think straight. thinking like seems to take lots of effort and sometimes it is just so darn hard to do if one is suffering from this symptom. It is like a part of the brain has shut down (for it actually in fact has.. new neural pathways are being formed due to the kundalini energy and what it does on the brain). Ive also found that when my brain is foggy and thinking is hard..well ive usually got energy blocks and energy thickness in my head (old energy which has surfaced which needs clearing).
Another symptom which wasnt listed on that list of symptoms.. is forgetfullness. This is a very common kundalini symptom. often ones brain is feeling kind of foggy, its hard to think and one just starts forgetting stuff.

* Altered states of consciousness: heightened awareness; spontaneous trance states; mystical experiences (if the individual's prior belief system is too threatened by these, they can lead to bouts of psychosis or self-grandiosity)
The kundalini brings in new awarenesses.. so one starts experiencing these things. One can suddenly start finding themselves in other realities and other strange stuff (and if one wasnt ready one would truely believe they'd gone mad, they may actually go mad over it). This symptom can be a real danger to some who just aint ready, Kundalini is hard on ones mind and forces one to change beliefs.

* Heat, strange activity, and/or blissful sensations in the head, particularly in the crown area.
I more so have experienced complete body bliss.. all over.. that feels awesome . Ivei felt ecstasy for days (so much that it was highly noticable to those who know me.. i kept being asked if i had a secret lover lol). Kundalini may cause many symptoms in the crown area.

* Ecstasy, bliss and intervals of tremendous joy, love, peace and compassion.. whoops i talked about that under last bit.

* Psychic experiences: extrasensory perception; out-of-body experiences; pastlife memories; astral travel; direct awareness of auras and chakras; contact with spirit guides through inner voices, dreams or visions; healing powers
Kundalini awakens one.. as one reaches a certain level of awakening one will became aware of ones soul and thier soul memories and then they will become aware of pastlifes. This can be hard as the first memories to come in are usually intense ones.. eg memories of ones you've loved before when you meet that person again this lifetime. For me I dont know if i can ever have one partner cause of this... I have many who was my lovers in other lifetimes who I all still love. How could i ever choose when only physcial death has parted me from some of these who ive loved throughout time. (my currant partner is very understanding of my love for my other soul mates.. he even allowed me to sleep with one of them for comfort and wont put restrictions on me sharing my love (otherwise it would be like being parted from a husband or something..but like ive got a few of them).. I miss them all deeply at times). Past life memories can throw ones life into confusion.. eg one of my past life lovers has been also a brother of mine in another life..so i have both lover and brother feels towards him (when the brother feel kicked in ..well things felt like incest..it took me a while to learn to deal with how i felt about him).
with the obes if they start happening spontanously..well they can be hard to deal with.. esp if one is scared so one then ones thoughtforms start creating scaring stuff (or do attract scary stuff).. so one then too starts having encounters with entities. Visions can be tough too.. I tend to more so see disasters before they happen. And with the healing powers also come the powers to destroy. Kundalini can bring this stuff so into ones life that one is experiencing it at all times. There is not a time where i aint aware of energy and stuff going on about me anymore.

* Increased creativity: new interests in self-expression and spiritual communication through music, art, poetry, etc.
Ive gone throu yet another shift in the past few weeks.. my family is kind of confused how i keep changing. I think they dont feel like they dont really know me anymore

* Intensified understanding and sensitivity: insight into one's own essence; deeper understanding of spiritual truths; exquisite awareness of one's environment (including "vibes" from others)
This is great but has not great aspects to it too. I dont know that i like the fact when i can tell when someone is just making out they are listening to me when they aint, i can feel they aint cause of what happens to the energy flow..which then makes me feel like im talking to a wall and makes me want to stop talking (but then if i did they would notice i suddenly did, so would then ask me why..so i just keep talking...like as if im talking to myself lol.. it is all kind of bothersome though). Or one can feel when another is lying..and then wonders what to do about it (I usually go along with thier game.and allow them too and dont tell them that i know they aint being truthful).
those deeper insights into spiritual truths can hit one hard too.. I was freaking out only this morning over the fact that what i think creates. I thought i nearly created a superstorm somewhere yesterday (i've got to watch the news tonight to check that i didnt!)

* Enlightenment experiences: direct Knowing of a more expansive reality; transcendent awareness
those are usually great experiences .. i wish for more of those..in a nice kind of way!

there is a heap of other stuff not listed here which ive experienced due to kundalini (and i didnt share about how it almost killed me either.. i may do that another time).
Kundalini can be very dangerous! both for the body and the mind......


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
I meant to Welcome you to TKR in a previous posting Tania, but seeing as how we all now know you 'even better', this might be the time to do it :D

You sure got your hands full girl....Kundalini keeps ya pretty busy I see ;)

I went through a lot of 'stuff'...not a fun time...in particular, the energy rushes can be difficult as are the temperature changes.


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for the one who wanted to know what kundalini is, I'll give you my defination of it...

Kundalini is a feminine divine energy which is a transforming energy. This energy is actually throughout all but exists in large quantities at the base of our spines and when it starts to raise up from there we start to awaken. A fully awakened human being will have fully awakened kundalini. With awakening kundalini comes many abilities but awakening kundalini in one who aint ready may lead to major trouble..to even death or craziness as the human mind may not be ready to shift and to percieve things anew. Once awakened to a certain stage ..one cant like go back and change back to how they were.. we must come to terms with it.


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I should of added to my previous post more about the awakening kundalini causes.. the awakening is of consciousness... it causes a shift in preceptions and consciousness.

polka_dot_PUH_JOMMIES thank you for your warm welcome ;D


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I thought i'd share my experience with how my kundalini once almost killed me (I just retrieved my posts about that from another site and will cut and paste them here).  

One day (this is probably going back 5 yrs? ago now) i was at my computer just chatting to group of healers and psychics in a chatroom (this was back when SpiritWeb was in full swing..back when all those chatrooms were open, it was quite busy this day and there was about 10-15 of us in the room chatting at the time. I was a regular at that chat).
All of a sudden I felt an energy increase... my energy was raising very, very quickly. Far too quickly and strongly. My immediate thought was that i was under some kind of psychic attack by someone in that room due to this happening so suddenly so I posted in the chat asking everyone what on earth was going on and if someone was sending energy my way or something asking them to stop immediately if anyone was doing so. 1-2 minutes from when i first felt the energy im almost passing out cause of it. Its far too strong for me... Im having to hold onto my chair to prevent myself falling off it, im almost fainting. Everyone denied sending any energy my way. I knew i was in real trouble by now..and my energy was still picking up at the same rate..not slowing down at all and im starting to get very worried. I asked the room if anyone could tune into me and tell me what was wrong..I asked for assistance saying i was in big trouble and then started trying to tell the room what was happening but by then i couldnt type well at all.. so my typing wasnt really readable by that stage (I figured with such a large group of healers/psychics that someone would be able to help me).
Then i was too dizzy to be able to sit on chair no more so ended up on floor (this was within 2-3 minutes of first feeling the energy). I screamed for my eldest daughter (she was only about 11 at the time) to come and help, telling her she was going to have to try to get some help for me as I wasnt capable by now of doing anything, I could hardly even speak well by this time as waves of energy went throu me. No-one offered to help me (to this day i think im still a little upset over that, id never gone and made things up and was kind of shocked that some thought i was making this up), some in room thought i was playing some kind of game with them for attention with my sudden posts saying i was in big trouble when only secs before i'd been fine and chatting to them normally. My daughter started trying to convince them that i was on the floor nearly unconscious needing help but was getting back replies saying "it's time for you to stop the game"... it was a horrible situation to be in such desperate need for help and in fear and have no one trying to help me nor believing me or my young daughter who was trying desperately to get some help for me. By this stage some started believing this (I later on found out that quite a few had believed me from the start, could feel what was going on with me but just didnt know how to assist me or as one healer friend said to me later "I could feel that energy all throu you..and i was scared myself of it. The last one i helped which had energy flowing that strongly..it damaged my own energy system for about 4 mths and gave me heaps of trouble, made me very sick. So there was no way i was going to attempt to help you".
By that stage i had quite a few trying to get daughter to call for an ambulance for me. I though knowing it was something to do with energy overloading knew that was a bit pointless thing to do as they wouldnt be able to stop the energy so I kept on telling her not too. In desperation i ended up telling my daughter to go to another site where i knew there was a chat.. a chat place i'd never been to myself before but i didnt know what else to suggest and thought people from this other site may be able to help me, I knew i needed someone too as by now i knew i was in very real danger, I was starting to have trouble even breathing as these energy waves hit (project x..the search for the choosen ones site...Many ones with special abilities used to hang out there and years ago that site was very active)..
Daughter when she entered this other chat place found only 3 people in the chatroom but coincidently (dont you just love those coincidences  ) when she asked for help for me, two of the ones in there who didnt know me at all, assessed the situation and believed her immediately and had advanced skills in working with energy to be able to help me. (Were able to deal with my kundalini... im so fortunate as i from what i know now..it is a rare thing for someone to be able to actually deal with anothers kundalini and be able to stop it for them. I havent come across any others over the past 5 yrs able to do that).
By this time the constant strong energy flow I was experiencing had gone to surges..and huge ones. I was being partly paralysed each time a surge hit. My fingers and hands and other body parts were paralysing from the strong energy flow as it was shorting out my neurological system or something (my fingers were actually all distorting in weird ways..bending all out of shape and going rigid). This surges were lasting something like 5-10 mins at a time then would stop for maybe 30-50 seconds before surging again.. I was the whole time on energy overload

Working together the two guys (which i believe i was like divinely lead to, it was no coincidence they had been in that chat place that day and i'd told my daughter to go there to get me help) started helping me.
An energetic link was found attached to me and one of them followed the link to its source. It turned out an occultic group somewhere on the other side of australia (he thought they were) were all linked into me (its a group i dont know.. I expect they probably had some kind of past life dealings with me maybe hence attacked me/wanted me dead). He said that this group had me under psychic attack, trying to harm me by overloading my energy more (I have to believe him when he says that as i know he was/is a lot more advanced and experienced than me, back then i didnt know about links and stuff like that. Nowdays i can often feel links but back then I couldnt) so he went and attacked the group by redirecting their energy back at them as well as sending a massive dose of energy back down the link.."gave them something to think about" he said. Enough that they would fear, wouldnt dare to ever attack me again. (that group may of used my kundalini raise as an opportunity to send more energy my way in an attempt to kill me and discuise the energy they themselves were sending.. it is possible also that this group may of actually triggered my kundalini.. early.. in attempt to have me harmed with it. )
While the guy was dealing with that occultic group that had linked to me.. the other guy he started to work with me and my energy....and started offloading the kundalini energy from my body.
Directing all his instructions to Celeste, my daughter (and then she was telling me what to do and i was telling her what to say when I could speak at times)., he got me to firstly spread myself out flat on the floor..palms down. I found that when i did that that the energy like flowed out better throu my palms, I had like a river of energy coming out from each hand 1.5-2 metres wide and like a raging river in flood going right up my body. He also had me using my mind to image that the energy was flowing out of me easily and quickly.
The energy wasnt travelling just up my spine like normal kundalini kind of situations do (something which i'd felt on some other occassions) but was roaring itself right up throu my entire body as well as outside of my body.. roaring throu all my field from lower spine level upwards outside of my body too, way too much energy to just be flowing upwards throu my physical body.
By this stage i was also in some pain.. It felt as if my solar plexus charka was stretched and about to completely burst, I had a lot of pressure buildup there as i must of been more blocked energetically in that area. My heart too at this stage had gone all erratic (I used to be in the ambulance service years ago..so was keeping observations on my vitals as i was going throu this experience.. was able to take my pulse in between a couple of energy surges etc, so knew my heart was going all erratic... it started missing beats..then beating too fast in places etc). My breathing as things continued got more difficult too and at this stage i realised if we couldnt stop the surges i would very soon probably physically die....it was obvious that my heart just wouldnt take much more..that and the breathing problems i was facing. (it had been about 30-40 mins that the energy had been flowing by this stage). I was able to recourporate slightly in the short time between the surges (though which each surge it was getting worst).. by the other dragging energy off of me (which he was doing the whole time) and by me helping by pushing as much as the energy as i could out of me (i was only really able to do that while the energy wasnt surging as when it was surging by this stage.. I was almost going unconscious with every surge )..so unable to think well....too bad head spins etc).
It got to the stage where the other realised too that i was a gonner if I had another couple of surges so he told Celeste to tell me if i'd agree for him to do something he'd never done on anyone before.. to try to do like a complete energy removal (something which would kill a person normally, he was a bit worried that I could die when he did this but I was going to die anyway if he didnt try it so we had to do it). So he went and did this drain..and the moment he did that my kundalini stopped it's surging short... It went to surge again several minutes later but it didnt.. all i could feel then were like snakes going wild in my base chakra which i could feel for over an hr but no more surges.
I had an urge to get off of the floor (as i now able to stand and to move normally) and go and meditate which i did. I think that was the first time i felt angels.. I could feel many, many others all around me. I was surrounded by all these beautiful beings. I had lit a candle next to me and started looking into it.. feeling very attracted to the flame. So attracted that i wanted to get closer to it.. I ended up sitting there with my hand in the fire (the flame), it didnt burn me. I could just sit there with the flames lapping around my hand.. the flames tongues on my skin felt soft and beautiful.. giving off a beautiful warmth on my skin. I was immune to fire for a time. It felt so aweome to feel it against ones skin lapping gently all about one but not burning. (I guess fire was like nothing after that kundalini energy i'd felt..which was probably stronger than the fire energy).
The one who was responsible for saving my life ....well he later on went on to become one of my teachers....

* he went on to teach me a form RVing I do which involves actively using ones own energy to see things as well as other energy stuff which ive never come across anywhere else.  He was truely an amazing teacher.


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"Agreed.... finding qualified help/teachers is a difficult task....so much 'fluff' and 'castles in the sky' around.  I am VERY leary of people claiming to be teachers etc in the psi world and need to check them out thoroughly before getting involved with them.  Lot's and lot's of kooks out there. '

polka_dot.. though that is try there are kooks out there (and many who think they actually know more than they actually really do) there are also heaps of good teachers out there too.  The thing is students often will only find one of there when they are (spiritually?) ready too.   Ive found that some the best teachers actually dont hold any qualifications.. they've often been born naturally gifted.  If you always look for ones who hold pieces of paper (qualifications and often that is all they are.. often valueless pieces of paper) you may not "see" a very good teacher. Life experience of things is sometimes the best teacher there is rather than just reading about something and then holding a certificate. (I have walls covered in certificates but my best energy and spiritual teacher never held one ..nor does he give them out)


Synchronistically, I ran across this site a couple days ago, recommended by someone on an email list I'm on:

Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care

They offer assessments and support for people experiencing kundalini phenomena.