Larry Dossey Be Careful What You Pray For....


"Keep Moving Forward"
Decided to buy this after reading some comments by Dean Radin about this book.
Just got my copy but have not had time to read it yet.
Just skimmed through and I can tell its a very powerful book (especially for those
interested or trained in Remote Influencing as part of their RV formal training.)

Interested in hearing anyone elses comments if you have already read the book.


Can prayer harm? Larry Dossey, M.D., the New York Times bestselling author of Healing Words and Prayer Is Good Medicine looks at the flip side of healing prayer, exploring the suprising unintentional harm we can cause with our thoughts, prayers, and wishes—and what we can do about it.

Praise for Be Careful What You Pray For:

"Brilliant poetic, schoarly, and absolutely daunting in range and scope. The imperative is urgent and clear: we must assume a high level of responsibility for our negative and hurtful thoughts, wishes and prayers for one another." —JEANNE ACHTERBERG, Ph.D., coauthor of Rituals of Healing

"A with original ideas and generous with compelling data to support them."—RICHARD TARG, physicist, coauthor of Mind Reach, Mind Race, and Miracles of Mind

"A fascinating and courageous book...Be Careful What You Pray For discusses both clinical cases and controlled scientific studies confirming the ancient belief that thoughts have the power to manipulate the world in unexpected ways. For a thoughtful, well-balanced view of the dark side of prayer, read this book."—DEAN RADIN, Ph.D., author of The Conscious Universe



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Hi Tunde,

I would not pay much attention to the whole prayer thing.
Personally, I think prayer is a complete and utter waste of time ... just my experience. I found out the hard way many years ago.

It's like saying ... If your sick, just pray to God [whatever that is??] and he'll cure you.
Ridiculous assumption, I know, but that is what people who pray believe in.

So, the idea of 'Be Careful of What you Pray for..' is absolute BS in my opinion.
Better, to be active in life and make your own luck, success, good times etc...

If you or anyone in TKR is religious, then, I do not mean to offend.
It's just that the whole prayer thing is ludicrous nonsense to me.


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I have not read it but it sure seems interesting. Targ did quite a bit of research on the matter some of his research has kept me going when I wondered what really matters.

One specific one was praying over randomly stacked medical records. The stack that was prayed over had fewer complications and shorter hospital stays. The clincher was they were all 20 year old medical records. So prayer sees no limit in time or space, dimension etc. Awesome stuff!



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I always figured if my Chosen Deity(tm) was not present at the psychic mailbox I was praying to, that my subconscious mind would still act on the subject. I've actually had profound seeming results from prayer in my life, though I am not religious (but mystical), but I suspect that this is like anything else -- highly distinct to the individual.

I like investigation into intent, a lot. I like the idea of the small wound experiment BK mentions here what does it matter whether the query is psi or prayer? How on earth could we separate them?



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I have read some of Dr. Dossey's work. I pray every day. I don't know that it works as well as a Hollywood movie magic wand but it makes me feel better to pray.