Learning about RV in countries where English is not the primary language

Gisela Mueller posted on Facebook:

Some information about me: I am working with the German Remote Viewing Academy which is specialized in training, networking, projects and information about RV. We founded the academy in 2007 and have a affiliate publishing company and RV-online-shop, where you can find a lot of books and more. We are also organizing RV-summercamps and Conferences. Since our trainer and founder Manfred Jelinski came in touch with RV in 1997 he wrote the german RV-teaching-books and some more books about the history in germany and how RV can be used. Also we are interested in the functional backgrounds concerning the brain-acticities, where we work together with brain-scientologists. If you want to have a tiny look what we do, please join our website (sorry, it´s in German

Remote Viewing Akademie
Die Remote Viewing Akademie ist eine Einrichtung zur Schulung, Forschung und Beratung für alle RV-Interessenten, sie führt Projekte durch, organisiert Treffen und berät in Hinblick auf die Methode

I then posted:
I should struggle more with my German but after trying that a bit I highlighted some text on your site, right-clicked, chose the search option, and was taken to Google where there was an option to translate the text (entire page, actually). Viel besser. RV has been too long and too much Anglo-centric. Google Translate can be a useful window into RV as it is developing in countries around the globe, even if the translation is a bit rough. (Or perhaps there is an even better translation site.)


Jon K, I'm portuguese and there isn't any type of RV research in Portugal.
And I mean absolutely nothing.