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Fantastic book, best I've read on the subject. Great journalistic approach to the topic.

Marv :)
I second that, Marv!

First UFO book recommended by Michio Kaku - you know it has to be good for him to do that.

A friend of mine knows Leslie and we went to a UFO conference last year to help her out at the lit table selling her book. She's a very astute reporter and a very nice person to boot.

It's amazing the number of people that will come up to a table like that and want to tell their own stories about their encounters with UFO's and/or strange beings.



do you ever dream you're someone else?
I wrote a reply but the server ate it when rebooting. Much more succinctly now, a guy I knew and myself, circa 94, did experiments where we'd be really matter-of-fact with people and then throw in something totally ufology, very serious about it, then drop it and change the subject. People would hedge around us, looking for a time alone, and end up confessing the most amazing experiences when nobody else could hear. Something about being a really practical personality and then putting this stuff in the same 'acceptably logical' model, even for a moment, often really cracks people and they just can't wait to pour it out.

Speaking of UFOs, LD just posted this in my private forum, so hilarious!