Life in the 6 planet system HD-70642 (Lyn Buchanan)


This may have been written about already. Did a short search and didn't see it. I could be wrong, and apologies if so. I think you could call this a media event. It was a streamed chat on YouTube.

It always blows my mind to hear what Lyn Buchanan has to say. He's very matter-of-fact about all things RV and PSI. In a 26 Jan 2018 interview, Lyn revealed information about a 1998 set of RV sessions by Lyn and a team that were asked for by a private client. The client wanted Lyn and team to create basically a standard State Department "don't mess up" guide when dealing with people from a different culture. The strange thing is, the client asked Lyn and a team of RV'ers to write up the book for the star system HD-70642, a star system consisting of 6 planets. If you haven't seen it, don't let me spoil the rest. Lyn claims he's not into aliens, and so do I. Like Lyn, I sure do talk a lot about aliens, even though I claim not to be 'into' the subject. ;-) I kid 'cause I love.


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Well, I still seeing the video (still on minute 40:00) but I have some comments. SPOILER alert: dont read next if you want to see the video first.

Lyn says the ape beings were collecting ore to the aliens from the sky...that remembers me the Zacharias Sittin bullshit. Everybody knows that Zacharias as NO proof, no real documentation for the things he said. In fact, the word Anunnaki (used by Lyn too) doesnt exist (only the word Annu is real). And thats some kind of red alert for me...could it be real what Lyn said? I hope he is not creating stuff to get audience.

Also, the star system has only 1 planet, and he refers to 6 planets.

I believe in RV but I always get cautious with BIG remote viewers...We never no if money is talking higher. But to be honest, I know almost nothing about Lyn, and for thos who know him well, probably he is a very realiable person. Maybe its like someone attacking Richard Dolan as a bad ufologist in the field of ufology, but for those whoe really like ufos, Dolan is one of the best ufologists ever (like Jacques Vallee). So, what do you think?