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Live web cams, existentialist tableau vivants and RV/dowsing.


New Member
I was searching through open access live web cams (using google type in the search engine; /view/view.shtml axis). There are some really quite beautiful silent existentialist tableau vivants. I then thought how apt an technological analogy this is to remote viewing, both surveillance oriented with invisible voyeuristic gazes. Well beyond this little ditty of an observation, I wondered if not such good companions could make for a rewarding relationship together. This might be quite a good learning tool to RV/dowse from, filling the gap between the photographic focus targets, and for live first hand experience. Using a directive along the lines of, “Describe the target at the current point in time” it would be possible to view not only all the common structural permanent elements, but also the ephemeral conditions and activity at the location. There would also be a greater feedback potential to learn from as you’ll be able to see a real time video feed. Some cam’s are also interactive letting you pan zoom and rotate around the area giving a much more rich data thick atmosphere to chew over.

If this is of interest to anyone, I’ve posted below some targets/links that I think would make for good sessions if you want to make a target pool for yourselves. Its rather a mixed bag or should I say smorgasbord, of places mainly in Europe and north America. If you choose to give them a go then you could post them as solo sessions on the TKR with screen grabs or screen video capture with a link. Anyhow I’m going to give it some more thought and have a go myself when I get some more free time off work or another national bank holiday. ;)


Target: Westerly / Pawcatuck Chamber of Commerce
Location: Misquamicut, Rhode Island, USA.

Target: University of Alaska Museum of the North Construction - modern architectural
Location: 907 Yukon Drive, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Feedback: http://webcam03.deg.net/
Target: St.Martin church tower Ruselbergstraße.
Location: Deggendorf - Bavaria, Germany

Target: Main road....
Location: ...Skellefteå, Västerbotten in northern Sweden.

Target: Town centre...
Location: ....Svendborg, Denmark

Target: Corso del Popolo e Piazza Granaio
Location: Venice Italy

Target: Wild river
Location: Niskanpää - Kattilakoski. Northern Sweden

Feedback: http://webcam.universeum.se/view/view.shtml
Target: fish/sharks aquarium
Location: Hajar i Oceantanken på Universeum Gothenburg Sweden

Feedback: http://www.opentopia.com/showcam.php?camid=724
Target: Town hall square
Location: Luedenscheid, Germany.

Feedback: http://pmovid24.uoregon.edu/view/view.shtml
Target: Pine Mountain 24" observatory
Location: Central Oregon

Feedback: http://luvar.himolde.no/view/view.shtml
Target: Molde University College
Location: Norway

Target: Royal Oak Computers in Front Royal
Location: Virginia

Target: Webcam Markt Roermond Market place.
Location: Roermond, The Netherlands

Target: Train lines, cross roads, car park
Location: Utsikt, Sweden.

Target: Montana department of environmental quality.
Location: Montana.

Target: Town centre.
Location: Radnice town. Czech Republic.

Feedback: http://www.opentopia.com/showcam.php?camid=5114
Target: St. Pierre et Miquelon France, Church.
Location: Miquelon, Newfoundland, Canada.

Feedback: http://wc-ta-afkalf.vet.uu.nl/view/view.shtml
Target: Bulls and cows
Location: Unknown

Feedback: http://webcam01.ecn.purdue.edu/view/view.shtml?id=45142&imagePath=/mjpg/video.mjpg&size=1
Target: Purdue University
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.

Target: American football field.
Location: Unknown

Target: Flags, Buildings.
Location: Moscow, Zelenograd

Target: Beach, sea.
Location: Le Normandy France.

Target: Small town, mountains
Location: Norway.

Target: The Gatehouse of Fleet
Location: Scotland.

Feedback: http://ebr.comtronic.ch/view/view.shtml
Target: Lake
Location: Ennetbürgen lake Switzerland.

Target: James Island Yacht Club Waterfront & Pier.
Location: Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Feedback: http://webcam.st-malo.com/view/view.shtml
Target: Beach promande.
Location: Saint-Malo. Brittany in northwestern France

Target: town square
Location: Åmål.

Feedback: http://cam1.northiowa.org:800/view/view.shtml
Target: School, church
Location: North Iowa Community School

Feedback: http://webcam.haw-hamburg.de/view/view.shtml
Target: Building site, cranes at work.
Location: Hamburg, Germany.

Target: Building site high-rise
Location: L'Hermitage Almere, Netherlands

Target: Rutherford Small Dog Daycare Area
Location: Dallas, Texas.

Target: Small town, mountains
Location: Norway.

Feedback: http://www.opentopia.com/showcam.php?camid=5443
Target: Seabridge with restaurant
Location: Germany, Sellin


Staff member
What a fab idea! Live web-cams!

If you get even more of them, I will dump them in a datatable and make a script that will randomize the output, so one could view, based on target-as-focus-of-feedback (like future-news work), and then go select a webcam and check it out.

Screenshot(s) for posterity -- screenhunter 5 "lite" is free, set a key combo to capture an area of screen, I use it all the time.



New Member
That would be fantastic PJ! I did wonder if you'd be able to write or re-use
some of your scripting from the tasker-bot to make it in to a spin off
tool/application. But considering you already seem to be a dynamo of selfless
generosity when it comes to that sort of thing, it seemed ungrateful to ask.

So I'm really glad your response is as enthusiastic as it is, I think it could be a really
good tool. I'll get to work compiling a spreadsheet with the necessary data/links
so you can dump them in a data table and do your thing. I have no real knowledge
of scripting so I'm sorry can't help there. So time to get to work scouring the web I aim to get a hundred or so for now, i'll send them over to you so stay tuned...



Staff member
Taskerbot already has applications that do a variety of randomizing for self-tasking. It's closed except for beta testers probably for the rest of this year. Mostly as my sneaky way of trying to get at least three people to help me build the damn thing. But volunteering would get you access. Then while using it for convenience, you could gripe about it (kidding -- sort of!) and so help with the recode and redesign going on. It's going to be so totally cool when done. So far the beta team has been awesome with ideas and have completely changed my concepts about the whole thing.

Anyway one of the current utilities is called NEWS and it will actually let you put in any number of URLs that are basically "feedback as task" links. This was made originally for news, so there's about 150 distinct 'main pages' of newspapers/sections that are online, and a hint about where the "link to leading story at time of feedback" is likely to be found on the page. You can write your own tasking, have multiple groups, edit/add/remove the source links, and upload lots of 'em superfast via spreadsheet.

There's another current utility in tBot called ALPHANUM that lets you put in about 320 characters of text. Plus (aside from that) it lets you choose a lot of format options for how it displays. So for example if a viewer was working to entrain themselves to associate the number 8 with red, and to view numbers/letters/etc., they could make the number 8 a target and have it display in a huge red font. It can be used for 'phrases', for words, basically for the kind of focus that is seldom put in a target for RV but some people actually DO want to work on.

Both of those utilities will vanish when Taskerbot re-opens because they will be built-in as part of a larger flexible tasking system that includes that and more. But that'll be months from now and in the meantime they're useful.

However I'm still happy to dump your excel into a table with a little script if you like -- I can put it in public as a free no-login utility if I do that. But if you used tBot for it you'd have a lot more options to drop/replace/expand/edit/customize it for yourself.

Seriously, it's a fabulous idea! "Dynamic, real-time" feedback-as-focus-of-session ... aside from in-person stuff you can't beat that for self-training.



New Member
Still trawling through cams unfortunately, I've been trying to cherry pick the juicy one's for our pool. I can't think of anything more disappointing after spending time on a viewing session to receive as feedback a grainy jumpy video of some obscure depressing east European enclave... So I'm keeping them as high-res with good fps as I can find. The pool count so far is 250, going to push for another 100 or so to get even more variety. I hope to send the data over to you this weekend time permitting, along with a few more ideas, time permitting...!



Active Member
Here is my contribution, actually they are from my Better Half, who is maybe better at dealing with those on the 'other side' than any PSI effort I can muster. Just today she told me about a spontaneous PSI event while watching children napping, of a 15 or 16 year old girl and who was going to do her funeral service at a specific location. It took me quite a while to find a single reference only made the internet this morning from a girl who died on Monday and the funeral arrangements were exactly as I was told. That was her second this week..

Anyways take a look at these:




do you ever dream you're someone else?
So far the only thing I notice is, if using that Panopticon Remote Viewing with live webcams as a target-directive+feedback source, sometimes the webcam you get is somewhere at night. So you see only black. On the bright side if your target is "what you review AS feedback, FOR feedback," then in theory you could either simply wait for daylight, or generate a different target (I ignore task numbers anyway).