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Hi All

    I have an extra week of spare time available and want to do something interesting psi related with it!

    This forum is filled with so many diversified people that I thought of asking my question here first...so here goes:

NOT INCLUDING TMI, what suggestions do you have for a credible source of classes/lectures/ on going series, that would last for about a week along the east coast??...preferably from Washington DC south or as far west as Ohio??  (I don't want to do mostly driving to get there...the perfect formula would be close to me, a wonderful experience and cheap lol   ;D )

2nd choice would be from Washington to New England

    If no one can post any ideas as to actual events but can point me in the right direction to find what I'm looking for, please do.  All links welcomed!

OH!!! Just had an idea!!  and if you find something that is near a beach or source of water, pond, river, lake etc, there will be a one million dollar something in it for you!!  (maybe Monopoly money ??  )



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Hey pdPJ,

It doesn't last a week, but you might want to try out floating at a float tank center. Two or three hrs shouldn't run over a 100 bucks. If you've never floated, I highly recomend it.



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Hi T-Bone...thanks!

I remember all the postings you made about these tanks...still working on yours??

I'm not at all sure how popular these tank places are, but I think I recall hearing of one in New Jersey. I s this something that is 'kind of everywhere?' It would be fun to do/try! So, now I have something interesting that will take 2-3 hours of the 168 I have to 'play' :p

I tried doing some searches such as 'psychic seminars east coast' and have some results to sift through...any ideas on good search phrases to find what I'm looking for? hmmm just had an indea...do you think places like new age book shops etc would have listings of 'places to go for further education' ? seminars, lectures, workshops ??

Quick....do the math...how much would it cost to float for a week???? rofl ::)

Thanks for your idea!


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Errr...hmm... need the calculator... uhhh about $1100 to $2500 for a week, assuming you spend 40 to 45 hrs and get a cut rate since it's a LOT of time. LOL

As far as mine goes, still in the conception phase. Just need the time to make it happen. (Sigh)

Oh well. Hey, hope you have fun on your trip! Let us know what you wind up doing tho'!


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Well Polka Dot here's my reccomendation on one option. First print out every page from the firedocs site, for which you'll need plenty of ink, paper and a good size box to put them in. Now put the box, some comfortable clothes and a beach chair into the car. Next drive east till the road dissapers into a mix of sand and salty water, turn right and head south till the butter melts. Now sit in the chair, with your toes tucked comfortably under some warm sand reading all the fascinating articles by a variety of people and be sure to doze off every couple hours while sunning yourself to let the subconcious digest all that you've just taken in. If you need a driver let me know ;).



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Oh my [xxxx deleted for sacrilegious reasons].

Well let's see. It took PJ 2.5 years to collect the Firedocs on RV, of which about 70% is still online. After which she was basically a snarling psycho who left the field for four years to try and regain sanity. I am not entirely sure that an entire week of reading these same materials is the answer for mental health, lol!

Of course you could read Bewilderness (linked on there) which would surely make you feel better about your own sanity, or the old transcripts of Ed Dames in particular (linked on there) which would make you wonder why nobody ever made a comic book for RV.

(Wait, indirectly, they did. The X-Files comic book had a two-issue episode on RV--they couldn't do it on TV for whatever reason, but they did in the comic.)

Seriously, what I really want, is to go somewhere that I can do nothing but view and get massages for a week. I'd be willing to have Reiki instead. Alas I cannot afford anyplace that would do either, let alone the travel fees and time off. I have sometimes considered how interesting it would be to try and get a small group of people together to literally do that for each other: each person comes prepared to teach hands-on some topic, anything at all, we set up materials and situation for it, and everyone spends all week eating great food and giving and getting massages and such.

I dunno, I think it might be considered kinda kinky lol.



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:D  WELL ~~~~

I think it might be considered kinda kinky lol.
....  and since when is this not reason enough?? lmao   ;D

Gene, the beach delusion sounds wonderful....I LOVE THE BEACH and are you a careful driver?? or a little on the wreckless side??  will you split the cost of the ink with me?? ....or would you be going to PJ's thingy??  lol

T-Bone, keep at that tank....sounds great-- if PJ gets her way, we may all be in it!!  Not sure I can do THAT amount of floating...sounds a bit excessive huh?    When I get this all sorted out and get a plan in place....and actually DO it, I will tell all.  :-[
(TY for the IM)

....and BTW, who the heck sprayed these boards with a hormone spray??? huh?? -I think I first sniffed it in the thread PJ started about taking care of her body  :-X and just tonight read the 'smut' word that likely pleased the heck out the librarian  :D I think a few members need to get out more!!  lmao   ;)


"Are you threatening me?"
 and just tonight read the 'smut' word that likely pleased the heck out the librarian  :D  I think a few members need to get out more!!  lmao   ;)
I think a few members just need to "get" more, ROFLMAO!


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Re: getting more than I bargained for  :)

:D :D :D

I'm pretty sure that Confucius did not say this...nor did Shakespeare, but someone did....and it goes like this:

'you get what you give' :-*

of course, with all the proper intent and protocol you can muster up   ;)

pdPJ doing the silly dance   :p

while re-spraying this forum with a large dose of 'settle down' :D


PJ suggested:

"Seriously, what I really want, is to go somewhere that I can do nothing but view and get massages for a week."

All snickering aside, this is a good idea.

One of the experiences I have noticed during massage or other such tactile stimulation/relaxation, is lots of powerful visual, dreamlike events. Does anyone have any research on this? I am sure it has something to do with brainwave frequencies and states of consciousness during such events. I know one's mind tends to wander, like in ERV, but the person doing the massage could be the monitor. Maybe this thread needs to be referenced over at the "Friends and Lovers" thread too.

I know this is a very touchy subject (excuse the pun), but is there any research on brainwave states and sex? I know there must be. If its too scarey to talk about here, you can PEM me.

Seriously, was there ever any consideration of physiological relaxation in the Govt's years of research? I know 'cool down' advocated, but is there any study or even anecdotal info on massage or other tactile/relaxation methods?

Again, I am not looking for another crutch, but heck, if it turns out to be useful, its at least a good excuse to get a massage!



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Hey pdPJ,

I've considered the following as a potential vacation. They are usually in New York but sometimes California. I have no clue about price etc. but it's a 5-day program. I know this isn't considered 'spiritual', but I'd say anything that could teach me to draw something other than a stick person (and even those are mutants in my hand) is spiritual for me, lol. It IS all about slightly altering your state of consciousness to 'see', as Betty says. ;D



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How about the Casey Institute at Virginia Beach. The campus is beautiful and the library is quite a find. They have all kinds of things going on there plus you'd be at the beach. You would have to check out their schedule. I'm sure you can find it on line. I know that you wanted to exclude TMI, but it is a good place to go if your interested in RV. Several of the people that work there are old timers to the subject. They also have some good weekend programs that aren't very expensive. I'll ask around and try to find you some other possibilities. Have a great week.

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