Lottery ARV - my new FREE software



I'm happy to inform you that I released FREE Microsoft Windows program called "Lottery ARV".
I coded this little program some time ago, but was lazy to write User Manual which was much more work than coding!! I demostrated it at ARV class (Lori Williams) so I got motivated to write the manual - finally.

Lottery ARV is a simple, free and standalone MS Windows program designed to assist during the 'remote viewing' (nonlocal perception) process for predicting future Lottery numbers (0 to 9) in games like: 'Pick 3' (Cash 3) or 'Pick 4' (Cash 4). Before mastering this skill to accurately pick all three numbers of 'Pick 3' or all four numbers of 'Pick 4', it is highly advisable (by top Remote Viewer's in the field) to begin your learning and practicing process by first to accurately predict one/first number only.

Program is using ARV method based on sensories (tastes, smells, sounds, etc.) for psyching out lottery numbers. Or by utilising alphabet dowsing as reported by one user.

FREE Download link on page:

or directly:

Installation (only for MS Windows OS):
 Run downloaded setup file: LotteryARV1.0-setup.exe
 Follow setup wizard. Click Next, Next, Next and Install on the end.
 When setup finishes it creates 'Lottery ARV' icon on your Desktop

READ THE USER MANUAL for instructions. It is located on top menu: "Instructions"

Program questions, suggestions are welcome to help further development and to add new features !!

If you won your Lottery with it - hope you will remember me LOL ;D

Thank You
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New version 1.1. is out:

Thanks to James Cockerham, how sent me numerous suggestions for current version, and that kept me busy for a week ;) Program is now able to assist you in any lottery type or game. You can create custom lottery of any number of balls and any number range. I do hope someone (Ok, all!) wins the lottery using it!

Lottery ARV direct download:

Short 4 minutes video demonstration:

Direct link to user manual:

Current users of old 1.0 version: Please uninstall it first, before installing new version.

Thanks, Best regards, Igor.
This is great! Going to work on documenting some of the advanced features, and setup lottery training in the APP forum. Pick 3 is shifty, imo, so maybe best if we begin training on something more stable like roulette, or even Keno working from the prediction of just one ball consistently, to a wagering max of 15 balls. Another idea is to use the Pick 3 or 5 ball 0-9 to forecast relatively more stable market prices.

Also, going to keep an eye on stats, basically investment amount, and profit/loss. Hit rate tracking is difficult when you consider box wagers on Pick 3, where off numbers aren't technically hits, but predictions still make us money when we use a number wheeling system.

Actually, may set up a sandbox lab for this in APP to test out different things, and use the forum as a way to document processes. Going to switch to lottery tasking with this, instead of the QR board since feedback sessions for the group are much easier with LARV. Not to mention the ease of switching sensory options. Just going use the QR Board as a portable Tarot card/dowsing scan chart for now, and will create a separate post for it on the dowsing board.



New version is out:
free Lottery ARV program (Windows only). Version 1.3.

Lottery ARV direct download:
Short 4 minutes video demonstration:

New in version 1.3:
As per user request I added PICK 2 lottery type under "Pick2" tab. For instructions read User Manual under top menu item "Instructions" or check video.