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Mandela Effect


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Sometimes it is the simplest things that move or shift. The most recent my wife and I can both verify happened just two weeks ago when we were on vacation. We visited a buffet where we could use their wi-fry to get caught up as we had been pretty much off-grid for a week. We asked to use the table we used last year which had an ac connection at the table. We both remembered me using it, we were even seated there because the hostess knew where the plug was. BUT NOOO not this time, we even had the same hostess, we were baffled, the hostess was baffled, we looked at all the seats along that wall before we left.. Felt bad for her, she works hard for a living and I really didn't want to crush the poor woman with any theories about ME as it was closing time. She even apologized to me, saying she was sure there was another outlet at that table. I bit my tongue, you have no idea how baldy I felt for her, nor did I dare blindside her with ME theory.

My wife and I usually traverse together, there are very few times we have separate memories and believe you me, they aren't worth arguing over because for heaven's sake we might both be right. But this is another time we both experienced the same ME effect together.

So keep that little pearl of wisdom under your cap, it is absolutely possible for each person to have a different experience. We are all in flux, time is shifting around us and we are each spiritual beings having an individual experience, I pray to forever remember writing this.


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Yes I have read the article. The point of which is to confuse the reader with irrelevances, IMO. The reason for the theory is simple and practical: to explain the absence of paradoxes in time travel. But the "confusers" can't say that.
I don't see how ANY of that relates to so called "Mandela effect". Which is, clearly, about REMEMBERING the events. So it is about memory, IMO. And what that "doctor" Ford has been involved with? Implanting false memories!


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I have seen people speculate that MWI is why the Mandela Effect occurs.
Well yes, I've given up on it being a government plot. Too many variables and it continues to happen.

Bashar has stated that we have a the opportunity to move a billion times a moment along the path. https://www.bashar.org/

Very reminiscent to Kabbalah, where it is said an angel comes into existence every second to pray a blade of grass into growing. Their way of saying the same thing.

Focus at night and in the morning on the grander possibilities for your life and watch what happens.



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Who are you going to believe, your own mind? Or a husband and wife fascist couple in Canada that write stupid stuff about anything depending on who is picking up the tab. I know who and what snopes is, I did my homework years ago reading about smear campaigns and their legal squabbles for lying to the public slandering people. Yet these idiots are so often referenced. I told people that email me DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING WITH A REFERENCE FROM snopes.

To thine own self be true.

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