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Map dowsing the Bahamas


If you are serious, then you need to learn to map dowse yourself. It takes time and practice to be good. Here is a place to start. Best of luck.

Thanks for the advice but unfortunately your link seems to be not working! Would like to learn to dowse, but unfortunately again I don't think this is something you can just pick up from a website or a book!
I have a lead on some buried gold bars from a dowser and would be interested if a unconnected dowser could dowse the same location.
Hmmmm, the link works for me. Try typing canadian dowsers in your search engine. That should get you there.

I would try to help you but I'm still working on it myself. I just have a hard time finding time to practice dowsing AND rv. And you CAN learn these things from a website or a book. Trust me. I learned to rv from this website and links connected to it. I've finally gotten past the point of wondering whether it works or not!

This is not to say you won't still find some takers. Best of luck.