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Missing Persons

I’ve read a few articles on here about finding missing persons.
It seems as though most of the advice is to view the area that the person is currently in. (Understandable and straight forward)
However - what if this person has been taken / hidden etc OR in an area that is similar to many more? eg forrest / bushy / ocean environment.
How could we use CRV or any other form of RV to determine specific locations (at least approx)
I have seen a small snippet of Dick Allgire using a method in his timecross project on the Orlando Shootings to pinpoint an area.
Can anyone share the method used or know of a method to help me out here?


where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
I had a theory once upon a time , using overlays on a map , I doubt it would work perfectly but if a person had enough viewers to try this theory out it could have interesting results , breaking down a map into say a large city map into 4 to 8 pictures over the grid of the map , then having a viewer describe the picture over the grid , using real differing picture gestalts , if you get really strong hits on a specific picture target , you could then zoom in on that area again with pictures over the grid , and again getting results, you could zoom in theoretically to within a block or less , I would love to see this theory tested out myself.. I know the association of the missing person and attaching the location of the missing person to a picture is a hard concept , but so is any rv blind test , and on this forum I have seen amazing spot on descriptions of an unknown picture to the viewer , so granted that the concept of describing a random picture out of all the possibilities of what it could of have been , it has been done at this forum by these viewers , so attaching a missing person to a grid that is merely a target association by picture instead of a location that looks like a million other locations , like you mention , house, garden , forest, blah ..ect.. this way of targeting may be able to separate the mundane to a really specific area , just an idea .. good luck.
Ok, I understand breaking up locations into a grid and associating an image with it. But we would still require an approx location (world wide) Or we would have to break down into Nth and Sth Henisphere, country, state, town etc. requiring multiple target sessions for one location. With more variables and more “break downs” the greater the possibility of getting at least one of the “pieces” wrong and getting completely off course.
There’s got to be a method used to find anyone at any place at any time while being completely blind to any details.
I’m hoping someone knows how the HRVG method is utilised OR if there’s another that will help?
Thank you all for your input too. Much appreciated.
The HRVG methodology is proprietary to them. there is no public info on it. if you want to learn it, enroll in their remote viewing training program.
The HRVG methodology is proprietary to them. there is no public info on it. if you want to learn it, enroll in their remote viewing training program.
To think I hadn’t considered that is a little insulting ;-) I considered that initially because it clearly would be the best way of ensuring I get an answer to my question. Though, I wanted to ask this very helpful forum first.
It’s a shame that with the positive potential RV has, there’s a price to learn from many..
I plan to become the best I can be with RV, earn a respectable living with ARV and then help others to bring their gifts to light without charging them for it.. I will have a process for selection though - commitment will be required, not their money.
Thanks for your input though. I always appreciate people offering their time.
Kindly. J