Mission for Mon 04-Nov-2019


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Hey Slorri, I posted a note to you and Seven last night on the dojo chatmat.
Clearly there's a bug on the confirm as it shows me both sessions weren't confirmed by user.
Thanks for the bug report (got the email notice), the details help!
I'll get it resolved by tonight hopefully and the Mission views will go live.


It was quite funny when I first only saw the title of the target and nothing more, saying "Young Blue Eyes ". That left me thinking was this a closeup of an eye? It made sense with the lens, the form behind the water/gel and the sensation of eye. But then what is the other stuff,I thought.

It is good to have the feedback, no matter what. It keeps us from guessing. We are curious by nature.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Thanks for viewing Slorri -- I love missions! Sometimes it goes great, sometimes it goes terribly, but it's always fun. Viewers with courage are priceless IMO. :) We'll be doing Missions weekly again from now on -- as well as a Monday night chat (8pm PT, 11pm ET, and sadly 4am GMT which is your time zone right?). We'll be doing a lot more feedback in video form (not always, but often) for the future ones.