I Just finished watching the IRVA 2015 Conference this weekend and it was great. Interesting experiments, stories, and ideas were shared.

One of the presentations that I wanted to share an experience in relation to was a workshop on Sketching in remote viewing. Paul H. Smith a well known name and face in the RV community, gave a quick run down on sketching in CRV. He stressed the idea of drawing with feeling, and using perspective to your advantage since you are able to "position yourself" around the target. He talked about trackers and tracers. (drawing rough outlines of target by "feeling the edges out" by lines or through a dotted line ).

He spoke about while continuously sketching the target over and over throughout the session his sketches would morph from something that didn't really resemble the target-to something that did, sometimes to a remarkable likeness . I know this is something Daz also encourages in the mentoring forum- to spend a couple pages in s3 doing sketches .

Having that fresh in my mind I worked a session recently and was having a really hard time getting the shape of this structure that kept reoccurring in the session (seemed to be central ) In the last minutes of my session I get frustrated and try to sketch the damn thing feeling like my session was incomplete with an abundance of conceptual data but little drawings that really "looked" like anything. I take a final 3 or 4 stabs at sketching and the drawing slowly morphs from a blocky line configuration to something with curves and structure to it (literally seconds before I end the session) . Upon feedback I see that the target cue was to describe the events surrounding a driver killed in a Formula F1 crash. Ive attached some screen grabs of the Morphing sketch here (captured on video/whiteboard ) . Just wanted to share this experience in relation to what was gleaned and encourage others to sketch away , feel out the target , there is no "wrong" sketch.

Anyone else have similar experiences / examples to share?
Been struggling with sketches myself recently as well. It is definitively a challenging thing to master. i find that sometimes feeling the shape of hte target in the air helps. sort of developing a three dimension sense of the target. however, for some weird reason it is sometimes wrong. so obviously i am missing something there. Other times, if i get a glimpse of something visual and just keep on sketching it, it becomes close to the real thing. one particular target that i recall was the santa monica pier. it was very close to the end of hte session and i was about to quit. then, i got an impression of an overpass like structure. began drawing, redrawing and it became a pier like thing. i ended up drawing waves next to it. however, some of the time, the sketches are more inwardly driven than drawn by feeling. that is, i just get an explicable urge to draw a line or two.

Well, back to practice targets.....


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It seems my sketches go one of two ways. I pick up a physical aspect of the target and the drawing makes me feel like superviewer ;D or the drawing picks up an abstract concept related to the target and I feel kinda Meh ???

I've been trying to get both in the same session but it doesn't seem to come together that way at least not yet. I've been viewing for only about 6 months.

My drawings are usually done on one page to start. What comes is what I put down.

Usually my first drawing is the most interesting in terms of what looks like the site. I tend to go from physical to abstract as the session progresses. I don't usually go back. If need to modify the original I copy it with the addition. I'm a good enough artist that I can replicate my drawings easily and quickly enough.

Daz's ARV experiment made me feel the superviewer ...just for a little while til I did my next session which was more the Meh.... type.