Music From the Fringe: RV-Inspired from the Future with Poems/PhotoSites


Remote Viewing was applied in a creative RV-Music collaboration with Sam and Nancy Smith, 4 cellists and 2 composers.
"Music from the Fringe" concert link
The cellists did 4 RV sessions, 3 on Thursday, 1 in the morning on Friday, with the concert on Saturday!

The viewers had the intent to first describe/sketch each Target plus any initial musical impressions just like in "normal" RV, but to then provide the composers their musical "inspirations from the future". The Target was a Poem with a related PhotoSite. The composers actually RVed the first Target, however they were way too busy composing to do any more RVing. The composers created 4 movements for 8 cellists.

The first-of-its-kind concert was incredible with nothing but praise for the performance inspired and composed in a RV Fringe fashion (^_^). The Target (Poem/PS) was on a screen as the cellists played...terrific musical matches...terrific music.

There were new contacts made to expand this collaborative idea to other areas where new people can be exposed to RV and the creative capabilities of consciousness.

Here is a link to the RV material that introduced the "Music From the Fringe". (Powerpoint file) (PDF file)

These slides were presented in 3 parts:
1. RV (slides 1 - 14, presented by Marty)
2. Viewing Summaries (slides 16 - 28, presented by Nancy)
3. Poems/PhotoSites shown on the screen during each associated musical
movement (conducted by Sam):

a. Xmas Cheeseburgers
b. Dan's Bugs
c. Arts
d. Remote Friends

Three movements, recorded with a smart phone, are here
A video of the process and the concert is in production

All the best,