My 2 biggest problems right now with RV


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I feel like my sessions are all over the place.

The first problem is that sometimes I can't completely disregard an aol and sometimes it influences the rest of my session, but I think this will go away with practice, so this is not a big deal.

But the second problem which I'm struggling with now is that I don't know when my imagination sets in and gives me faulty data. The CRV course that I'm in now states that after 2 seconds imagination sets in I have to write something down before then but when I get sensations it feels like it takes a lot longer than 2 seconds. Are there protocols that simply don't work for some people, and some other work better or do I just need to train more?

No protocol can control for your own mind. Only you can control your own mind. Every person struggles iwth AOL to lesser or greater extent.

1. Reduce that probing time from two seconds to half a second.

2. Separate yourself from the prior perceptions by taking breaks. anytime analysis kicks in, take a break. if you find yourself wondering what it is, take a break etc.

3. Rely on your first impression every time you probe.


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thanks, and I think I will have more progress if I have the mentality: expect nothing (results ) and remember to have fun while viewing :)