My book Remote Viewing from the Ground Up is now available

My book Remote Viewing from the Ground Up is now available on Amazon and via Kindle ($16.50 for print version, $10.00 for Kindle). The book tells the story of TransDimensional Systems (TDS) from my viewpoint as a trainee in the intensive “Bananaslam” course, then viewer and project manager, and finally Training Coordinator.

TDS (1998-2003) was probably the most successful early commercial remote viewing company, yet it is not well known today. As a civilian organization TDS was one of a kind - outside the “Star Gate” nexus and with no ties with the civilian parapsychological research community.

One of my aims is to complement the two existing books about TDS written by Pru Calabrese and John Vivanco. Remote Viewing from the Ground Up is based on interviews with TDS staffers and interns as well as online archives and records. Part One offers an inside look at TDS training and operations, project reports and remote viewing sessions. TDS courses are described in detail as well as TDS’s innovative methods and practices. Emails and posts provide glimpses of TDS’s internal life and discussion of TDS on the Internet. I give a chronology of TDS’s many accomplishments and offer my conclusions about its strengths and weaknesses and why it had to close up shop in March 2003. Part Two consists of original documents from the former TDS web site, The Larger Universe.


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Pru's book is "Intentions: The Intergalactic Bathroom Enlightenment Guide"

But it lists for $982! That's a lot for 181 pages...or for any book, of course. AFAIK, there is no other way to obtain it.

John Vivanco's book, the other one about TDS, on the other hand, is $15 in paperback or $10 in Kindle.