My buddy Curt Weldon wrote me today


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He was in the news and wanted to share with me.

I cannot confirm nor deny that Mr. Weldon was associated with the at that time a remote viewing project within the US government who submitted their findings to the sub committee hearings on 9/11.

Knowing what we now know about the events of 9//11, we know why they were so desperate to have him out of office. After ten years of silence and loosing his son recently at only 17, he has decided to come forward.

He also supplied me with a link to this article:

I remember this well, there was a great deal of interest here ten years ago, now it seems real heroes don't get the the mind share but lotteries and sporting events sure do.

Enjoy, and take a walk down memory lane, if you don't know with this is about or cannot remember search this forum and there is always google.