my first attempt was very surprising.


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This is really weird. I just tried the practice tasking thing at Dojo Psi, fully expecting it not to work. I'm not a skeptic, it's just that I never thought of myself as having capabilities in this area.

Anyway, so I did an ideogram and probed the hell out of it. Nothing magically appeared to me. I was hoping to get some sort of image or sensation, but I didn't. However, after a few tries the word "railway" popped into my head, just barely perceptible enough to catch it. After that I got a sensation of the color green. I wrote down the words "railway" and "green", and that was it.

If you can look up the task number (POJ-W6796Z) you'll see that it's a train with green stripes, on a railway. I was astonished!

(Sorry if I'm reporting this in the wrong place... I'm new here and I don't know my way around yet.)

What fun!


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Congratulations Rousse on a) having the courage to actually TRY remote viewing and b) yielding some impressive results first time. You've embarked on a wonderful journey - enjoy.


PS Welcome to TKR!


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Hi, I'm new here, too :)

I'm a very disorganized, but experienced viewer. I seem to have a natural trait to it.
I started about 10 years ago, tried it for a few weeks. and used it from time to time.

The very first experiences were the most impressing ones. Right on the spot, the first targets I did were perfect matches!
The feeling of satisfaction overwhelmed me a bit and made me uneasy. I was a bit confused, because it worked SO well.

Then I changed my views from accurate descriptions in the direction of topical / geometric hits.

I haven't done RV for quite a few years and I started a series of experiments this evening. First few tries were discouraging. A series of ~15 targets with about 3-4 hits.

Later on I did some more series. I started getting better with every series, up to a (felt) 80% success rate.
At least in my opinion. I was surpsied how spot on a lot of my viewings were.

Some examples: Visualizing 4 circles within a big circle and the color red.
Target was a rocket booster seen from below. Indeed, red painted metal, 4 circular boosters inside of a big circle.
Or one time I got an antenna. Target was a mobile phone of the old variety, with a big antenna.

The one with 2 wheels connected by 2 "lines"/symbolic connectors in a 45-90° angle. Target was an inline skater with the legs in a 45° angle and of course wheels on the feet ;) The image of a bicycle appeared in my inner eye, too.

This went on and on in the same matter.
I never document my propgress, I'm very lazy. I don't need much time to get into a 'meditative' state. Actually, it takes me about 20-30 seconds, I close my eyes, clear my mind, try to read the target ID as abstract as possible to not connect the number with a physical description of it (numbers are lines, are displayed on the computer screen, consist of pixels et cetera... have to completely shut out every thought like that. I usually visualize the numbers).

When I feel ready, I get that certain 'content' feeling. It's kind of strange, but Ifeel very serene when I reach that state. Impressions immediately start flowing in. I can recognize figments of my imagination pretty well and try to clear out those random associations I can definitely put my finger on.

Hope this is of some interest to you. Don't advocate my method for everybody, but it works most certainly for me.