Naughty Mind?


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I'm training my Remote Viewing skills every day. I'm a totally beginner.

When I'm remote viewing some targets oftentimes (in fact anytime) my mind throw many images and thoughts. And it is ruining my results.

I know that we need to have fun with the Remote Viewing sessions, because this mind state offer much better results, but I'm always writing or drawing about some image that my mind is creating.

Please, do you know some technique or training that can help me? Is it happen oftentimes with beginners?

Thank you very much!


This seems to be very individual. Therefore it is not easy to give any advice.

I, for myself, like to quiet the mind completely during a session, so no thoughts are allowed. This might be an alternative to, for instance CRV, that occupies the mind with the method.
What kind of images are they?

One possibility that they are mental noise, AOLs.

However, more likely, they might be AOL-Ss.

There is thus a kernel of truth in every visual. Trick is to learn to interpret those visuals, they may be a form of language that communicates the target to you symbolically.

in my own experience, one kind of visual is that of a comparison. the images that are most clear are images that have some similarity with the target but they are not the target.

more faint visuals on hte other hand seem to be more literal.

Ask yourself after each visual - what is the significance of this visual? what does it mean?

alternatively, you can just write "confusion break" and take a break, hoping that your sub will clear it. intent is importatn.
Well said, Slorri.

For myself, trained in an offshoot of CRV, I can't say "no thoughts are allowed". I do get "thoughts", whether doing a longer cooldown and regular RV session or shorter cooldown and (shorter - 3 page, 10 minute) ARV session. I also use what I call free draw and visualization in each ARV session (which is mainly what I am doing now as a viewer).

In free draw I draw what the hand wants to draw. As soon as I start drawing, an idea of what I'm drawing may pop into my head and then I may shape the drawing along those lines. Other times the hand just draws and the conscious mind is not active. For visualization, I go to a virtual beach (imaginary beach) which has a monitor on a desk (yep) that came as a result of a guided meditation with Don Walker. Sometimes the visualization has better gestalts, sometimes the free draw does.

Some people have better data with words, some with drawings. For myself I generally have better data with drawings, but I often get 3 colors in words right at the beginning of a session (ARV) and I'm generally pretty accurate with those. And it's not rare to name part of the target (at the Basic Level in Embodied Mind theory, e.g. field, waterfall, hill, etc.), sometimes literally and sometimes with close symbolic association.

As Slorri said, it is a very individual matter, so I suggest exploring to find out what works best for you. That includes whether to learn a highly structured CRV-type method or "simple, natural" RV.


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