New free version - ARV Studio 3.2 Lite


ARV Studio Lite version 3.2 is released and it is a free to use version. The program leads you thru the tasking phase for your remote viewing session and finishes with the feedback phase -- for the purpose to predict outcomes of sporting events or financial markets etc.
Download link:

New in version 3.2 is that the built-in photo target collection designed specifically for the purpose of ARV, called the PREMIUM 1200 TARGETS is extended to PREMIUM 1300 TARGETS (100 targets added). Additionally, 50 photo targets from old collection were replaced with better targets. This will help to optimize the random target pairing algorithm, called ARVOPTIMAL. The algorithm is now able to further improve on dissimilarity of the randomly selected photo targets for each target pair. This consequently optimizes the remote viewer's ARV performance. With using 1300 targets, ARVOPTIMAL is able to create 358 thousand of different binary ARV photo target pairs.

How-to do ARV task/trial:

All the best, Igor