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Somehow I luckly stumbled across this forum. Since 2002 I have unexpectively started having visions regarding past and future events, mainly high profile stuff like my states local serial killings and the sniper shootings. Would this be considered remote viewing? I am totally green. In the past I have always had premonitons and strong intuitions that prove to be true.
Recently, I have been researching for answers so I can understand what I have been experiencing. It appears that I am not alone. It's good in the meantime to be apart of a support group.


Welcome to TKR sunshine4us.....

I do not have time to address your questions, but, your are in good hands amoung this group.

I hope you find a lot of answers to your questions within what is rendered already on this board and/or, find answers in the many posts you will get on this thread you started....



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Visions are a psychic experience; they're not formal remote viewing (in the way that "falling into a pool" is not "high diving") but they certainly touch the same abilities and sometimes the same facets of experience.

I go through phases of dreams or visions or 'interactive visions' as I call them, some of which relate to things that come to pass, and some of which don't (leaving me hopelessly confused about how seriously or literally to take any one of them). And sometimes I don't have any context for them, and when something happens it falls into place and I understand what it related to, but until then I don't.

I really grinned at your comment about this being a support group. It is in its own way but I hadn't quite thought of it in the light that comment brought to mind! ;D

If you are unusually bored sometime and interested in the 'visions and esoteric experiences' of others, you might check out the case study Bewilderness, at

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I have recieved a wealth of information from this board. Having visions have been one of the most extraordinary things that I have ever experienced in my entire life. It became scary when I somehow became tapped into the wrong areas. I am having a difficult time getting over seeing something before it happen, but, did nothing to prevent it from happening. I know many of us have done the same, but, Have this repeatly happen to you? What is one to do when the majority probably will not believe you anyway?

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Don’t worry about it. Just know that the universe IS unfolding as it should. Just because you know…See. Feel. . Touch…doesn’t mean you have to act. Or even react.


One of the goals of rv is to bring psi into a more usuable form by defining the time and subject material that one is expected to get data on. That greatly increases one's ability to actually use the info. Now granted, it's still going to be difficult to convince a lot of people, but over time and with proven results, a good viewer can often find someone who can put his/her services to good use.


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Hi... I too am fairly new and have found this site interesting and fun. I would be interested in knowing more about how you feel about having visions? Are they your primary or do you experience other forms of connection to information as well? How much do you know about psychic abilities? How long have you been having visions?

Connecting to sources of info has been a hobby of mine. I have failed to make it a full time job. For many years I considered such things a burden rather than a natural state. I felt different and seperate. I too suffered from not reacting and was plagued by the misbelief of others. I had to come to a point where these things were not important to me. The disbelief of others in the information had to become unimportant, because the doubt they created became a stumbling block in my ability to trust in the info I was recieving or retrieving. I had a couple of very good friends that helped me work through these issues.

Today I don't worry about what others think. I like me the way I am and I trust in my inner connection. As a result I have grown stronger in my accuracy of info and seem far more in-tune to everything. People may not believe the information I give them, but time seems to be their proof in the end. Sometimes I get a few details confused, but over all I'm pretty much on target.

I guess I have kept this a hobby because I have seen far to may people make huge mistakes when they think that this type of ability is special. I personally think that all people can do this kind of thing, they simply have to believe that they can. Like RV, it is something that a person must practice. The more you practice, the better you become. It's the same with anything. If you want to be able to have OBE then you practice, if you want to connect to pastlives, you practice... and so on and so on. So have fun with what your doing and don't let hang ups about responding (or not) get in your way. Also don't let other peoples hang ups about validity get in your way. Time will be proof enough for them in the end and for yourself as well. Eveytime I get validation of info recieved it builds my confidence levels and makes the next time a little easier. So... have a great adventure.

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I enjoy having visions, even thou they are not as vivid as they once were. It's like I have to fill in the puzzle now.

Until last year, I now realize that I have been having visions since I was a child. I once thought that was apart of my imaginary world that most children create around them for entertainment. I now realize that they were real. I never knew anything about psychic abilities until last year.

Solar babe, I have experience the same thoughts and feelings that you once had. Like myself, I am no longer concern whether or not anyone believes me. Over a short time, it's proven true.

Besides having vision, I also have premonitions and strong intuitions. Everything really came to surface unexpectively, in 2002 when a girl in my home time became missing and was found murdered. I worked with the girl's father. It was later learned that a serial killer was on the loose. I was able to obtain a great deal of the killer's activities, his description and even his name. I do not practice Rv or do anything to enhance or increase my abilities. I would like to. I do believe that we all have psychic abilities. Right now, I am trying to learn all that I can about this. A lot of the pieces are coming together. For an example, when I was a child, me and my brother had an extraordinary experience. We were too young to explain it, until last week, now I know what it meant. To make a long story short, we both were psychic, even has a child.


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I too have been this way since age 3... so my father says. I always thought I was "normal" up until about the age of 8. It was then that I realized that other children weren't having the same experiences that I was and thought I was "wierd". So I shut up and to some extent shut down my psychic side as well. It kept re-surfacing over the years, but I kept pushing it down. Then when I hit my 20's, it surfaced with a vengence and has been around ever since.

For many years it was a wild ride, but it has become easier to live with now. Then again... I have accepted it and learned to live with it. Glad to hear that your doing the same. 8)

Solar Babe


So tell me how you have visions.... premonitions and such. What are you doing when this happens? When and where does it happen? How do you feel when it occurs?

Thanks for any insight you can provide. I am enjoying hearing your story and am impressed by your courage.


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My visions comes unexpectively, I can not control when it comes, but I came control when to end a single vision.
In the past, most of my vision have occurred in the middle of the night, while in bed. However, I have had a few key visions while just sitting up in bed watching television. My premonitions and intutions comes unexpecting as well. For the most, in the past I have ignored them, this act only brings my premonitions and intuitions in stronger. I was not frighten when I had my first vision. For a while, I could not wait to lay down at night so I can have a vision. Let me stress, my vision, premonition and intuitions all comes with no intervention or concentration on my part. Now, it seems that whenever I lay down, I have to really concentrate to see my visions now. Last year my visions was a roller coaster ride, they became scary. I once prayed that I would no longer have visions. Now, I think it's pretty cool because I am learning more and I am to analyze what I see.


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"I once prayed that I would stop having visions."

I haven't heard anyone admit to this in a long while. I remember doing the same. It seems that when this "vision thing" is in it's beginning stages, for some (myself included), it is chaotic and out of control and can be for many years. And, when you don't know whats going on, it can be very scary... not only to yourself but to others around you. Once you take some form of control over it, it seems that some of it's steam is lost.

I could always tell when a new surgence of paranormal "stuff" was about to hit the fan. I would get headaches, due to trying to surpress what was about to happen, and if I tried to hard to block it out, I would get severe nose bleeds and my eyes would become bloodshot. After I stopped trying to surpress it, those things stopped.

I also have a host of "friends" that seem to travel with me. No matter where I live, they're always there. Everyone has gotten so used to it that we don't even pay a lot of attention anymore. But for unsuspecting visitors, it can be un-nerving. This too started when I was in my 20's.

With time Sunshine, you will get used to everything and weed out the things that you wish to not experience. A very good friend of mine, who is extremly psychic, explained the ride we're on in a colorful way. She said that as we progress and learn more about the "other side", it's a lot like riding an elevator in a big department store. We have the choice to get off at different floors and check things out. The trick is to not get to hung up on one floor and spend to much time there, because the real goal is to reach the top... ;D

Have fun... Solar Babe


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Oh yes, I remember the headaches.   At times, I would find myself putting a pillow on top of my head, to keep from getting the headaches and hopefully stopping the vision.  I would always give in of course.   Like yourself
Solar Babe, in the beginning, my visions were a lot confusing, but with time, everything seems to be under control now.   Now, I just go with the flow.  I believe we use some form of psychic abilities in our every day lives even in the workplace.

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