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Just wanted to throw this out to your forum.

This paper is about how/if those many worlds interact between themselves and what that means for quantum physics.

Paper is titled:
Quantum Phenomena Modeled by Interactions between Many Classical Worlds

Link to Formal citable paper published:

(A download pdf (free) is also available on this "formal" page.)

Less formal articles summarizing the significance of this paper.
Let me first put my conversation starter here for the sake of brevity, in case you're disinclined to finish reading my summary, bc now that I look at it, it seems quite wordy.
#1) What reason would you say this article is relevant to the psychic community and
#2) "What do you make of it?" (you know, just in general).

And because I am fun (and perhaps this can become conversation), let me summarize why I perceive this as relevant to RV/psychic practice in general:

A.) Who wonders what is the "pivot point" for a future event tha's been RV-ed or perceived and who has "watched" or otherwise experienced that instant of manifestation and wondered about how the universe "chooses" what's collapsed into reality? (I know some would take the future target as non-precisely RV but don't jump me on it, I'm still a rookie who has not had the time to completely research the topic yet! Note that I did say rookie and not newbie, I'm a psychic not a remote viewer -yet.)

B.) Having a bit of an experience that was unfettered to what we rationalize as "normal", there are many of us looking for a completeness to our experiences, something that brings a bit of intelligent design to that once-unlimiting experience. This could provide a science-testable window to that unlimited-ness we know by experience. (I will not say it's a purely subjective experience because I think much has already been tested/proved.) What a great way to have science at our back now, with folks coming "out-of-the-box" and taking a non-standard way of thinking about how the universe works! Some of us grumblers would be saying "It's about time!" ;D even though I realize this is not in "support of us", if it supports me, be told - I am going to use it!

C.) If we can understand how the many worlds interact [with each other] doesn't that put us one step closer to understanding how do we effect reality with consciousness? One step closer to navigation of reality instead of subjectivity to reality!

D.) Within my own little world of insight I feel that I may not be the only one keeping their eyes peeled for this one. Time(time-space) and gravity/relativity and quantum gravity have all had this jive going on that we couldn't see/understand and while I have theories of my own too lengthy and convoluted to mention here, there are those who presume the connections between consciousness (the detection of reality), matter (the substance of -one- reality), the greater collective (the collective of all of the realities, no matter when?/where?), and the "how" behind our experience (especially when its bridging space and time!). We have fought to understand these as that insight brings us closer to understanding ourselves. We understand ourselves and it brings us closer to accepting a measure of our own self control, aka acceptance of our own capabilities. Rationalizing things is part of the human psyche (and its healthy).

I have too much I could be saying about this. I also frequently fail to introduce myself; Hello, I'm Liren Eerie! I hoped to have my website up and running by now but other things happened. (The one who built the site got it done but I failed to get my portion done, so it's got to wait.)

So, ok, let me refocus:
#1) What reason would you say this article is relevant to the psychic community?
#2) "What do you make of it?" (you know, just in general)?

**btw I am uber glad of this forum. I have found it awesome and useful and I am very thankful.
Thanks: L.E.