New Practice Targets for 2019!

Ray Chaves

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Hi everyone!

While I'm also studying and continuing to practice my RV skills, I have decided to also start Project Managing a few target practice exercises around as a way to help other members to practice AND also learn with the experience.

I would like to invite RVs of any levels to give it a try, as I will post the target coordinates here in this thread after I had properly set them up.

The first one should come out between January 11th and 12th, so hold on to your hats... =)

(forum moderators - pls let me know if this is not the correct section so I can adjust accordingly).

Thanks everyone!


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This is ok, but until or unless other viewers get to know you a little, they may or may not view for you. There are a lot of scoffers who do damage to 'trust' in this regard, and most viewers have enough issues with time to view what they already have let alone new stuff. But don't let that stop you! Tasks are fun!


Ray Chaves

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I totally agree! In fact, I believe that exercises like this helps people to connect and get to know each other better =).

The first target will be posted tomorrow and let's see how it goes.


Ray Chaves

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Alright everyone, are you ready? Here it is...


TARGET: 2463-9989

Due: February 2nd, 2019

Instructions: Anyone is encouraged to participate, as long as you can submit your sessions in a structured format that I can review and analyze (preference to the CRV format, which is the one I use).

You can take on multiple sessions if you need more passes at the target, just please make sure to mark them so I know their order.

When you finish, please scan your sessions and submit in PDF format to I will review all documents that have been submitted until the due date above.

Please include a Summary page at the end of your complete work.

I expect to post the Target Feedback here in this thread one week after the due date, but this may vary depending on the quantity of sessions received.

After I post the Target Feedback here, I will also provide direct feedback via e-mail with my specific comments and observations on the individual sessions.

Any questions, please feel free to ask here! =)
Have fun!

Ray Chaves

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Hi folks.

Thanks to everybody that submitted their sessions. I will begin reviewing them this week and the feedback will be posted here next saturday, February 9th.

The responses via e-mail will also be sent after the feedback is posted.

Any questions, let me know.


Ray Chaves

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Hi Folks - sorry for the delay (this was supposed to have been posted yesterday, my bad!)

But - Here is the feedback!

My thanks to everyone who participated! I will respond to your emails with my feedbacks throughout this week.

Soon I will work on another target practice. I will keep you posted on that.



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Hello Ray! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to practice. I would like to know if the sessions done on the target will ever be posted here. I think it would be best if we could see what we all came up with and share what we learn from these experiments.
Thank you!


Ray Chaves

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Hi Tate. You are welcome!

That is a very good point. I don't have a website to link with the uploaded pages like Daz did in the past, but I can certainly include the PDFs of the sessions.

For this round, however, due to workload on my business, I was unable to properly handle that and opt for a direct email feedback (which are still in progress, btw). I will take this into consideration for future targets, however. That's a promise =)