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Next President of the USA?

Anyone interested in knowing the answer?

do TRN 0114/7117

post your work and email and I'll send you the cue and answer.

Try it... it's easy with quality RV technique.

Good luck.


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I'm confused. You just wiped out all blinding by posting the target as the title.

Technically the 'answer' is still blind but at this point it's basically a forced-choice from about 4.
And the post already contains the cue.
And the feedback won't be available until the next election.
So much for protocol.


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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im laughing becasue this is remote viewing - 'everything must be done blind' - and someone posts a target on a thread that tells you what the target is - you cant make this shit up.

Yeah. Since Alex is doing a different form of "viewing" he might consider starting his own web site and forum, training people in his new technique, and seeing how it all works out. That would be interesting.
Well, it might be some sort of ARV. As in ARV, you might know the final goal of the mission, but might be blind to the actual target you are viewing.


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It could be RV by that standard too, but ARV is still RV -- "free response" is the issue here. Any time you're faced with what amounts to just a few choices, you've lost the FR element alas.
Viewers doesn't know what the target is...

It's similar to a target like "the winner of today's NBA game.." Both targets are blind... Viewer has no idea what I am looking for.

Why is everyone afraid to just do it.. It's so simply... it takes 8-10 minutes..

might find something of value in this approach.

I already know the answer.
Sure..... front loaded targets are the hardest to do. A viewer needs to be experienced and have excellent form working thru the protocols. A frontloaded target is one that a viewer is told the cue... Not the case here.

Viewers have no idea what I cued up. They only know that their work ........ might lead to answering the question of who the next US President shall be.

So RV trainee... please tell what you believe is frontloaded?

in other words. Next president of the USA is not a cue.
And the Daz is simply rude... I thought this was a place to exchange ideas... not blindly criticize other people.

I notice that there isn't really anything being exchanged here.. hardly any one posts anything other than a few novice viewers.

This site is grinding down to a boring site with no one doing anything...

However.. there is very exciting viewing going on and a dare not share it, since there is such a hostile audience..


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Ah, Alex again...

Actually, facebook has pretty much taken over. Which is too bad, since there's no decent archiving for retrospect, but ah well, the world is what it is. Forum's nearly always been slow anyway, with exceptions. TKR was designed to be what the field didn't have at the time. To the degree the field does not want, need or use it, it doesn't get used and that's ok. Someday if it's not used at all we'll just archive it and be done. Doesn't really matter to me personally since as noted, it only came about due to need when it happened.

But, I think what you and occasionally others really mean is you don't want anybody to talk to you like an equal or an adult or put any parameters on RV or its definition. Feel welcome to join facebook where between the various RV groups approximately 15,000 people will absolutely fawn over anything you want to call RV. Anything at all. :)

PJ: No...... that's not what I mean at all.

I explained myself very clearly.

there is a big world out there, with lots to learn, but very hard to see with your eyes closed.

When you say "next president of the USA", the frontloading here are exactly everything that those words conjure up. If you would have said... "the target is a person. describe the target" that would not be that difficult to handle since there are no expectations, no associations, no prior knowledge that might taint the data. that is all. obviously, viewing frontloaded successfully is something i want to do. thus, i was asking for any tips you might have.

I should probably give your challenge a try. just to see what happens.
But if it is set up in an ARV manner there should be no front loading. Example - the target for Hilary a jail cell. Ok, maybe that isn't a good example. Hilary a mountain, Trump a car, Sanders a building, Cruz a lake etc..

Joe M. thought it would work and he called it a form of RV.


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tbone said:
But if it is set up in an ARV manner there should be no front loading. Example - the target for Hilary a jail cell. Ok, maybe that isn't a good example. Hilary a mountain, Trump a car, Sanders a building, Cruz a lake etc..
Oh you mean if you do it DIFFERENTLY than he did. Well sure -- if the actual target is a complete unknown and it's properly blind, that's a given! Er, right?