One stage at a time?


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Is it better to learn one stage at a time before moving on to the next stage? Or is it better to include several stages in practice sessions? I have seen two schools of thought on this.

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[*]Master one stage at a time before moving on to the next. Seems logical enough.
[*]Others have said that the purpose of stage 1 is to get enough site contact to move to stage 2, and the purpose of stage 2 is to get enough site contact for stage 3, and so on. In this context, it does not make sense to "practice stage 1" because the goal of stage 1 is not to correctly identify gestalts. With this school of thought, it would make more sense to do practice sessions to at least stage 2 or 3.

What is the best approach for a beginner?
Probably depends on a number of individual factors.

I have seen people be able to do all the stages successfully (!) pretty much from day one. probably what unites those folks is related experience in psychic readings and channeling and a knack for grasping the structure quick. for those folks, it is best probably to do as much as they can do, assuming they "get" the structure and can follow it. for those folk, it would seem crazy to hold them back.

some others ...may be better off following the stepwise approach. some people for some reason just don't get the structure and seem to struggle to remember different terms etc. for those folks in particular the stepwise approach may be better so they learn the structure in smaller increments they can better incorporate. some other peeps struggle with the inner process and may be better off learning about their inner processes in a structured, piecemeal way. their information aperture may also be narrower in the beginning thus perhaps favoring a stepwise process overall, giving them a chance to learn about the underlying psi process that occurs within them......


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One stage at a tiem , dont rush this. Think of remote viewing as a long term art or long term investment - 2 years to get the basics down then the rest of your life to understand them and you.

for example ideograms - stage 1 of CRV. this should probbaly be approx. 3 months if you do 1-3 targets a week.
ideograms drills - evey other day. its the door to the whole remote viewing process so take tour time, really make each satge become a muscle memory so its done on instinct without thought.

The initial CRV training form Ingo to students was approx 2 years. Now people tain you in a couple of days - whcih do you think would give the best results?