Online PsiberDreaming Conference


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Association for the Study of Dreaming
Second Online PsiberDreaming Conference
September 21 - October 5, 2003

Enlightenment, Spiritual Growth, and Psi: A Discussion With Charles T. Tart

Charles Tart will lead a 3-day discussion on how psi and dreaming might be relevant to spiritual growth.

Description: For two weeks participants worldwide will enjoy online experiments, psiber games with prizes, chats, and discussions on paranormal dreaming with celebrated psi-dreaming experts at a bargain price. Presentations include papers and workshops on popular and cutting edge topics, such as: remote viewing, precognition, dream telepathy, mutual dreaming, psychopompic dreams, lucid dreaming, visionary dreaming, prodromal dreams, dream healing, the nature of dream reality, and dreaming as a spiritual practice.

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