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I recently remembered that I had updated this document some months back and then actually forgot to put it online (Doh!).

Open Source CRV.

I initially created this document because after many years there was still no help documentation for those people who found the Military CRV manuals and who wanted to try and learn CRV. Open source is a guide to using the Military CRV manual. It has a slant as to how I RV and has my interpretation slant and changes I have made to how I do it with CRV.

The more I learn about RV the more my CRV changes. I do believe that a student of CRV should learn the foundations - the core six stage process as it was envisioned. Then when the student is comfortable and confident in their use and understanding in this core structure I believe they should adapt CRV towards themselves and their personal needs for intuition. 'Out of the can' - CRV is not the best tool for every real world situation & need.

This is not to say that a person can come along, spend three days looking at the six stage process - throw it all out and make changes as they see fit. Of course you can do this if you wish, but this is not what i am advocating.

Learning to RV is different than 'using RV'. and when proficient within any learnt 'form' and then moving into applying the 'form', you tend to see problems that were not initially envisioned and areas that need add-ons, plug-ins and extras or changes to get the 'form' to work for your situation.

This new revision mirrors these thoughts and some of my changes - apparent with the use of 'mind maps' instead of the original Stage 5 process within CRV.

Anyway enough waffling - here is the doc:

All the best..

Jon N

Daz, thanks for the effort you put into this.
i use it in my meetup group so we have a bit of a baseline, its very clear both in lay out and in its text. nice job.


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Thanks. Don't know how different it is to the stock Dojopsi manual, but I'll let you know of anything totally odd I find.

Doubtful I will though. :)


I read your new manual and now have a much clearer understanding of ideograms and the ideograms in my practice sessions now seem to capture and hold the impression. This is a very interesting experience extracting an impression from an ideogram, outside of the self,not where impressions usually are.


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Pat > There is no such thing as a dojopsi manual, let alone a 'stock' one...

Daz > There is a link to 'open-source CRV' on the left here, should we change it?


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Pj, sorry for the delay - the link is fine :)

thank you!