Optimum/optimal trajectory cues and RV methods


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I haven't posted here in a long time (lost my account :) ). Anyway, Alex's semi-recent post about the school application made me curious about something: that is, how many schools of RV teach or use optimal or optimum trajectory cues? I know the subject of OTs and whether or not they are RV-appropriate protocol (and how one would even interpret them) has been discussed and debated at length before here at TKR over the years, so I am not looking for a debate any further on the validity, etc. I am only curious how often OTs are used/taught. Can anyone add clarity to this? This is something I could never find a clear answer on. My guess would be that since most people believe they are not appropriate for RV protocol, that most people don't teach them or learn of them. Coming from Ed Dames' TRV method, it is a very common thing for people to view. I don't, for instance, hear many CRV-people talk about them, though... but I have heard a few.


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Come on man! It's just an adjective.. no different than largest, nearest or most recognizable.
There is nothing "to teach"....