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I was wondering what others might list as some of their favorite fictional presentations of ESP (and associated paranormal stuff) in the movies. I like the stuff that Professor X and Jean Gray do in the X-Men movies (and I suppose Magneto would be kind of like Uri Geller on steroids). Spock doing the Vulcan Mind Meld is pretty cool. "The Sixth Sense" was entertaining. I thought "The Dead Zone" with Christopher Walken was pretty cool.


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'the fury' with Michael Douglas - awsome telekenisis

'Firestarter' with a very young drew barrymore

'Scanners' - with Michael ironsides - the head explode sequence is genius :)

Phenomeon - with john travolta - get the tissues ready ;)
no - i mean



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In this order:
The Legend of Hell House 1973 Roddy McDowall
CARRIE 1976 Sissy Spacek
The Exorcist 1973 Linda Blair

Outstanding PK from the dead, the living and the possessed.



Enjoyed this after taking a wrong turning in the cinema accidentally with girl-friend (was expecting a family comedy, until the title role came up on screen, kinda put a stop to any petting - true!) The Heretic (1977)



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One of my favorite X-files episodes was about ESP.

In it a psychic played by Peter Boyle (the grandfather on Raymond), a humble I'd-rather-not-be-psychic psychic portrayed against the Amazing Yappi, a stage psychic, as they solve a series of crimes/mysteries. Scully gets turfed from a session for being a skeptic but learns a lesson in the end. (Or was it Mulder that got kicked out?)
Made some interesting points about trying to interpret data :)

I also thought Stephen King's "Firestarter" was interesting as it speculates on government involvement in trying to manipulate mental capacities (with LSD, no less). A little dated now, but a fun book/movie, anyway.


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About reincarnation and time: "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud", Michael Sarrazin

About lucid dreaming: "Waking Life", Richard Linklater

About visions & psychic battles: "The Last Wave", Richard Chamberlin, directed by Peter Weir


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Hey just found out there was a sequel to The Butterfy Effect


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I've known about this since early November of 2005 and it was finalized in mid-December. As you can see from the public record, the first screenplay was written by David Goyer, who wrote the screenplays for Batman Begins, and the three Blade movies. Jim Uhls, screenwriter of Fight Club is doing a rewrite. The begin shooting this Spring.

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When i was a kid it was the newly wed game.. it show s how un perceptive people are. At making a so called life commitments...

They should have more shows like that !
That exploit how stupid people are to each other..
(unperception is a thing..)
Either people just dont care what others percieve about them..and why dont they even try? to percieve what other s are feeling?

Ill have to say THE SHINING the 2nd version.. was the best..
the 1st one was good but the 2nd one was better..


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The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger......out as a film in 2008,if it translates to film anything like as good as the,ll be great!!!


"Keep Moving Forward"
The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger......out as a film in 2008,if it translates to film anything like as good as the,ll be great!!!

That book has been sitting in my room for the past 2 months
Just havent got round to reading it. Its had very good reviews
Iam sure the film will be just as good.

What do you guys make of the hit series Journeyman ?
I think its the most intelligent series in its genre dealing with
time travel. Cant wait for the next series. :)



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Really like the journeyman..episodes...
after watching a few episodes tho...
sorta reminds me of quantum leap
with the fix the thing that is wrong or going wrong, repair the time rift..sorta theme...but its still kewl....


where are you from (the keep) "I am from you"
Went and seen the Movie 'Jumper' !!

Impressive...have not read the book..but ...the movie was quite good..based on its storyline..but I am pre disposed to love all sci-fi...and biased in that regard..4 stars of course..