Parapsychologists Seeking subjects in Bay Area for New Psi Study

Parapsychologists (Randy Fauver, Ph.D. and Robert Knowles, PhD) are seeking subjects living in the San Francisco Bay area for research study funded under the Bial Foundation.

If you are intuitive, a remote viewer, psychic, of any level of experience or training (include absolutely none but you just feel like you may be intuitive, you are qualified!

They asked me to direct anyone living in that area to their website at They will be happy to answer any questions as well before you get started.

There are a few phases to this project. The final phase should be very interesting and fun for the selected subjects.

Do check it out if you live any where within a reasonable drive of the Bay Area!

Thanks! and feel free to pass this onto anyone you know in the area.



This is just ridiculous :'(

It's ridiculous that a Foundation from my own country finances parapsychology research all over the world and does nothing in Portugal.

In Portugal there is zero research in to this subject! ZERO!!!

Here a Parapsychologist is a person that puts an ad on a magazine or a flyer on you car promising to reed your future in the cards, or in the stars or what ever. Parapsychology is just a great bizness for crooks and charlatans.
The Bial Foundation, by doing nothing, is an accomplice to this.
They are part of the culture of ignorance that dominates my country.

The Directors of the Bial Foundation should be ashamed of themselves.