Paul Smith's Learn Dowsing DVDs


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Hi All,

Has anyone had any successes with Paul Smith's Learn Dowsing DVD Set?
I got this set about 2 months ago ... no successes.

Any tips on how to accomplish accurate dowsing?

Cheers ;D
I'm not surprised. I still feel that dowsing is real; I just haven't seen any evidence of it myself.

And I tried. I asked someone I knew, who was a remote viewer and a dowser (member of local dowsing society), to recommend a good dowser. He gave me the name of the best dowser he knew of. I paid that gentleman for dowsing in the Nina Reiser murder case (There is a link to the report on my 120+ web page). He was off the location by 30 miles in an area about 75 miles across (did not offer a refund). I also paid another dowser, a local lady I had met, and she was also off, by about 40 miles. (Daz and Don Walker came a lot closer with RV techniques.)

I also learned dowsing a bit and tried it some, also without results that made me want to continue.

So if anyone knows ANYBODY who can indeed dowse, reliably, please share the info!



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If you want to sell those Paul Smith DVDs, I'll buy them from you.

The other point about dowsing is, that in essence it is a close relation of RV. A lot of people call themselves dowsers but are humans none-the-less; who have weaknesses and failings. And sadly, like a lot of dentists, motor mechanics, plumbers and politicians, too many of them only just get it right. You know the story, too many bad-days all joined together. Essentially their minds are simply not on the job.
They may believe they're good but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

You may want to research Bill Cox and Leroy Bull. They have a good name and results. I'm unsure if they are still alive but you may be able to connect with other competent dowsers via them and the American Society of Dowsers.

And if you are hiring people to do this work, you should only pay on results.

Good luck.