Pendulum dowsing


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I have no problems in getting a response from my pendulum. When I ask a "yes/no" question that I am greatly interested in the answer, though, I always get the response I really wanted, even if it is wrong. I know detachment is important, so i was wondering if anyone has tried this.
I was thinking of making a pool of questions, assigning TRN's, tags, whatever you like to call them. Then dowsing the TRNs, so that I would be somewhat detached from the question, since i wouldnt know what question I was dowsing. I know I could just run an Rv session on them, but I want to increase my dowsing skill. Any dowsers tried something like this?


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You could do something like this but find someone else to help you assign the TRN's to the list of your questions,

I would also have that person throws in some basic questions about regular history or new's events to broaden your list size by a lot.

Always using verifiable questions of course for you too know how too gage your responses that you have for each TRN be it a yes or no format or whatever works best for you.

Best in doing,