Perceptions from meditation


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Do people typically get perceptions from meditation alone? For instance, I'm thinking about if you were meditating on a particular topic, and then received some idea that doesn't seem to be from yourself. I assume it happens from time to time, but are there regular practices where this is used to get more info on a topic, like RV might be used to gather info on a topic? I would guess if this is a thing, it would be less of a stream of consciousness and more of a free-form Targ-style RV thing where the main goal is to quiet the mind and wait for the surprising thing that pops into your awareness. What are your thoughts on this?


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Fwiw, it's my understanding that you'll get info from 1 or more of 4 different avenues whether it be RV, meditating or even mediumship.

You'll "feel" your answer is #1. Think about how someone or an experience such as a movie or location makes you "feel" and you'll better understand what I mean.

Next is you'll see your answer.

Next is, you'll just know the answer but not know how you know the information.

Last is you'll hear it.

I myself disagree with only 4 and add smell as well since I and others have experienced smells that don't belong and have no explanation for.

My forte' is numbers 1 and 3 but do have number 2 and the sense of smell I mentioned. Number 4 is the most rare but people do experience it. What is interesting is they also seem to do well where writing/note taking is needed because they're simply writing down what they're told.

Meditation is nothing more than a form of holding the ego at bay which tries to talk you out of the above [make sense of it] which we all know it will do and have experienced.

To answer your question would be a yes in my opinion. Meditating on a specific subject can give you an answer to a question and it will be in a form I have listed and apparently you have experienced.

Based on your question you experienced #3.