Perdicting Future Events


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Red Sox at Fenway last night. I acquired the "banners" that are all over Fenway.

Sox were the second greatest ML Pay out so I reversed the greater ML pay out since it must lose and played a 2 team parlay for a 2.5 to 1 return.


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Alex this is great, really it is. I'm pleased you are doing well.

What would be even GREATER however is if you shared your predictions with us before the event. You claim to be operating at 90% success rate, which is world-breaking. I mean seriously...if this is your hit rate then I'm assuming you are a millionaire by now and if so...I'm a little curious why you feel the need to keep us informed of your frequent successes. What's your motive? Why go to the bother of uploading these photographs? You are proving nothing be doing so.

If it is to show people that what you are claiming is the truth then I'm afraid you're going about it the wrong way. People here will only start taking you seriously if you demonstrate that skill in action, rather than just asking us to believe that you're telling the truth.

So if you're really keen to show us how effective your system is...then go ahead and show us. Make 10 predictions in a row, let's see how you do. 90% success and we will applaud you from the stands, truly. Otherwise I'm afraid the only person paying any attention to this thread will be you.

Marv :)


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Pretty skeptical.. How about trying it once and then you can prove it to yourself. It's just regular RV.

I have posted far more than ten predictions over the year...

It's never enough... you folks always want "your personal" proof. I know enough that I will never be able to prove it, that would be a fools task.. I posted copies of checks from three different Casino all on the same day.... Proof? not good enough. Someone said, "that doesn't prove he won that using RV".. and it goes on endlessly..

It's nothing personal, if you want to view this stuff and enjoy it.. maybe get some ideas... then great. if not.... that's okay don't look at it. Turns out over 18,000 visits don't agree with you.. someone is "paying attention" to it and finds it interesting . I thought this was an open forum where ideas were exchanged? Marv don't require that I have to prove it to YOU, on your terms, at a level that you define. PROVE it to yourself it takes only 8 minutes!

What I post is my contribution. you can take or leave it.. It's up to you.. But instead you seem to want me to prove it over and over.. try it yourself if you are a good viewer with good technique you should have no problem acquiring the winning team.



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Re: Predicting Future Events

Okay: Here is the work from last night for those of you that "pay attention" to what I post.

This is for the Tampa Bay Lightning's win.


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Pretty skeptical.. How about trying it once and then you can prove it to yourself. It's just regular RV.

I spent about six years remote viewing intensively - for fun, on Missions here at TKR, in ARV groups, in viewing groups, blah blah blah. 1000s of sessions with some lovely runs of form. I don't need proof that RV works, thanks all the same.

What I get a bit sick of is seeing guys like you mouthing off about how they are running a 90% ARV success rate whilst hiding behind a wall of total BS. These boards are indeed all about exchanging ideas - I don't see any coming from you, however. Just long and tedious lists of after-the-event wins. Maybe you could ask members here to PM you their email addresses and you could simply spam them individually instead?



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Turns out over 18,000 visits don't agree with you.. someone is "paying attention" to it and finds it interesting

It might just be that people are interested in what Marv and OTHERS posting in this thread have to say. Might want to consider that between postings of "look at what I did".

Insert Quote

Producing tangible results is what I do...

But that's not all you do. Apparently, you also feel a need to try to impress us with your remote viewing prowess. Having a deep-seated need to impress others is fine. But you need to realize, you're not getting it done. The approach you are using is not working. Posting some predictions BEFORE THEY, THAT would get it done. We would all be VERY,VERY impressed.

Since I've had only moderate success with ARV (and have never RVed sports teams for profit anyway), I would LOVE to see some predictions BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. I mean, let's face it; if it's not publicly posted BEFORE IT HAPPENS, it's not a prediction. Right?


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Re: PredictingFuture Events

Don writes....
Posting some predictions BEFORE THEY, THAT would get it done. We would all be VERY,VERY impressed

First of all: Who is "we"? Secondly: I just checked this thread. I've posted many BEFORE THEY HAPPEN....

Posting prior to the game adds additional stress, so I don't do it all the time, however I have plenty of work on display for people to look at. the RV app results are far greater than the struggling 62% of others.I'm well near or above 90%.. The 10% is because I mess up the analysis.

Now what? Do you plan to be VERY VERY impressed.. I doubt it.


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Re: Predicting Future Events

It is interesting to me that this thread has been going on over a year now. The methodology of how the team pool has changed several times over the course of the year, but the primary methodology remains intact. The success rate still is claimed to be similar as well.

If in fact the hit rate is at or near 90%, that is obviously phenomenal. This is unfortunately unsubstantiated, as is what is more important to me, the net profit. But that is Alex's choice. I get it. Why does he need to prove anything to anyone? I do see the flip side of the coin, and understand why people would like to see some proof of these lofty claims, or conversely, see them go away.

Couple this with the recent iteration of making a solo pick into a parlay, and this gets even better. I do applaud this strategy, and will incorporate it in to my work. It only makes sense. Hitting even 60%, with better than even money payout, is exceptional.

I have said it all along. There really is no incentive or reason for Alex to keep posting as he has been. If he has no desire to prove anything, what is the point? Just go make your money. If you do want to prove your methodology, why not just post 10 to 20 predictions in a row, prior to the event? I do get this adds extra pressure, which can't help the process, and again, that you probably do not care about proving anything. Just try to understand those frustrated with the lack of evidence to substantiate your claims.

I think there may be a bit of self grandiosity going on here, but that is alright. It reminds me of the neurosurgeon who performed a craniotomy on my wife. He was a pompous, curt, rude, and arrogant fellow. I would never in a million years have him over for dinner, but there is no one else on the planet I would have had operate on my wife. It is his personality, passion, and confidence that makes him the best at what he does. Maybe Alex has the personality to make him excel at what he is doing? Maybe he is full of it? I do not know.

I disagree with Alex that ARV is flawed, and that 65% is not good enough to do very well. It is, admittedly, more of a grind. While I have my concerns as to the feasibility of his methodology, I may put a couple weeks in to it to see for myself, as Alex has said to do. Not really much to lose.


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Oh thanks for the backhanded compliment...and the "pompous, curt, rude and arrogant" reference. You overlooked the nasty and ignorant comments that I have had to weather.

I originally felt very protective and private about my work and the results. I would keep it to myself, plus, I am running a business and I am in no position share the details of my personal finances, it's private.

I ultimately realized that I didn't get here alone, what I have learned and developed is on the backs of all those that went before me and I have no reason or right to covert it. So I started posting.

I guess people aren't really reading these posts... and "once again" like I have said over and over "everyone" want their private proof. "it a fools task" for me to TRY to satisfy each skeptics with their own personal challenge. I say.... DO IT and prove it FOR YOURSELF! If you not clever enough to write your own cue I can help. I have no interest in an endless list of "private proving tasks".

I HAVE ALREADY POSTED A DOZEN OR MORE predictions prior of their games. I have posted copies of checks... it is substantiated I made more in one day than Greg did in 13 years and 1,000s of sessions. I believe Russell Targ made reference to me in his recent book. (Greg's work is not practical and therefore not a useful application) I'm NOT suggesting there is ONLY ONE way to do this future events stuff. I never made that claim.. I have only claimed that I have developed "A" practical way that works.

Can anyone imagine doing normal Remote Viewing and missing 40% of their sessions and believe that they are doing good RV work? Never.. yet somehow doing 1 out of 10 over random is "proof" that ARV works... that's just foolish. Alex

I don't plan on posting any more..