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Predicting Public Events


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Years ago, I made this website called 'Predict This' with the idea that people could use RV to predict public events like election and trial outcomes, things like that. Daz helped me with a nifty title for it. I never opened it publicly though, because at the time, my health was crashing, I had no time etc., and mostly, I didn't think enough viewers would participate to do the work of it, because someone had to enter events and then feedback.

So, time marches on... not long ago I found two sites that do exactly this! One for cash bets. The other for bitcoin bets.

Given the write ups and discussions (there is a tiny comments forum on each event entry), it seems like they are dominated by the political left, which is pretty awesome, it's like an entire website full of people who just want to give me their money! :) Unless of course I'm wrong about outcomes in which case, I'll be paying them. ;-)

There may be more than this, but these are the two I found:


The latter is the crypto-based site and a number of their events are predictions about crypto.

I think this is awesome -- this is where viewing I think has the potential to demonstrate real-world applications. And payoff.

Could setup a binary Twitter poll feed just for those btc prediction taskings, or rather a Psi based likelihood forecast. Twitter can be used as a dedicated public log, and to keep those posts from cluttering other areas like a forum, etc. Can have as many twitter accounts as you like, and up to four poll options, single vote. As for political events, I rather use polls to filter the most qualified candidates, rather than predict what a popular opinion is going to be. I hope to one day see KARV type polls use for elections and governance, to again filter any bias that isn't helpful.

I'll work on it and make a post.

On Aug 24th. 2018 I RV'ed Ethereum Pricing which can be viewed in my messaging (remote viewing hands on etc.). (next president of the United States, 8 down from top)Most of the information came in the form of symbols but I believe I accurately predicted the demise of Ethereum within 30 days from Aug 24th which would be Sept. 24th 2018 approx. It has been in free fall ever since my prediction and I am standing by it. Fernat.
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Thanks Fernat. It's actually been falling for a long time, although a bit faster lately.
I actually do expect it to eventually come up. But I'm an optimist. :)
Some interesting results of an experiment I started a couple of weeks ago concerning remote viewing lottery numbers. As we all know, numbers being rather abstract don't lend themselves easily to successful RV. But this time I took a different approach to the problem and integrated the numbers onto other objects, not different kinds of objects but one object …. a Bingo ball..... so each of the 70 numbers in (Atlantic 2 spot Keno) is assigned a ball with it's particular number printed on it. All this of course is imaginary along with a metal cage to keep the balls, a handle to turn the cage and a spout for the number to run out . Visualizing the scenario of the cage turning and a ball running down the spout and landing with the number full front is a good way to keep the mind focused and free from extraneous thoughts. After doing this for a while the apparatus sort of blends into the background and the number minus the ball pops into your head. When you are" on" the number is remarkably clear whether visually or just knowing. Write the results down on paper for 2 numbers for each of 14 tickets. To simulate the actual drawing of 20 numbers out of 70, I used a random number generator found on the internet, set it from 1 to 70.

I picked a number of 14 imaginary tickets since the odds of picking a winner ( matching 2 numbers per ticket from the 20 picked) are 1 in 14. There are 20 numbers picked each night.. So the system entails RV ing the numbers for any amount of tickets. writing them down 2 numbers per ticket. simulating a draw by running off 20 numbers manually from a random number generator set at 1 to 70 numbers , checking off the wins.
For the first couple of days my success rating was I or 2 wins out of 14. Don't forget the odds are 1 in 14. After about a week or so my success rating is 4 wins out of 14 tickets for my latest trial. The cost of 14 tickets for 2 spot Keno can be as low as $1.00 per ticket or $14.00 and 4 wins at $7.00 each would be $28.00 for a profit of $14.00. Of course one could bet 10 times the amount for a profit of $140.00. Keno can go all the way up to 10 spot for a much higher payoff.I haven't actually tried this with actual tickets, being a cautious gambler, but I'm going to try it as I become more proficient.

To test the system , instead of RV ing my betting numbers I picked them from the random number generator along with the simulated draw. Consistently the odds remained at about 1 in 14 over many runs. In my mind I am convinced that the above system works and numbers can be RV'd just like any other target. Also like any other RV target, number Rv'ing requires a quiet alert mind and the conviction that we all have a superpower within us . A related incident happened to me a few years ago concerning a precognitive dream, precognitive dreams are no stranger to me having had them since 1980 off and on. The dreamscape had me overhear a man telling another man what the latest wining lottery numbers where for the next draw. I clearly heard them and as usual after these dreams I awoke and wrote them down. The problem was I didn't know which lottery to play them on and chose 6-49 with a pay off in the millions ...not even close! As I looked around for a lottery I discovered Keno but By now the week was up and out of curiosity I checked the wining Keno numbers for the past week and there they were, various combinations of the dream numbers popping up all week, I could have made a small fortune. Fernat.
That's awesome. Hopefully you can fine tune it. I had a similar lottery dream once, except I was watching the draw on tv and it said what draw it was(it was a 6/49 lottery). The only number I could remember when I woke up was 11. Sure enough 11 came up the next draw. I wonder if at least some of the other numbers I couldn't remember came up.
It's almost as if the subconscious is tantalizing the dreamer by withholding just a little bit of the information needed!
My take on remote viewing lottery numbers or future predictions in general is to look at it as a gestalt or a bubble of reality in which the picking of betting numbers and the drawing of winning numbers are joined at the hip, once the first act is completed the second act is set in stone like everything else in our reality/causality. Remote viewers are able to catch a glimpse of the total loop whether they realize it or not and apply some of that knowledge to their initial prediction in just the right amount to cause the fulfillment . We cause causality, remote viewers literally change the future. I believe that is what quantum theory is all about.
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