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Prediction for winning numbers in next New Mexico Pick 3 Lottery


True Power resides in a free Mind!
:) :D

Hi All,

Righto .. here is my prediction.
Hope it wins for you..

New Mexico Pick 3 Draw
Daytime Draw on 24.03.18 or the evening draw on the same day
Predicted Winning Numbers for one of these draws

3 3 9

0 3 3

1 3 0

My strongest feeling was with the first one 3 3 9 ;)

Hope all of you win.
Thanks all and don't forget to give a big portion to someone in great need.
We will see what happens..



I just realized I miss this Liam. I'm so sorry. I was away from the computer during the weekend. I know the prediction must have involved a lot of work. My solemn promise is to do better keeping up in the future.


Thanks again for the prediction. Results for 24 March 2018 are:

Day Drawing: 904
Eve Drawing: 195


And ways to win:

Pick 3 Play Types, Prizes and Odds
• Straight Play - Match winning numbers drawn In EXACT order.
• Box Play - Match winning numbers drawn In ANY 0rder.
• Straight/Box Play - Match winning number in the EXACT order
and/or Match winning numbers in ANY order.
• 3-WAY - Two (2) of the three (3) digits are the same (e.g. 122).
• 6-WAY - All three (3) numbefs are unique (e.9. 123).
• FRONT PAIR - Match the first two (2) numbers drawn in the EXACT order.
• BACK PAIR - Match the last two (2) numbers drawn in the EXACT