Premonitions Lite

For about a decade or so, at a frequency of maybe once or twice a year, I've experienced premonitions. I have no control over the phenomenon--it seemingly happens at random, with no particular rhyme or reason as to the timing. Most of the time, these premonitions are of events that are trivial in nature; therefore, I jokingly refer to them in my mind as "Premonitions Lite", as in "lite" beer.

I experienced one this past week, so that is why I am writing about it now. This one was typical of the phenomenon as I usually experience it.

These premonitions almost always come to me during one or two stereotypical situations: as I am starting to wake up in the morning, or when I am doing a very routine task during which I have slipped into a daydreaming state of mind. I theorize that this is because the left-brained, analytical, state of consciousness which predominates during our daily lives is somewhat shut down during these times, allowing these weak psi impressions to "bubble up" to the surface.

The premonition which I experienced this past week came to me as I was starting to wake up on Monday morning. I had stayed up a little later than usual Sunday night, and so I was a little groggy and lingered a little longer in that state in-between sleep and waking. I am now going to restate the premonition exactly how it came to me. I know it is going to sound strange, but I am trying to be accurate. It was as if suddenly I became "aware of the concept of a book titled 'Quentin'."

This is typical of how these premonitions come to me. I am very word- and language-oriented. What I think happens is that some future situation is just different enough from my everyday experiences to stand out slightly from the "noise". When this psi impression enters my mind, my subconscious molds it slightly to fit my personality, my psychology.

It is difficult to explain how I recognized this as a premonition as opposed to just some meaningless dream/daydream. These premonitions are accompanied by a sort of feeling that is both physical and emotional/mental. It is a very slight feeling of excitement, of recognition.

Following this premonition the remainder of my day was completely ordinary. I got up, got ready for work, and had an ordinary day at work. Following work, as is my routine on Monday's, I stopped at a grocery store situated in a shopping center very close to work. It was at this grocery store that my premonition came true.

I went through the store in my usual manner. From the very last aisle, I have to make a 90-degree left-hand turn to make my way to the front of the store where the checkout lanes are located. As I turned the corner, I almost crashed into several shopping carts which had been filled by the store management with items they were trying to get rid of. In the shopping cart nearest to me, the top two or three "layers" of items were composed of books, and the book lying at the very top, with its title on the spine staring directly at me, was a book titled Quentins (with an "S"), by Maeve Binchy.

As I stated earlier, my premonitions are almost always of events that are trivial in nature. This one was no exception. Still, I find this phenomenon to be fascinating. For instance, why are my premonitions word- and language-oriented, while the clairvoyance I experience during my RV sessions is typically--for that type of psi phenomenon--predominantly right-brained, non-analytical, and full of colors, textures, shapes and feelings, but almost never words or numbers?

One more example--this time the very first premonition which I ever experienced. This one was from the mid-1990's. One morning as I was shaving, a Latin (as in Roman) word tried to pop into my mind. I found myself mouthing the the name, "Cassius," over and over, but I knew that this wasn't exactly the word. This went on during the rest of my morning routine as I prepared for work.

This premonition was fulfilled as I arrived at work and bent over to buy a newspaper from one of the dispensing machines which, at that time, were located right beside the front entrance. There, staring at me from the front page of the newspaper, was a big headline in bold print about the college, "Conisius". Bingo! A little shiver of recognition went through me as I pulled the paper from the box.


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I had a nice one once when I woke up singing the Beatles` `Maxwell`s Silver Hammer` in my head (`back at school again, Maxwell plays the fool again, teacher gets annoyed` etc)...spent a minute or two wondering what THAT was all about (hadn`t heard it or even thought about it for years) and then went in to work.

Later that day I was chatting to a fellow teacher about bad behaviour, dodgy kids etc when he started off on a story about a kid he sent home once in Bradford...told me how the same kid returned to the school an hour later with a hammer in order to do him in.

Ping!   :)



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Yes banded_krait, this is a rather common type of premonitions and it indicates that you are a good PSI subject.
Now you could try to train that, as you noticed it can happen when performing repetitive tasks, that should be a good starting point to try to provoke it voluntarily (BTW that should remind you of shamanism and dervish techniques to knock oneself dizzy in order to have the visions)
Right cyber, isn't that what ritual is all about?

I have had minor premonitions when actively trying to improve RV skills. Sometimes I'll close my eyes and just try to encourage random imagery to flow, not on any target. One day I was doing this at work and I had a rather powerful impression of a curved roadway going by.

On my way home it was raining and slippery. I came to a curved section of highway, which goes downhill, and *ping*! I made the conscious connection. I slowed down about 10 miles per hour and as I started the turn I could feel the car starting to slide momentarily. I can't say what would have happened if I hadn't slowed down but I felt quite happy at the time that I hadn't found out. It seems like it must have been important or I wouldn't have ever seen it.

On the other hand, I'm a very good driver and almost always recover from a slip. This may qualify as prem-lite in that there existed a higher than normal probability that something would happen, but still not likely to be a crash. Or, perhaps the emotional response of a near miss was enough to retroactively sense it. DOH! Headache! I hate talking about time.


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I get little "glimpses" of stuff that is so insignificant that they're not really premonitions. I mean that having these bits of randomnesses seem to serve no real purpose - so why bother with them, eh? :D

For instance a week or so ago I heard a bit of Bruce Springsteen's rendition of "santa claus is coming to town". While normally a Springsteen fan, I thought to myself that I really, REALLY didn't like the way he does that song. It seems edgy and tense and not very happy. Later that day I heard on the news something about an airplane going off a runway and smashing a car, with one casualty. The little boy that died in this, the news item said, had been singing along to that version.

Usually, my "glimpses" into things are such minor blips, seeming like random events connected by coincidence. I mean, what good are they? It's not like I was able to call that mother on the phone and tell to leave 30 seconds earlier. Furthermore, is it more likely that, if this was a premonition, that this was more a foreshadowing of how I would feel later that day about this poor family, rather than the actual event (for all I know, the kid could have been singing Jingle Bells)

It seems I'm frequently saying to myself "ah, yes, that makes sense" or even "I knew that!" A co-worker, who knows about my interest in RV, was getting a little weirded out by me commenting about things moments before something related to that comment actually takes place and so I no longer say these things aloud :)

In a way, these glimpses are like RV data. Often these bits are just things that point at the target, or represent it symbolically, or even disguise it because I don't know how to interpret it. It's only when I see the target that some of the data makes sense.



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This all reminds me of a skit they did on Saturday Night Live back in 1992, which had Christopher Walken as “Ed Glosser: Trivial Psychic”… It was a take off on a serious movie he had done some time prior where he would touch people and get these really heavy-duty flashes/ readings on people, usually of something in the future. It’s been some time since I saw the skit but it was hilarious. It was like someone at work would shake his hand and he would grab it intently and say something like: You’re going to a deli for lunch and order a ham sandwich on rye…. And the person would get all wide eyed saying something like oh my God am I going to choke to death on it? And he would say: No, but the mayonnaise on it will be bad and you’re going to vomit all over the new shoes you’re wife is going to give you for your birthday.

Gene Smith
I had a nice one once when I woke up singing the Beatles` `Maxwell`s Silver Hammer` in my head...

Marv: Although I do not typically have much symbolism in my premonitions, I do find the topic of symbolism in psi to be utterly fascinating. Check out the following news story:

This is the story of a woman named Sha Nohr (Shay Nor), a Washington state mother who had a clairvoyant/telepathic dream which led directly to the rescue of a teenage girl who had been trapped in a car wreck for eight days.

I heard an in-depth interview with this woman in October 2004, shortly after the rescue. In this interview, the woman went into much more detail about her dream. I was fascinated to hear that in her dream, she saw the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and it said to her in an excited voice, "Keep going! Keep going!"

The area where Sha and her daughter began their search was a steep, heavily-wooded embankment. The wrecked car was nowhere in sight. Sha and her daughter searched for a while by themselves, and then they were joined by a man who spotted their parked car and who came to see if they needed help. After all three searched for a while, Sha was overcome both by exhaustion and by a growing excitement that they were getting closer. At that time, her daugher seemed to sense her tiredness and started hopping up and down and exclaiming, "Keep going! Keep going!" When Sha heard these exact same words from her dream, it spurred her to continue, and in just a few minutes more the fellow who was with them spotted the roof of the car in some underbrush a slight distance away.

As I stated in my earlier post, I think premonitions occur in states of consciousness in which the driving, analytical, left-brained state of consciousness which predominates in our waking lives is relaxed or shut down. At these times weak psi impressions can enter our mind. However, often our subconscious does not know what to do with these impressions, so it "wraps them in familiar packages" so to speak, embedding them in symbolism or formats which are familiar or comforting to the recipient.


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I get little "glimpses" of stuff that is so insignificant that they're not really premonitions. I mean that having these bits of randomnesses seem to serve no real purpose - so why bother with them, eh?  :D

Every so often you are given a peek behind the curtain. Not so much to see what's there but to see that there is a curtain.


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“No control over the phenomenon, it happens at random…” banded_krait

In the beginning there is no control. The more we pay attention the more the phenomenon occurs. They begin with trivial events, for a very good reason. Far better for a gentle tap on the shoulder than a shove. A premonition of events that we wish desperately to change, yet struggle with, should it be changed? Is difficult to deal with. How willing will one be, to step out and warn or inform… to expose oneself to ridicule and disbelief. If nothing is said, guilt swallows the spirit when the unpleasant unfolds.

Premonitions are clearer *we notice them* when the mind is in the moment. Not thinking of the past nor the future seconds, minutes, hours.. Living the moment, slows time down in the mind…. A daydream state of mind *like you mentioned* or like a trance. The mind is quiet.

You mentioned psi impressions… “bubble up to the surface”.
I use to think similar, for the premonitions/image/vision, would … just be there. Right in my mind, seeing images in my forehead. Just like they came from inside/back of mind. I found this a little overwhelming at times. Tried a number of ways to contain/control… see if I could make them not so intrusive. One day as I was doing dishes *a mundane chore that usually stimulates an incoming vision* I could see something in my minds eye moving towards my left side, then, wham the vision was in my forehead and I was viewing as per usually. The day, I realized that these images are “coming” from somewhere. This was a number of years ago, I now view images/premonitions from outside my mind. I see them in my mind yes, but I’m looking at the image as it is a foot or more away from me. *if that makes sense* I’ve also become aware that there are threads attached to what is sent. Behind the image a thread “energy thread” if you will. If followed back, the source sometimes can be seen. *if sent by an individual* The image can be pushed back to it’s source… while you follow. At that point it changes from receiving/rving to … projecting oneself to the source. Some images you can step into/ move into as well. *the door swings both ways*

“I am very word- and language-oriented.” Which is why you “receive” in this way. Which you already know of yourself. I myself am very visual. Therefore I “see” in this way.

Yes it is difficult to explain how to recognize a premonition as opposed to a daydream. The difference is deep down in our mind we know that what we are receiving is not from ones own thoughts/dreams. It becomes a familiar feeling that we recognize.

Perhaps the reason *or part of* why your premonitions are word/number oriented compared with your RV sessions… could lay in the difference between, sending and receiving, Looking at what is being sent vs going to look for something. Again… The door swings both ways.

“A little shiver of recognition went through me as I pulled the paper from the box. “
Yes I remember that feeling. *smile* Soon you find yourself grinning and saying to yourself…. I knew that. I saw that coming… lol

“I get little "glimpses" of stuff that is so insignificant that they're not really premonitions. I mean that having these bits of randomness seem to serve no real purpose - so why bother with them, eh “ Quiss
I see it… as an awakening, the tap on the shoulder that if paid attention, can grow.

Ahaha. "ah, yes, that makes sense" or even "I knew that!"-Quiss.

*grin* How true eh? And also… when we share to often just how accurate we can be, it does scare many. To the point that… it is usually better to step back and not share so much with some people. It’s all cool and fun in the beginning. We are all naturally curious but when reality that this really occurs can shake those that fear the unknown.

My... 2 Cents worth :D


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I'm glad I'm not the only one that has premonitions while daydreaming! LOL ;D
I've always considered myself word/language oriented, too, and I think it's interesting, BK, that my premonitions are always pictures but my RV data shows up as spontaneous words/thoughts in my mind most of the time (also accompanied with a weird, tightening/anxious feeling in the chest). Lately, I have been "asking" for both pictures and words, and have been receiving brief glimpses of objects, brief enough that I can't see the object but long enough that I can "hear" an extra word/phrase or two, but overall I'm still getting words.
No clue why things come to me this way. I don't think one way of "seeing" is any better than another--it just depends on the person as to what works best. I'm still learning the various methods of RV-ing, but I have my own method that seems to be working quite well for me. I would like to be able to see images more frequently--if anyone has a suggestion or two on how to perhaps do this, please let me know!

I've had premonitions most of my (remembered) life, and remember periods when they were more frequent than others. Basically, I have these small "inconsequential" premonitions once or twice a month--I've learned to take a brief glimpse at them all (and sometimes very brief) just to make sure nothing out of the ordinary (LOL!) shows up, and then either shrug them off or keep my eyes open. I agree with Cent: I think I would've crapped my pants if I'd gotten a glimpse of something huge (like the Twin Towers blowing up) and then it had happened!

Btw, Quiss--loved that statement! Hadn't quite thought about it that way before. But it fits perfectly.
I recently had two more premonitions, and one of them was of an event which was a little more noteworthy than I usually experience. Also, I experienced these premonitions very close together, which was a first for me.

I experienced the first premonition on Saturday, 2 September. This was typical of the premonitions I usually have: as I described in the first post of this thread, I am very word-oriented, and my premonitions usually consist of a strange or noteworthy phrase which pops into my head while I am in a slight daydreaming state and which I later encounter during the day. This is exactly what happened last Saturday. As I got out of the shower that morning and started drying myself, the phrase "K-T boundary" suddenly popped into my head. Because this is such a specialized phrase and is completely unrelated to my everyday life, I immediately suspected that it might be another premonition.

(For those who are unfamiliar with this phrase, the K-T boundary is a visually distinct boundary line which can be seen in rock formations all around the world. This boundary line marks the end of the dinosaurs, and scientists now believe that this boundary line was created as a result of a massive asteroid impact on the earth. See the following link for more information: .)

That evening, this premonition came true as I was flipping through the TV channels around 8:00 p.m. I came across a show entitled Big Science on one of the cable TV channels. That evening they were playing an episode about the K-T boundary, and it was fascinating. They discussed a lot of new facts which were unknown to me, foremost among them being a new understanding that the dinosaurs were actually declining long before the asteroid impact finished them off.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this particular post, my next premonition was a little out of the ordinary (for me) in that it happened very soon after this one (usually, I have only one or two per year). In addition, this second one was not completely random; for the very first time, it was partly willed by me. Here's how it happened.

Monday, 4 September, was the Labor Day holiday in the United States. As I went through my morning routine, I decided to see if I could consciously create a premonition. I tried this at the exact same time as the other one happened spontaneously--just as I was getting out of the shower and starting to dry off. If you read the very beginning of this discussion thread, you know my theory is that these premonitions happen when one is doing something very routine, and one's active, conscious mind is on "auto-pilot". This seems to create the conditions under which the psi information can "bubble-up" to the surface. The only thing I did differently this time was that I tried to plant the seed for this occurrance; I actually said out loud to myself, "Gee I wonder if I can have another premonition?"

Immediately the phrase, "Crocodile Hunter" popped into my head, and I had a vision of the controversial incident from several years back in which Steve Irwin, "The Crocodile Hunter," had held his young son in one arm while he threw food to a large crocodile nearby. That was the extent of my premonition. I want to emphasize that there was no specific information in this premonition. Had someone asked me at that exact moment what I thought was going on, I would have replied that I believe I will hear some sort of news item about the Crocodile Hunter within the next 12 - 24 hours.

Sure enough, I ate kind of a late lunch/brunch that day, and as I was preparing my meal in the kitchen I had a TV playing. I flipped through the channels to CNN Headline News, and I was utterly stunned to see a headline across the TV screen announcing that Steve Irwin had died! The TV then played a number of noteworthy video clips about Irwin, and one of them was the vision I had had only hours before--it was the video of the controversial incident involving Irwin's infant son and the crocodile.


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I was sleeping when this horse had a problem.
So many people experienced powerful emotions
simultaneously that I went to the horse or vice versa.
Like most abstract transaction dreams I was very conscious
and was memorizing each of my actions to decode the dream
when I woke up.

The horse had three legs and made it clear he was furious about
that. We were in a low ceiling 1800 large horse paddock that was very
maze like andinhbited by black folks (dark energy-disincrnates).
I made my wy out of the structure to a modern street where white folks
were squatting in abandoned cars. I took a seat which somone quickly
showed up to claim. I didn't move and the transaction closed.

Futures can be promoted-prevented or permitted as yes no and maybe.
Also locked in or locked out depending on the player or artist operator.
The horse wanted a deal so a
deal was made in the pure geometry of he 2D future and 2D past sequences.
Similar to rv-science protocol I didn't have a clue exactly who was doing a deal with who.
The vivid sensory contextuality and my seriously becalmed attitude was all I had to go on in the dream to know it was a serious transaction.
Because the horses predicament was a magor news event
I was able to learn the nature of the transaction 3-4 hours after waking up.

In the barn were the futures I locked out-a three leg dead horse.
In the street where I had one leg in and one leg out of the seat I refused to surrendur in the abandoned car back to the previous occupant was the futures I locked in for the horse..

I expect the horse to recover [stick to the 2D geometry "deal " ]
So far so good, knock wood, for the horse who didn't want to get put down and also for me for geting disturbed in my dream world but forcing a positive outcome that was inline with the horses intent to survive and my own need to be the captain of my dreams.
An outcome the horse and I agree on.

Bohm is a accurate efficient lense to study underlying structure.


Gretchen Jackson: It's Still Day to Day, But Barbaro 'Starting to Blossom'
by Deirdre B. Biles
Date Posted: 9/10/2006 4:15:42 PM
Last Updated: 9/10/2006 6:36:12 PM
Roy and Gretchen Jackson were at Keeneland Sunday looking at September sale yearlings. But their Kentucky Derby (gr. I) winner Barbaro wasn't far from their minds. Gretchen Jackson talked about the ups and downs with Barbaro, who continues to recuperate at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center from the shattered hind leg he suffered in the Preakness (gr. I).

THE BLOOD-HORSE: We get regular reports on Barbaro from the New Bolton Center. From your standpoint, how is he doing?
GRETCHEN JACKSON: "You're naturally guarded. But for a not medically-educated person such as me, in the last month since his crisis with laminitis, he seems to have gone so much in the right direction. He seems to use all four legs better to equal his weight, to spread his weight amongst four legs, to stand more. And he has never ceased from eating up a storm. Arms and legs included. He would like to grab your arm or leg or hand. He just is doing it all remarkably well. He's just phenomenal.

"For me, who is madly in love with this horse, it's increased my awe for him since his injury. He has just carried that look throughout that 'I can deal.' He's just told us more than our brains have told us. We've just responded more to him and how he's been than going by the medical books.

"We were like that (close), at least I was, (to not) putting him through any more hoops when he got the laminitis. I was really upset; is this fair to keep him (alive)? (Dr.) Dean Richardson said, 'I'd like to try a few things. I will not keep going if there is (no way to control) pain.' It was pretty dire straits there. And we all agreed (to keep going) because there's Barbaro, looking out his stall door, saying, 'Hey, can't I vote, too? I want to be given every chance' They've done a super job at New Bolton."

TBH: Following Barbaro's injury, you could have limited the information released about him. Why didn't you?
JACKSON: "When he won the Kentucky Derby, I thought we lost our horse. He was the world's horse; he was everybody's horse. Everybody knew him. He started getting fan mail and all that stuff that happens to a Kentucky Derby winner I suppose. And we just thought we owed it to the public, all those people who sent him notes, flowers, carrots, sugar, mints. I mean you should see what the public has done."

TBH: How do you approach Barbaro's situation now. Is it still day to day?
Jackson: "Yes, it's day to day. I never have asked Dean (Richardson) when is he going to get out of here. I have never asked him. Maybe Dean doesn't either. It (Barbaro's recovery) doesn't seem to have gone back. We haven't had a crisis since the laminitis. His coat is shiny. He lost a lot of his tail. Did you know that? (It's from) balancing him coming out from operations; I don't know if its hands on him or what. But he lost a lot of his tail. But that's all coming back. Everything is just starting to blossom, and you want to see light at the end of the tunnel. We haven't had Dean say there is light is at the end of the tunnel."

TBH: What are you doing here today at Keeneland?
JACKSON: "We come down here every year, and if we can pick up something that we like -- breeding, conformation, and the price is right -- we get it."


Interesting subject here. I have premonitions so often now that they don't even seem out of the ordinary to me at all until I try to explain them to someone else. I literally have them everyday and sometimes several times in a day. Some feel important and some not. My question is more what to do about them. I also seem to have most of my clearest psi experiences when I am waking up. I almost never wake up without a journey of some kind involved. I had one this morning and last morning and the morning before that. Usually I will get a photographic view of some text. Just a few lines but as clear as a bell with all correct punctuation on a subject I know nothing about which I will look up on my computer and then come to learn why it was important for me to know this information. Other times I will see a "charade" perforrmed by my "angels" or firends that have passed. I see people who are ill and what I might do to help them. I worry ab out someones health if I shoud mention the cancer or not. I finally went to my doctor for a workup which came from psiand she was willing to explore it with me, I nonchalantly state that I will have a flat tire on my was home with on reason to say that at all and low and behold I get a flat tire that day, Mostly they are small things but some are not. I got one laterly where some serious attacks were going to me made but I didn't know who I could approach. Oftern I learn about the subject and if it applies to me great! Other people's stuff is harder to deal with.Do I tell a sick friend when I see her lung cancer? There was a terrible wake up call at 2 am this am where I saw charades of a blue lamp and outside so I got up and went outside. The sky was RED and misty.
That was my message red sky at night sailor sleep tight
Blue sky in morning Sailor take warning
I took it a s a warning of somekind then went bback to bed and had some horrible nightmares, woke up and felt like I had never slept. The weather has canged from sunny to chilly an gloomy and people seem a bit gloomier also.
Then I was given one in text that had a ceratin illness that I don;t remember ever haring about. I learned a lot about that one and was able to help my friend.
I feel at this pont that I can ask for a premonition regarding a subject or just ingeneral and have a fair amount of sureity that sucha thing will pass. I don;t know who wants to know these things of if it is a god idea to post them. Do others have their own web page for this kind of stuff? And what would it prove if I pasted it akll up there. Would it be of any value to me or to RV if it went right or wrong?


Sorry about that one. I am sort of hard to understand when I am utterly exhausted after work and shouldn't even be trying to think much less communicate. I have much more mental energy in the mornings by the end of a workday it is LONG GONE and spelling is out of the question. My question was :Since I have all these premonitons all the time might it not be a good idea to record them somehow? I do scribble them down at times but they end up just mixed up with all of the other junk I scribble THE PILE. What I really need is a secretary and a baby sitter for myself and a housekeeper and a chauffeur and...well to win the lotto would be nice. I have thought about creating an internet site-blog thingy but then that really just kind of makes me a target for all the enthusiastic skeptics out there. Maybe I'll just keep my predictions to myself unless the world is going to be blown apart or something. Even then no one would believe me so what is the point? Oh well, just rambling ....


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Hi Lite,

There is going to be a section here at TKR devoted to this at some point, currently referred to as Predict This!

What was a simple idea of a board wherein people could simply post predictions turned into a gigantic multi headed monster with all manner of bells and whistles. I'm sure it's going to be wonderful, and shouldn't take technically challenged people like me more than a few months to understand how to operate it ::). (P.J. enjoys it when we take something she has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours to develop then bitch that we don't understand it fully after looking at it a full 2 minutes.)

Meanwhile no reason you shouldn't feel free to start a thread on the subject and just post to it any time you'd like, and I'm sure people would be interested.

Gene Smith


Thanks Gene,

One of these days I will get organized. Maybe? I can't wait for the new feature. I am just trying to keep track of my car keys right now. Has anyone seen them? Just kidding.
I am so glad I found this site. I can't keep up with all the new bells and whistles but I do appreciate them. PJ must have eight or nine arms to do all this! I just had an amazing premonition: In just one and a half hours I will get off work! Right now that by itself feels like a miracle. Tomorrow I get to work on the new mission..... ;D
Have a nice day!


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There is going to be a section here at TKR devoted to this at some point, currently referred to as Predict This!
Someday. Not soon at this point, although I might do what Gene asked in the first place and do something so simple it's embarrassing instead.

What was a simple idea of a board wherein people could simply post predictions turned into a gigantic multi headed monster with all manner of bells and whistles.
Yes, but the simplicity was your idea Gene. The other was mine. I think the below graphic illustration of gender differences should make the reasoning for this clear:


I'm sure it's going to be wonderful, and shouldn't take technically challenged people like me more than a few months to understand how to operate it ::). (P.J. enjoys it when we take something she has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours to develop then bitch that we don't understand it fully after looking at it a full 2 minutes.)
Ouuuucccchhhh! Funny, but painful. Damn. ;D

Meanwhile no reason you shouldn't feel free to start a thread on the subject and just post to it any time you'd like, and I'm sure people would be interested.
I would! Better yet, start a blog!



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Love the on/off switch. Does this mean women are more complicated than men or men haven't fine tuned themselves yet. lol Que cerra cerra what ever will be will be. Had a good giggle.