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I had a weird dream last night, hopefully it wasn't a premonition. I had a USD/EUR currency trade going and the USD dropped like 12 cents in a few minutes. In the dream I would have made a sizable amount of money but something that caused the USD to drop like that would be pretty catastrophic.


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I couple of years ago, I had a premonition about Malaysia flight 370.

I was asleep and my radio went off to wake me and the newsman said:

"Update on the flight 379 from Malaysia, the plane had been found intact but the mystery remains.
It was found on an island with no cargo and no passengers. What happened to all the passengers and the cargo? nobody knows."

Then my real radio went off and woke me up with a totally different story about the flight.


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I wonder how common it is that people dream stuff they see very clearly on the news?



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I had a dream about 15 years ago that had a three part stage.

I told the man standing there in front of the closed curtain, that I knew what was there.

He asked and in the first part was a red electric super car.
The second part had a large carousel horse with pink and blue roses carved into the mane.
The third part I could not see. It was black and I said it has not been created yet.

About 10 years later, I saw the first Tesla roadster and the newest one looks exactly like it.
At the time an electric sports car was a fantasy.
Now, there's one in space.
I haven't seen the horse but I'm sure it coming.

I wonder if I'll be dead shortly afterward as the third part was completely dark and I couldn't see into it.
Or maybe that future has not been formed yet or at that time.

Either way, I'm cool with it.

Missed you, PJ.