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Believe me, as a Canadian I would love to see Bernie Sanders as the next president of the U.S. and the New Democratic Party in power in Canada.Two socialist governments in power along with the Mexican socialists already in would bring a much needed shift in wealth distribution in North America. What is Ethereum?
Yeah, they tried that in Venezuela. It didn't work. Again. They are trying it South Africa right now. I don't have to RV it to know it won't work there either. You can't legislate out hierarchies and expect to receive the benefits of the free market. Kathleen Wynne destroyed Ontario and she was essentially an NDP.


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Democratic socialism doesn't mean tearing down the free market system or stringing up the 1%. What it means is legislating a better standard of living for those struggling to make ends meet. Big business doesn't own the resources of a country, they are intrusted by the people to create wealth from these resources in partnership with the workers who have a large stake in the enterprise and should benefit in proportion to the value of their labour which in many cases is often undervalued. Look to the Scandinavian countries for an example of Socialism benefiting all.
In Canada in the 40's and 50's it was the socialist giants like Tommy Douglas, Stanley Knowles and other socialist members of parliament who had the guts to stand up for peoples rights and force the majority parties to create Canada's free health care system ,old age security and many other benefits we all enjoy today. Fernat.


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Actually, it does. Socialism, democratic or not, is not free market. You can not legislate prosperity. The Scandinavian countries are NOT socialist. They are market based. And they are pretty small scale. Countries like Norway for example depend on selling oil on a global market to capitalist countries that use it. Markets are the only known way to generate prosperity. Socialism is a naive, childish vision for some that degenerates into a tyrannical power grab. Sometimes it degenerates faster than others, but it always does. Take Ontario's law legislating compelled speech for example. Jordan Peterson's brave fight to stand up against it was inspiring. Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are talking nonsense and their numbers are completely out of whack when they spout free healthcare and college for all. Ocasio-Cortez campaigns for a higher minimum wage then blithely walks, full of sympathy, into the restaurant where she used to work that is closing down in large part to higher minimum wages. These people think that they can centrally plan an entire economy better than millions of people. It is such colossal arrogance.
If you want to watch a couple videos of an extrermely intelligent man discussing some reasons (not all) why socialism doesn't work:

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