Prospective Remote Influence protocol


I’m posting here a prospective Remote Influence (RI) protocol hoping someone will correct me or help fill it out with more information. What I have written here, I mostly gathered from Lyn Buchanan’s talk at:

Why post something that's incomplete? Never have I seen a written Remote Influence protocol on the Internet or anywhere else. It could be that I simply missed it somewhere, but I’ve really scoured the landscape to see if there's anything out there. In putting one here, I reason that something is better than nothing - but it's only better than nothing if it’s embellished and corrected, if needed. In its current form here, it’s not very useful at all.

Embellish and correct? For instance, this prospective protocol says nothing about how. How does one connect to another's subconscious, for instance? No clue at all. The only “how” I know of is watching Spock on Star Trek conduct a mind meld. Maybe someone else will be able to describe how it really works.

When I was visiting his native United Kingdom, I asked Daz Smith in an e-mail on 21 November, 2017 if a written protocol existed. He didn't respond. Daz did, however, post to this forum a few years ago many declassified CIA documents on the subject in a zip file. I’ve been sifting through all these to find anything resembling a concise protocol. Upon my first go at it, there's been nothing concise that I could find.


Others might take issue with this, but I have sensed there's apprehension, even gatekeeping and fear, about divulging how Remote Influence works. In Lyn Buchanan’s partial talk on RI on YouTube I referenced above, he warned that he was doing heavy subliminal work to prevent watchers from using RI with malice. That’s all understood, but I reason we should be able to discuss anything objectively and wisely.

We hear that conducting remote influence can come with a terrible cost. This points out the enormous ethical questions surrounding RI. I speculate that a generally beneficial and ethical approach to RI would be to seek understanding, cooperation and harmony with the subject. Isn't that what we are ultimately after in life, anyway? Wouldn't a harmony-seeking approach to RI actually benefit the RI operator, rather than negatively impacting one's health or sanity? I don’t really know, but that's my guess.

Even enemies may seek a mutually beneficial understanding, that is if they are perhaps somewhat enlightened about the nature of enmity being an illusion in this quantum world where we are all connected. It may be naive of me, but I think why attack someone psychically when you can try instead to have a mutually beneficial meeting of the minds? I'm not so naive as to think that this can always be done, but I believe harmony and understanding should be the default goal.

One could logically put Remote Influence (RI) and Remote Healing (RH) in the same category, I imagine. They are Projective PSI as defined in this forum. I speculate that RI and RH are both essentially Remote Healing when harmony is the goal.

Prospective Protocol:

1. Decide the target and objective
2. Pre-detox (Can someone post what detox means and how to do it?)
3. Connect to the target's subconscious (How does one do that?)
a. But avoid being sucked in as Lyn Buchanan puts it (How to do that needs defined.)
4. Elicit cooperation on the objective by communicating with the target's subconscious in ways the subconscious can understand, like exchanging images and feelings
5. Detox (needs defined)
6. Observe the target's behavior, if possible to see if there is evidence of cooperation towards the objective
7. Rinse and repeat, if necessary

Thanks in advance for helping to increase understanding of RI, how it works and what to consider before during and after conducting RI.


Found this with a quick searcch:
De-Roling & Detoxification
Posted on August 15, 2013 by Amanda Gifford
Advice from two world famous Remote Viewers:
Courtney Brown from the Far Sight Institute and
Lyn Bucchanan from Problems: Solutions: Innovations


Fantastic! Thanks very kindly.

The feedback from Lyn Buchanan you've found takes things a long way. In there, one can also find Courtney Brown's response to the question about detox and his offered web link to an overview of Transcendental Meditation on YouTube.

In short, to paraphrase Lyn Buchanan: Document all of your perceptions as you go through your session, as he says anyone should be doing with CRV. For detox, go through your session in reverse order, being careful to take the necessary time, and examine all of your perceptions. Be cognizant of whether the emotions you were picking up on are yours or the subject's. Going through in reverse order, as Lyn says, will "unzip" you from the subject's consciousness.

Would one want to call it de-tangling (as in Quantum Entanglement) one's self from the subject? Just a thought.

At this link, Dr. Courtney Brown seems to describe what Lyn Buchanan might call being "sucked in" as the Remote Influencer/Remote Healer starting to vibrate at the same state as the subject. Then the Law of Attraction, he says, will bring you what the subject is attracting. Dr. Brown says Transcendental Meditation will help with the detox. He says do it twice daily, morning and evening, without fail.

This is only my take on the passage. Does anyone have other thoughts or corrections to offer?