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Prudence Calabrese and other tut. videos

I found some videos of Prudence C. on youtube. They seem to be nice tutorials on RV. Do you think that they are good enough to learn RV?
Do you have any better options?
It seems that Prudence was involved on some controversial issues, something that may affect her reputation as a serious teacher. Nevertheless she looked like genuine on the videos.

I would like to read some opinions on her and/or other better tutorials to see on youtube (or even buy if they REALLY worth it).



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There are several serious viewers who worked with Pru some. If you're serious about viewing I would learn everything you can from every source you can and work it into whatever works best for you. She is probably a better source than many.
After reading Daz tutorials and seeing at least 1h of videos from Prudence, it seems that she really knows the stuff. I am enjoying the video!


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Somewhere lost in the jungle of facebook, if you find them, Jon Knowles and Tunde Atunrase could probably tell you more about her stuff.
Well, DONT SEE THE VIDEOS! Why? In the second video, they prompt the student to a new task, a new target but in the end you never go to know what it is! In the first session they show the target, but not in the 2nd session. If you are seeing this to learn, like me, probably you want to follow the steps, do the ideograms, etc and its VERY annoying to see that after 15 minutes you will never to know what the target is.

Any more ideas about good videos (free or not) to learn RV?

What about books? So much garbage outthere...to really learn the only good stuff I know its from Daz. Btw, thanks Daz! :)


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Gak! Sorry, yeah... long ago I used to view from target pools others had and it would drive me out of my bleeping mind when suddenly there either wasn't feedback, or the photo was something like, "part of a salad." Really?! Come ON people...

I'm thinking. Youtube is your friend, there's lots of alleged viewing there, no idea what is useful. Most of what I've seen is just "watch me do this" and you know, unless you are also in someone's head, that's not real informative. There isn't a certain way you have to do anything you know, there are various methods that various people use, but none of that is required, it's an arbitrary compilation of what one tries and what works for you. Daz of course is a CRV guy, so maybe take a look at whatever files he has in his CRV section here. I don't know what's available in video form for how-to. Back in the dawn of time, Courtney Brown had some videos.

As long as you make sure you're working fully blind to the targeted data (ideally, to everything, in a solo/double-blind), and that you're getting feedback -- specific task, recorded session, specific feedback, compare the diff -- you'll be learning something no matter what you're doing.

I have a really ancient, rather unused for a long time blog that has some RV posts on it if you skim, http://www.palyne.com/blog.redcairo/ they won't be how-to just a viewer rambling. I also have an RV category on my current (not quite as neglected) blog, it does have some about process, though it's my own internal processes not external official things in the field, though most is about metaphysics and philosophy. https://mypsiche.wordpress.com/category/awareness-archetype-meditation/remote-viewing/

Thanks for your answer!
Yes, the videos are free (I suppose...if they are illegally on youtube thats not my concern), but they failed with the target feedback. Nevertheless, it was somewhat pleasant and inspiring listening Prudence and the other guy (no idea who he was).

I will stick with the great docs that Daz wrote (and compilled...the military stuff). Btw, Daz still around this forum?
There is a remote viewing book from David Morehouse. Check on google and you can read some parts. Seems interesting, with pictures, etc, but not exactly the same military method used by others.

At last, Courtney Brown...I know him little but he looks like a charlatain, I dont know why. Maybe to much of "big stuff announcements". But I must say that I like to watch some his team doing RV, like the girl called Princess and other (dont remember the name), they are magnetic to watch. The only drawback is that they dont look like doing genuine remote viewing, in fact, they get results so quickly that: 1) they are faking or 2) they do a real session before making the film.
I agree with PJ to learn everything you can from every source. In a few years of actively learning about RV, I realize now that I'll never stop learning. Keep digging. There will be more and more. You'll be surprised.

I highly recommend a site like abebooks.com or something else to get good used RV books inexpensively. I'm on a tight budget, myself. You can always get RV books from far away by asking for an inter-library loan at your local library. I used to be a library manager, and I got books sent to my locale in Arizona from as far away as Hong Kong for free. If the librarian tells you they don't do Inter-library Loan (ILL) he or she could be lying. Most libraries do ILL's. It's often tedious to process an ILL, and so many librarians don't want to do it. Bring a print out of the book/CD/DVD to the librarian from worlcat.org. Worldcat.org states where the available resource for loan is located.

There are several RV protocols, CRV, SRV, HRVG and more. Each has its adherents and even devoted fans. I would not even begin to speculate which one is better. Speculation on it could ignite some heated debate as well. I'm just here to learn - a life long process.

Daz Smith has collaborated with Courtney Brown. Though they both will tell you in each other's company that they have not always agreed, I believe Daz would only work with someone whom he felt was sincere. As one of the world's premiere Remote Viewers, I imagine Daz has stay on the up-and-up in order to and maintain his good name.

I have seen some live student Remote Viewing training videos Courtney Brown has posted, and they follow along with his Scientific Remote Viewing manual. There are audio lessons here: https://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=448487A4D794A489 If you haven't already, you might want to check out Courtney's farsight.org website for training videos.

I'd like to learn more about the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild method, but I can only seem to find pieces and parts. For me at least, the HRVG.org site is a bit tough to navigate. That may just be me, though.

What I like to see on Farsight.org's videos is how the remote viewers are each using their chosen protocols. Dick Allgire (HRVG), Daz Smith (CRV), Princess and Melina (SRV). I think her name is Melina - really good in my opinion. Art is so important. Dick and Melina can bring images to you in a profound way through their drawings. I'm also glad it's not all a dude pursuit with Farsight.org. They have a focus on diversity and training younger people, which of course will help the RV community grow.

If a really fantastic artist is an RV'er, I'd love to get their experience of faces of historical figures - if they happen to receive historical figures as targets. Wouldn't you like to see how Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha may have looked as experienced by a good RV'er? How about the lighthouse at Alexandria or the Colossus of Rhodes? How about Cleopatra? Boggles the mind. If there are those who can bilocate, maybe they could even give you something akin to a police artist sketch.

Enjoy. What a great pursuit.
Thanks for your feedback.

I dont want to make this a "Courtney B. discussion" lol, but from the little I saw on his stuff, it seems that he makes bombastic predictions and sayings that dont come to get true. Something on him looks like exagerating. And, as I said before, I love seeing Melina and Princess doing remote view. I whish I could be good as 1% of what they are :D

About learning videos, they are good for inspiring and good to see on real some issues you may find while doing RV, but I think that for now I will stick with Daz open source and learn that (already doing ideogram drills and remote view sessions to train phase 1 and 2). Too much ebooks, tutorials and videos may be daunting and one may get lost. So, for now, I will follow Daz instructions :)
I bought the Ed Dames videos to start. I know he gets slagged a lot but they worked for me. I saw they were on youtube for a while but I don't know if they are still there. I just found working by video and seeing actual demonstrations was more helpful than just reading. Other people might find reading better, but that worked well for me.
Just pick something and stick to it. I personally love the TDS approach. very fluid. John Vivanco (part of TDS) is teaching an online class for 199$ at righthemispheric.com. highly recommended.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Well, the thing is, it's like basketball. You can have a coach. He may be any personality from a lunatic to very stodgy, he may be a fabulous ball player himself or not, but really all that matters is, if you try their approach for a while, does it work for you? And then, try other approaches, and try mixing that approach up a little, does it work for you? What you'll find is that humans are innately psi, so unless you really fork the process ridiculously (e.g. making it waaaay too analytical), just about ANY methodology will work for you including "nothing in particular but relax and ask for insights." Now how well each of those work for you is another story. And maybe it depends on your personality, and on the kind of data you're trying to collect, because both of those are obvious, reasonable issues that are going to be a variable in all viewing. Learn as much as you can from as many sources as you can and view as often as you can and eventually you'll have a system you've worked out that works for you.

As to the credibility of the person sharing the method, how many names of basketball coaches do you remember? If you went to a special basketball camp as a teenager, did you put those coaches' names on everything the rest of your life? Of course not. Anybody can teach anybody anything. Some are brilliant, some are way more harm than help. The benefit of max exposure to different stuff, and trying it yourself, is that it provides a degree of immunization you might say -- or antibiotic after the fact haha -- to things that aren't for your greater results. If you measure everything by your results, and I mean done in proper blinding, proper feedback, proper tasking (very specific all of these, and a full double-blind to everything when possible), then obviously, the only things that are going to give you the kind of emotional feedback you want for success, are the things that are working. Doctrine, and associated-mystical-doctrines (I love the woo too sometimes) can be a problem for people, but if you just put viewing in a proper practice setup and look to results, all the chaos of different methods and ideas will gradually coalesce into an order that your experience and brain make from it.