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That's disgusting apache. That happened to your husband's workmate just then?!

Hey that was a cool coon cat! The flash redeye is delightfully spooky. ;-)

I am trying to decompress from work right now. How can FTP disconnects drive you crazy? Let me count the ways...

Brayden maybe you could be nice enough to your neighbors that even if they do catch your cats they will like you well enough not to do anything bad. I can't imagine why anybody would think a tame cat outside would give them fleas inside. Like fleas don't live in the grass and dirt? What, do they think the cats manufacture them or what? Sheesh. Neighbors are weird.

This reminds me of Jack. My favorite ex-neighbor.

So one night I was doing an unusually robust round of self hypnosis techniques and waking myself up at time points. And somewhere around oh, 3am maybe, my brain clicks together a pattern, and it says, "Someone is sawing away at something furtively; they only saw when a car passes and makes noise; hence they are trying to be quiet." That sounded like something illegal to me. Ooohhhh!

I could tell it was coming from the south side of the house by the driveway. We had parked there a trailer-RV, and the door and lock were on the other side. AHA! I think. SOMEONE is trying to get through the lock! Not to be outsmarted, I snuck out of the house (in flowery little nightgown and bare feet... yes, I have a brain, but apparently I left it on the bedside table...) to 'sneak up and see' who was doing what, planning to then sneak back in and call the police, once I knew what was up. ("RECON, SIR!")

So I sneak out and I lean one eyeball just around the corner of the trailer. And there is nobody there. Because the sawing is coming from Jack. Jack, who is sitting about 18 feet high in the tree in his front yard.

"Jack!" I demand to the sky, hands on my hips (very imposing in a nightgown I'm sure). "What the HELL are you doing?!"

He looks at me like I'm pretty dense not to have figured out what the saw is for. "I'm sawing the branch off!" he explains.

"Why?" I say.

"Well.... ah... you know, it's in the street, near the lines, I want to take it down," he says, and he was right, this was a perfectly reasonable explanation.

"But why are you sawing it at 3 AM in the morning?!" I insist.

"Oh. Oh. Well you know, I um, I'm wide awake you know, and I had all this energy, and I just..."

"Jack. You're doing drugs again aren't you?" says I in that disapproving motherly tone only Virgos can do properly, who knows Jack because my brother, former king of all drug knowledge in my city and the life of all the most expensive parties, had been known to stop by Jack's now and then.

"Ah. Aheh. Um. Well you know, I was TRYING to be quiet. I was only sawing when cars went past, so it wouldn't get anybody's attention."

I really liked Jack. I don't know why. I just did. He just always seemed like a decent guy at heart.

Jack, jack... he had about 500 empty beer cans in his back cement patio, so if anybody ever tried to sneak in, he would hear them.

Creative Jack... my stepmother liked wind chimes. So she put several pretty chimes people kept giving her, out on the back porch. Which just happened to be not far from Jack's sliding glass side window, by the TV where he lived his life.

We didn't know that the windchimes bothered him. Would he be so impolite to complain? Never!

Jack installed a 140 decibel windchimegongthing outside his house. The sound of it it shook the ground like a small seismic tremor. Its roar frightened cats for blocks.

My dad, a charming fellow when he wants to be, goes to talk to Jack. "Jack," he says, "That's a helluva wind-uh... gong-thing you got there."

Jack glares at him balefully.

Dad starts laughing. "Jack, if you didn't LIKE our windchimes, you could just tell us, you know. You didn't have to go to so much trouble. But HAHA, that's a HELLUVA windchime!"

He and jack had a helluva laugh, and a helluva beer, and Jack said, "I'm sorry I'm such an ______. Yeah look!" he says like a proud little boy showing dad his model airplane, "I had this string rigged up to it so I can just ring it now and then from my armchair!"

Jack took the Seismic Wind Gong down.

The police didn't like Jack. Much to their annoyance, he owned his house and paid his taxes and only rarely could be caught doing anything illegal. Jack's main problem was that he desperately, I mean really REALLY, wanted a woman to love him. Unfortunately, something about his complete lack of charm where women were concerned, sent them all screaming into the night or something. He was so lonely, I felt for him.

One night I assume in desperation, as I honestly think he was an ok guy most the time, he slid over the fence and peeked under the blinds at my stepmother, who he'd seen starting to undress by the light at the window. Wrong woman, babe. She pulled dad's .45 on him and it took about, oh, 17 seconds from the time she called 911 for at least half the local police force to dogpile Jack out on the front lawn.

There apparently weren't enough of them so more of them came. By the time it was over all you could see was Jack's bare feet sticking out from underneath the pile, and his cuffed hands out the other side. The cops hadn't had so much fun in days. They were joking with him while they were smashing him. You just couldn't help but like Jack. He was just such a fuckup, but not in any meanspirited way, just one of those wacking the forehead kind of ways.

Frankly, I miss Jack. :) I know it's twisted but the guy had personality. I appreciate personality and offbeat people.

I really liked that movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" and there was actually something about Depp's Jack (the 'permadrunk' as EricT calls it?) that just a tiny bit reminds me of the guy...



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Everybody, drinks on the house. We have a special celebration.

Daz has had an excellent precog session predicting the winner of the 2005 World Series...

AND....OF COURSE, a Chicago team has won!

I will not utter the name of the team ( it is against my religion ;)) but it is a team from Chicago nonetheless ;)

So, twin tequila shots coming for daz's session, and one for the Chicago team ;D



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the bar is open...
drinks are on me....


Maybe one day we will all get to meet and have adrink for real in the worlds first international remote vieing conference...

now that I would go to...



I'll have a tequila and lime...since I'm the kamikaze cowgirl heh.

nice work Daz. I'm emailing you for the Superbowl!

Brayden ;)


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Nice one Daz. If I'd saw that earlier I might have put a bet on... but I went superbowl? *yawn* I guess you have to be raised to appreciate it.

PJ - My husbands m8 is gonna be Ok. He'll be mending for quite a while but he's in no danger.

I have a new pet... a teleporting snail. I don't know how the critter did it - but when I went to get some coffee, I looked into my cup and there was a snail in the bottom moving it's wiggly little feeler eyes around to get a look at me.

There were no snail trail marks around the cup or on the kitchen bench. My eldest was completely and genuinly surprised and delighted. The youngest can't reach up on the bench. My cats have been know to bring me the odd dead mouse - but never snails... There's never been snails in my kitchen b4. My kitchen - (I feel I have to underline this) is not a haven for wildlife or any sort. It just appeared in my cup. My 'best mam in the world' cup. A teleporting snail.

It's busy crawling out of my cup outside now. I shall have to rinse it out with bleach in the morning.



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Back in... mid 2000?... the tot was sleeping in her room late one night, maybe about midnight

I was sitting in my rocking chair, back to one wall, closed and locked front door to my right, facing the large, mostly empty living room; only a couch and a pretty rug in the floor.

My chief cat of the time, old woman Yummy, was sitting on the arm of the couch against the wall to my left. We sat there for a long time.

All was quiet, and still, and I rocked gently, and Yummy and I made nearly-closed-eyes-of-love at each other once in awhile, and sat there soaking up what became a very groovy golden sort of energy.

And there he was. A gigantic, spotted toad the size of a small dinner plate. Sitting in the middle of the rug smack in the middle of the room.

He didn't GO there. He just APPEARED there!

The toad looked as surprised about it as I felt. I was literally speechless and motionless in "stun". When my eyes darted at Yummy finally, she had what I swear was the exact same look on HER face -- utterly stunned.

I have never seen a cat look 'stunned' before, not like that. Cats can be surprisingly expressive apparently.

The toad jumped. It was HUGE! It went about 3-4 feet in the air and made a whith-ewhhh-whith--THUMP! sound that was shocking in the silence and nearly echoing in the nearly empty room. Yummy and I both leapt up startled when he jumped, and he began heading for the other side of the room.

I had never seen any kind of frog or toad bigger than maybe 4" and I'd consider that really large. So to me this thing was almost a new creature. Each of his jumps took him many feet so it's a good thing I was quick; after his third jump, which landed him in the hallway, I managed to grab him.


I'd never actually touched a toad before. Fortunately, I really LIKE reptiles and amphibians (even worms and all their ilk!).

I desperately wanted to wake up Rykah, who I knew would be just thrilled that a gigantic toad had appeared in her house around midnight, as any normal 4 year old would!! But it was so late, and he was so SLIMY, it wasn't exactly convenient... there I stood holding this giant squirming slimy thing in both my hands and I could hardly hold onto it. I managed to get it against my chest so I could open one now-very-slimy-doorknob and I took it outside, to the side of the house where there is some landscaping---a place to hide from dogs and cats was my priority for him---and let him go.

And then took a shower.

I came back out and sat in my chair and then finally, I stole a look at Yummy, who'd resumed her queen of the couch position. She was stealing a look at me.

I swear that toad teleported into my living room. There was nowhere for it to come FROM. The noise it made when it moved was huge, there's no way I couldn't have heard it. The motion it made was terrific, I was sitting there with my eyes partly open, staring without really paying attention I admit, right at the exactly spot where it just appeared---even if it had inaudibly floated to its position, I would have seen it. And YUMMY, a cat no less, was sitting mere feet from where it appeared, facing exactly that spot as well, and SHE didn't see it until I did.

When I told Lu about that he told me there are lots of weird stories about miners opening up ancient stones and finding living, breathing toads in them -- I don't mean they crawled in, I mean somehow the stoned is actually formed around them. This in stone millions of years old.

Maybe toads can teleport.

The fact he appeared in precisely the spot where both Yummy and I were staring, blankly and in a really groovy state of mind, always made me wonder if we'd done it by accident somehow. Poor toad! :)



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Taking my beer outside to the nice little Halloween bonfire we have outside the bar.

*whooosh of fireworks - stars twinkle in the evening breeze and a shooting star skips across the heavens. Smells like rain*

*Apache strikes up a Harmonica (would that she could play one) and taps her feet on the ground...

...and remembers a good old song by dereck and clive.... and her Harp becomes church organ...

(cover your ears if you dont like bawdy songs from a drunken woman...)

When I was walking down the street one day,
I saw a man on fire....
There he was,
shouting and screaming from an upper story wndow...
for he was so afraid...

'Jump, you fucker jump!'
Jump into this ere blanket that we are 'olding,
and you will be alright,

he jumped,
hit the deck,
broke his fucking neck,

there waaaas nooo blanket.

We nearly shat,
we had not laughed,
so much since grandma died,
or aunti mable caught her left tit in the mangle...

for we,
are miiiiiisserable sinners...

Filthy fuckers...


*apache falls over by the fire - largely comatosed.*




There will be more missions, please don't take it so hard. And...try to sleep it off ;D


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Happy halloween everyone!

*sends around a tray with frozen PSI Bar mugs filled with a flourescent brightly glowing, foamy green liquid*

enjoy :) lol



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*Apache peers into her glass suspiciously*

Not trying to offend you or anthing GW. Just been doing that ever since the teleporting snail. That sort of thing can seriously imapir your enjoyment of a nice beverge:D



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thanx, and to you too :)

I guess we should all thank and feel privilaged to have stumbled across RV. A better time than most to do so today :)



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Merry Christmas, Happy Channuka, A Joyous Festival of Lights, Happy Winter Solstice, or:

Great Peace and Joy to you all,
whatever you celebrate and revere,
in this otherwise dreary and cold time of year.

Barkeep, let's have a round of cheer for the hopes of another coming year. On the ant.

A toast: To you all, the best community of minds and talents online. I've grown so used to your personalities. (Even Joe_S and Eric)