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I am on Charles Tart's list and received the following. Someone here may be interested.

Just got the following announcement from the Parapsychlogical
Association, the professional scientific society for studying psychic matters.

The Parapsychological Association (PA) recently received a generous donation from Mrs. Marion Roller to establish a new endowment for research. The Gilbert Roller Fund supports scientific field investigations into macroscopic psychokinetic phenomena such as those reported in sitter-groups, séances, and poltergeist activity, and/or theoretical approaches to help explain the nature of such large-scale effects.

Between now and May 1, 2009, Mrs. Roller will match, dollar for dollar, any donations made to the Gilbert Roller Fund to support this important line of research. Traditionally most of the modest support for parapsychological research has come from individuals and foundations with the vision and courage needed to support science on the cutting edge. Your contributions will enable qualified researchers with professional knowledge of past investigations of this type to continue to explore large-scale psychokinetic phenomena in the real world.

The PA provides a professional "home" for scientists and scholars around the world who dare to investigate phenomena shunned by mainstream science. Donations can be made to the Gilbert Roller Fund electronically by visiting their members site, or by check mailed to the Parapsychological Association at P.O. Box 24173, Columbus, OH 43224. The PA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax-deductible in the USA."
Has anyone here ever experienced genuine psychokinetic disturbance? I did a report on the Hutchison effect years ago explaining that this was what the foundation for PK... it was regarding how metal could get soft and how objects could move (TK). But then again, the theory could have been wrong since I never found anything that could connect how the human brain could produce those same scalar waves and thus utilize such into PK phenomenon. The Hutchison effect is also not accepted in the scientific communities and I still don't know how to replicate it.
Well yeah, that and the fact that objects move and stone sets on fire - hence, TK.

The Hutchison effect demonstrates metal softening, levitations and anomolous fires - obviously, poltergeist activity. Theory has it that scalar waves (Tom Bearden's brain child derived from the works of Tesla) are how it works, but no one knows for sure... some say it's fake, others say it's real. If it is real, and I'm convinced that it is, that all we would have to do is make some connection to how the human mind would be able to harness whatever is going on with it. If we can do this, poltergeist phenomenon and human TK are explained.

But we'd have to validate the Hutchison effect by replicating it. You apparently use tesla coils, van de graaff generators and caduceus coils. I'm not sure if anyone here has experience in using such mechanisms.
I am interested in this, it's one of the last and most powerful psychic skills!
Along with Precogintion, Retrocogintion, Telepathy(read & recieve thoughts) and Astral projection.
While others are already bending spoons, I am still working on how to flick that candle out from the far end of the room without touching it...seems impossible ???
psychokinesis Is not that strange as one might think. "mind over matter" has only the need of will and strong emotion. It can be difficult but it is very possible. psychokinesis can be used in ways that make bending metal seem like child's play. Its a natural and dangerous tool. the trick is to gain control of emotion and will through an extreme trance that can cause you to manipulate you emotion and will to move outside of your body. you cannot hear during the deepest stage but you will feel sound waves. its a very intense feeling. it requires control so its much too dangerous so let your body tell you if you are ready. once you pass a stage in gaining control of emotion there is no way back. it cannot be shut off!


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tbone said:
It sounds similar to poltergeist activity and young girls.
My one sister was like that for a short time. She'd walk into the room being upset about one thing or another and stuff would fly off the fireplace mantle. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been looking right at her and it when it happened. I just happened to look up as she walked around the corner it flew off the fireplace mantle as she entered the room. A very real phenomenon.

Has anyone here done any PK or seen it done? Is it possible that this might also be related to the phenomena of building an energy barrier? I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere, but it seems like the harnessing of energy would be involved in both...
In quantum physics it makes it clear in the double slit experiment. By just watching you can change the outcome... That would be mind over matter or PK.


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Raine said:
In quantum physics it makes it clear in the double slit experiment. By just watching you can change the outcome... That would be mind over matter or PK.
I challenge that! Is it truly PK or previously unknown natural occurrence. I know of which you speak. I would not go so far as to say it is PK however.

If you want a practical example, let me refer you to "Empty Force".

When I was a kid, I was playing with my favorite toy airplane. I still vividly remember it---sort of an orange tint plastic, pretty large, hollow on the inside so you could put little toy soldiers in it. My mom told me it was time to go to bed and I was kinda upset because I had to leave the toy airplane in the hall. I remember really wanting it while I sat on the bed and it lifted up off the ground and landed by my feet. I was really startled and thought a ghost must have done it...I had never heard of telekinesis at that time, being a young lad. I ran out of the room, trying to tell my mom that a ghost brought the toy airplane to me, all shaken up. She must have thought I was making it all up, I suppose, just to get my toy airplane into my bedroom with me.
I can't do it on demand whenever I feel like it. I hesitated to even mention this particular case. You can open the door to attracting unwanted attention. Have people think you're crazy, a liar, or become some kind of de facto lab rat or whatever. I hardly ever talk about it.
I think I stopped a clock once. I was trying to nap in the afternoon one time and the ticking was incredibly annoying, although I didn't usually find it annoying. I was half asleep and I sort of focused on it in an annoyed manner but not focused in a fully concious state(if that makes any sense). I fell asleep and when I woke up the clock was stopped with a dead battery. Now maybe it was just coincidence. Clock batties do die. But that clock battery died maybe once a year or even less and for it to happen at the exact time I wanted it to stop was a pretty large coincidence. I suppose the true test would be to try it multiple times.
I had a seemingly incredible coincidence happen once with my watch stopping at exactly 7pm which was also the exact minute I won $500 on the Cash 3 of the Georgia lottery. But I didn't realize that I actually won the $500 until the next morning when I checked the results in the newspaper while eating breakfast with my Dad.