Public Precognition Experiment - Apply your RV skills


Hi everyone,

I would like to invite all of you to join us in a precognition experiment that focuses on applying remote viewing. The approach is a variation on standard Associative Remote Viewing and is called "1ARV". 1ARV involves groups/Teams of RVers and Analyst/Judges. Details are here:
These details are not necessary to join the fun :) The free online protocol is here:

This experiment is quite new, beginning in February of 2010 with two Super Bowl predictions...both successful. We have now done 12 sports-events predictions and have a 75% Success Rate. This is not statistically significant...yet :)
There are some statistically significant results when looking at all the viewer data, see below.

One key aspect of the 1ARV approach is RV sessions that are judged to be Pass-Supportive (Pass-S). To understand Pass-S submissions, let's summarize the Hit, Miss, Pass and Pass-S data from all the viewers for the 12 games we have predicted so far:

Viewer Stats:
Hit: 40
Miss: 17
Pass: 18
Pass-Supportive 29

These stats come from the "My Stats" link in the free PRECOG program for username = 1ARV. The 29 Pass-S come from being on the "Complementary Side" of a 1ARV prediction. In the 1ARV public approach, there are two "Sides" as the possible Outcome for the sports-related predictions. For example, Over or Under a certain number of total game points. One side will actually occur as the Outcome and this side is called the "Actualized Side".

Thus only after the game is finished, do we know* whether Over or Under is the Actualized Side, and then of course, we also know that the other side is the "Complementary Side". Both sides are equally important and are part of the Polarity Factor analysis in reaching a prediction. Depending on what Side you are on AND the Targ Confidence Ranking (CR) your judge provided for your RV transcript we have the following Hit, Miss, Pass and Pass-S possibilities:

Actualized Side: Hit (CR greater or equal to 3.5)
Actualized Side: Pass (CR less than 3.5)
Complementary Side: Miss (CR greater or equal to 3.5)
Complementary Side: Pass-S (CR less than 3.5)

Thus, if you are on the Complementary Side, you are supporting the Actualized Side when you get a CR less than 3.5 because we do not send you any Target as FeedBack.

The Viewer Stats above are showing statistical significance for the predictions being truly precognitive - foretelling the future outcomes! This can be looked at in several ways when compared to the "random expected" result of odds vs. chance = 1:
- 40 Hits vs. 17 Misses has odds vs. chance of 624 (this is usual definition of Success Rate)
- 40 Hits vs. 18 Passes has odds vs. chance of 372 to 1 (this is just looking at Actualized Side)

Interestingly, the Complementary Side stats are not quite statistically significant:
- 29 Pass-S vs. 17 Misses has odds vs. chance of 18 to 1 (this is just looking at the Complementary Side)
This is clearly related to the displacement issue. Increasing the Pass-Supportive percentages for viewers who happen to be on the Complementary Side will further improve our current excellent Game Success Rate of 75% (9 Hits, 3 Misses). Go Viewers :)

This is complex. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, etc.

Keep 1ARVing,

Marty and Catherine,


*"know" is used here in the linear-time conventional sense. Your subconscious mind already knows which "Side" you are on when you are doing your RV Session.