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Q: Targets we post on TKR


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Is it possible for people post targets here, even blind ones, and try to get information about them?

For example, imagine that I have a target or a question, that nobody knows. The question could be for example: "What event destroyed the old hotel near my house?" or "What can I know about the famous bank robbery, in my city, last week?" (these are all fictious questions).

Now, imagine one question like that, can I give it a target number and post here so other remote viewers give me more information? Or is there a better website for such kind of thing? Or remote viewers who do that?



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Hello, I can't speak on behalf of anyone else. I'm a newbie here. But I will say the remote viewing topic on Reddit does allow for posting targets. Your results may vary.

I doubt anyone would be mad at your for posting a target here or anywhere, but you are essentially asking for free work, so you may tend to get responses from those with extra time on their hands, who may tend to be amateurs and newbies. (I am an amateur and newbie hobbyist with little extra time.)

A target like this would be hard to learn from as a practice target since viewers may never know whether they were correct. That makes them less rewarding to do for fun and personal development.


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Thanks for answering.
Indeed, people using targets are newbies, I guess that the "masters" of RV are not doing this. Unless they understand that sometimes people may want help (not my case) or sometimes want to solve mysteries (my case...and what I have in mind is a "normal" thing, not ufos! lol).


If you're referring to CRV, there would have to be some mechanism where people could post targets that other people could access blind, or better double-blind. I know PJ was developing a system to allow people to do just that. If she's finished it, advertising that here, and on Reddit and a few other places, would allow people to use them as parctice targets, if there is feedback available (as required by the CRV protocol). Or you could make a web page that has the practice targets so they could be accessed blind, and receive feedback when they're done.


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You're talking fancy! On Reddit they have a simple format of posting text coordinates, tasking and then later feedback, if any exists.


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I must check reddit.

Just a note: my intention was not a place to train "normal" targets and check your progress (there are some websites for that, like here in dojopsi, Lynn Buchanan website, etc). The idea would be to learn more about the targets themselves, gathering the information from many remote viewers (newbie, pro, whatever). But it wouldnt be good for newbies because feedback would be near zero.

For example, there is a missing child near your town...you could try to gather information near remote viewers. Other example: you want to learn more about some old ruins where you live, then you would ask about that. How the question should be asked (totally blind, some hints, etc) I dont know.

Anyway, I must check reddit, maybe there they do something like this.

Thanks for the answers so far!


By the way, RickDan, and others, I'd love to be able to exchange targets with one or more people. Say, one per week or every other week. It would be little more private and cohesive than Reddit (which I didn't know about and will check). We could lay out our own small group rules.

Yes, I could have a pool of targets and could choose one at random. I have a pool of hundreds of my own targets. The problem is that I know my own interests really, really well. There could only be so many topics I could be viewing with my own target. It could turn out to be analytical overlay most of the time.

If it's appropriate to ask here, is anyone interested in an exchange?


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I just put TANDEM into beta-test in the dojo, and once it's clear, I will clone it for a SOLO version. I took the window gallery out of the dojo eons ago but would like to put it back. Before I can do this, I'm resurrecting pieces of Taskerbot, an old project that was all about tasking (yourself, others, etc.). TKR's dojo will get the app that lets people task to their own pool(s) and then 'mix' with other sources (such as TKR's practice tasks, or history of Mission tasks) to make it more random/unknown.

I'm interested Arkeo, but I need until end of the year to clear out a ton of things overdue from my plate before I can add something.