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Hey Diaz, if you so "pro" then why don't you play predicting future world events with me?
Yes, I am calling you out, that is if you are not too busy "selling out" and putting your mugg on DVDs.
Pick a continent of your choice and season, predict the disaster, but if you are too busy "selling out" i understand.

I would love to see how an "military grade professional mentor" of remote viewing do on a precogntion, please show me how you pros do it, I am curious.
But hey if you afraid of losing to an idiot that's cool.

It will be for charity, you know saving lives and not being an sell out.
care to play?


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Hey Red_Star...I'm calling YOU out. Get out from underneath my keyboard and leave my dust bunnies alone. They are MY dust bunnies.


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Ok sure thing FB, pick a time line and continent on Earth, we can play.
Follow these simple steps
#1 pick a country, continent
#2 predict the natural disaster
#3 predict the time line of when it will happen (within 6 months time frame)
#4 post it all here, so everyone can see and then there is no question who the "pro" is.
#5 You are not allowed outside help (but i don't think this applies to Mr. Smith, he often gets ppl here to do his sessions for him under "blind" conditions. then bogart them as his very own data; that's why I am calling him out.)
#6 any method you want to recieve this data is valid, from dowsing to tarot, any method you are comfortable with.

If he likes he can even tape it and sell that on another one of his DVD $pecial$.
Besides an "remote viewer" isn't anyone until they can surpass some of the "military grade" remote viewers, and that's what I am doing. By doing so, forum posters will know beyond the benefit of a doubt who is keeping it real and who the better remote viewer is.

We will allow the public to judge and they can see for themselves who has skill and who is faking it. It will be fun :)


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Ok Red_Star...I will play your game as precisely outlined in the instructions you have listed.

#1. North American Continent
#2. Tornado
#3. It will happen sometime in the 6 month time frame of April thru September, 2016
#4. Ive posted it here so there will be no question who the "pro" is
#5. I promise nobody helped me...not even Daz.
#6. I used the "FB" remote viewing method.

If I win could you please get Wikipedia to change their article on Remote Viewing so that it no longer states that "there is no credible evidence that remote viewing works"?


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Testing precognition is great. I think unconventional methods are fun, too. But I dont appreciate the place I go to have a target each month for the public to view, Blind, being the place to read such garbage. Daz has been posting the targets and doing the feedback by choice. For no profit. And viewing targets with the correct method and format is the best challenge I can imagine. If you go to the sitemap for Daz's site it does list hours of time spent crediting and sourcing the documented history of CRV. And I dont question that the targets that he has done on video for the Farsight Institute are done blind.

Here, the CRV targets posted by Daz are encouraging of a specific method and format. It is always good to find things that work and use them, but I am sure your posts are out of line here. I think it is rude. Credit when it is due is the most encouraging thing that has been present in these forums (Thanks PJ), and your challenge, in itself, disregards the point here. So I would like to get back to disscussing CRV and the targets that are here for anyone to view. And hey. I know Daz does not have to post a target and provide feedback for anyone intetested in viewing them at all, but he does. And it is on this thread. So I would like to have that continue here. Thanks.


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If anyone looks at the number of posts I've made they can see I'm new to the forum. I however am in my sixties which means I'm not new to life. I have no clue what the spat is about but I do know what I've learned over the years. If someone is good at something, they don't have to blow their own horn or brag about it. It's obvious. There is a function in this forum called PM. It works. I've used it. If you have a problem, be courteous enough to use that avenue instead of involving the rest of us in your little pi$$ing contest please.

I not unlike the others in this thread am hopeful of learning something from the man doing the mentoring. If we wanted to read insults or read from someone bragging about how good they are, we might go and read Mr. Dames forum.


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Actually my whole involvement in this thread was intended as support for Daz. In my first post I was simply pointing out idiotic dust bunny statement red_star attaches to his posts. My acceptance of red_stars remote viewing challenge was intended to point out the idiocy of his challenge in particular. There will be hundreds of tornados during the timeframe I listed many of which will qualify as natural disasters. It's the same way every year. No actual remote viewing was involved in my challenge. I was just pointing out that the whole challenge red_star put up was a fatally flawed target from the beginning. I'm actually a shifty remote viewer :)...and sorry for high jacking your thread Daz. It was meant in support of what you do.


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I meant to say I am a shit-i.e. Remote viewer but auto correct has made me a shifty remote viewer as well... Also probably true


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FB. My post wasn't directed at you in particular if that's how you're taking it. I would assume or at least hope everyone is at this forum for the same goals and purpose which would be to learn and share.

Following Daz is what led me here and I'd rather not miss out on the opportunity of having him as a mentor since he is only one of a very few I've been able to do enough research on to trust and is available.

I've operated and been a mod of many a forum and understand tempers flare now and then. My advice then was the same as what I mentioned in my previous post. Fix it in PM.

Then again, As a mod I had a red button at my disposal. ;)
Is it possible to lock the thread for comments, next time? I saw the pollution here as well and initially it did bother me. eventually i did manage to forget about it but nevertheless it was an unnecessary nuisance.


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Go away little man - i do not accept your challenge - this is not the time nor place for this.